Erotic Story: Caught In The Act

Lesbian Erotic StoryWritten by: Anonymous

She was open with her sexuality. She was a lesbian and proud of it. Her name was Holly. She was very tall and slim. She had long, black, poker straight hair as some people described it. Holly never had been in a real relationship as well as being a virgin. Mostly this was because she never met another open lesbian like herself, and it didn’t feel right to let curious girls use her. I know all this because she was my best friend growing up. We would never keep secrets from each other. She was my “bff”.

I’m Macy. The same height as Holly, just a little thicker. We were both 18 at the time. We would always have movie night/slumber party things on friday and it was my turn to go over to her house. I guess we were a little old for this, but we’ve been having these since fifth grade. Except this night was different.

I knock on her door. Holly answers with her hair up in a pony tail, and already in pajama pants.

“What’s up sis?” holly asked.

“Nothin’ just gonna hang at your house.”

“Yay! *giggle* come on in and put your stuff in my room”

I thought she was sooo cute!! I felt kinda confused at the moment trying to tell myself she’s the lesbian….not me!! As soon as I set myself down I turn around and Holly is right there behind me.

“Well I didn’t rent any movies soooo…I guess we will have to pick from my parents huge movie selection!”


Her parents barely watched TV and even less when it came to movies. So, all they had was some disney’s and other childish movies from when Holly was young. As I followed her through the hallway I noticed her nice tight bottom. I had an urge to through my arms around her. We got to the shelf that had all their movies and cds. I reached my arms up to grab a movie that I didn’t recognize when my arm brushed against Holly’s breast.

“Oh sorry…” I said reaching my arm back looking into her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Oh don’t worry about it it was just an accident.”

This is when I don’t know what came over me. I reached toward Holly and pulled her head close to mine and gave her a sensual kiss. Surprisingly she didn’t pull away. When the kiss that seemed like an eternity ended we just stared into each others eyes. I quickly said another sorry and looked away.

“You don’t have to be sorry…that felt right.”

Holly then took control as she pulled me forward to another kiss. We were making out on her living room floor. One of my hands drifted away from the back of her head down to her thigh. I started to gently rub closer and closer till I had my hand on her mound. Trying to massage her clit from the outside of her pajama pants. She moaned quietly as I teased her.

Next she took me to her shower removing my clothes. She closed and locked the bathroom door. She pressed my back against the cool tile. She then cupped my breast in her hand then she kissed my nipple. All of a sudden she stopped.

“Oh crap….” was the quiet mutter that escaped her.

I finally understood.. I heard the footsteps of her Mom. She signaled me to be quiet by putting a finger up to her mouth. Promising our secret love will not be revealed with a quick kiss.

“Holly?” called the voice of her mother.

“I’m in the bathroom Mom!” Holly yelled glancing at me.

“Where’s Macy? I see her bag in your roomR