Flex-a-Pleasure Butt Plug

Flex-A Pleasure Anal Sex Toy ReviewFirst Impressions
I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this toy, I knew it was for anal play and from the pictures I’d seen I expected a butt plug. I was happy to see when it arrived it consisted of a little more than just a butt plug. This nicely packaged anal toy is basically an anal plug on a flexible stick and I could see endless possibilities for some fun.

I hadn’t realized when I ordered this it was waterproof which in my book is always a plus and adds to the versatility of this type of toy as shower/water play is something that I’ve personally always enjoyed.

The first thing I noticed when I took this toy out of the package however was a really heavy odor. While it wasn’t an unpleasant smell by any stretch of the imagination, it was really strong and to some extent off putting. I tried to abate the smell a little before I test drove the flex-a-pleasure by washing it with soap and water but the smell persisted, no matter how hard I washed it.

This toy actually comes complete with batteries which was a definite pro as I’m one of those who no matter how big my supply I never seem to have the right one for the right toy and there is nothing more frustrating than having a toy but no batteries when you get the urge to do some research… This toy take 2N batteries and I’m pretty sure they are not a type that many of us keep in our emergency stash, so the manufacture including them made a lot of sense.

This toy consists of a flexible wand that at one end contains a vibrating anal plug while the other end houses the battery compartment and control. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the vibrations where variable and the unit itself was quiet when in operation. The vibrations traveled quite well along the wand before reaching the plug itself and because the wand was flexible using the controller was relatively easy.

Of course the acid test is would my new flexible friend be able to please me or not.

Solo Play
So after applying an ample dose of lubricant to the right spots I tried my new found friend out. After a little clitoral play with the plug end of this teaser I was ready for something more and this took the form of anal play. The plug is not small at 3.75” tall with a diameter of 1.5″ but it’s definitely not the largest I’ve used and some encouragement from my brain the plug began to hit the spot.

The wand itself measures in at 5.25” which is an ideal size, allowing me to bend the wand into a position where I could comfortable reach the controller and add some vibrations to the mix. I’ve never used a vibrating anal plug before and I have to say I was impressed, the vibrations took my anal experience to a whole new level. I’m not sure why I surprised by this as the rectum is packed full of nerve endings, but at least it was a pleasant surprise.

I have to say that this type of vibration was not enough to take me over the edge and I still needed some clitioral stimulation, which was easy as the controller doubled as a bullet vibrator. The only drawback with using the flex-a-pleasure this way was it limited the positions I could enjoy my solo play in.

I’ve since used the flex-a-pleasure in the bath tub and it’s definitely waterproof I’m happy to report.

What’s It All Add Up To?
I like the Flex-A-pleasure as a whole item but there were several things that have prevented me from using it on a regular basis. The smell I first encountered still lingers despite many uses and for me it’s off putting. The last thing I want to smell while I’m self pleasuring is rubber.

While the flexible wand on the surface seems like a good idea, I soon discovered it actually limited the amount of different positions that I could use it in and actually be comfortable. Comfort is something that is important to me, especially when it comes to anal play, and I suspect the same is true for many other women.

If you’re used to the more tradition butt plug that allows you to go about your daily work while it’s inserted, this is not going to cut the mustard, as hiding the flexible controller would be nigh on impossible. I did like the added sensations that the vibrations gave but the wand, while flexible, simply wasn’t flexible enough for me.

For me the flex-a-pleasure is a toy that I occasionally use nowadays. It’s not a staple of my solo repertoire and likely never will be. If I could find a way to get rid of the rubber like odor I would probably be more likely to get this out of the toy chest more often.

Want to purchase The Flex-A-Pleasure? Click HERE or on the image above.

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