Erotic Story: Caught At The Beach Part 3

Erotic StoryWritten by: Jacie

The three women hopped out of the pool and rinsed off under an outdoor shower, splashing each other and giggling.

Riki finished first, slipped a t-shirt on, then brought out a bottle of chilled wine and cups to add to their picnic sandwiches on the poolside table. Jessi and Jennifer slid into their own shirts and all dug into the food and wine.

“I never knew sunbathing and good sex could make you sooo hungry,” sighed Jessica as she finished her last bite of sandwich. “I feel like having a nap.”

“No problem,” said Riki. “The first door on the left down the hall is my room, just slide into bed.”

“Are you guys coming, too?”

“Tell you what, let me get the dishes cleaned up and I’ll do just that.”

Jennifer finished her wine, took Jessi’s hand, then reached over kissing her full on the mouth, then pulled her up from her seat, wrapping her arms around her, gently squeezing her butt.

“Mmm. What’s all that for?” Jessi asked, batting her eyes at Jennifer.

“Maybe we’ll get that nap in a little while,” she said with a smile and led her off to Riki’s bedroom.

Riki watched with a smile as the half-naked women slid off to her bedroom. She reached down to gently rub her half-hard cock to calm down the twitching of its growing hardness.

When she had finished cleaning up, she quietly slipped her bedroom door open. The two women were sandwiched together in her bed gently and quietly sampling each others pussies, moaning softly at the pleasure from each others tongues and fingers.

Riki sat down in a chair beside the bed and watched. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she began to gently slide her hand up and down her manhood, in response to the erotic sight of the women making love on her bed.

She threw her head back and probed her fingers behind her balls and found her clit and rubbed it while sliding her other hand up and down her shaft.

She heard the women moving around on her bed, but was too caught up in her own ecstasy to open her eyes. She felt her orgasm well up deep inside and suddenly explode. She took a deep shaky breath and when she open her eyes, Jessi and Jennifer were holding each other, watching Riki’s orgasm.

She flushed with embarrassment, but knew they had enjoyed the show from the smiles on their faces.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t think you’d notice. You seemed to be caught up in each other.”

“Don’t apologize. We enjoyed that. It’s wonderful to feel we can all be open enough to just enjoy each other,” said Jessi. “I want to help Jenn scream as she cums, like you guys did for me on the side of the pool. That was such an amazing feeling of freedom.”

“Scoot over and make room, then,” Riki answered with a laugh.

Jessi slipped down to the foot of the bed and took her friend’s pussy into her mouth and began swirling her tongue around the edges of her pussy lips, then gently kissed her way toward her clit, teasing it. Then blowing on it gently. She then ran her tongue down and into her hole, out and down to her anus and back up, teasing and pleasuring her friends entire pussy. She felt Jennifer shiver in pleasure.

Riki gently touched Jennifer’s face with her fingers, gently closing her eyelids, running her finger down her nose and then slipping it in and out of her mouth finger fucking her. “Tell me how you feel,” she cooed. “What does Jessi’s mouth do to you?”

“Ooh. Warm, soft, beautiful.”

“Tell her what you want her to do.”

“Suck me, lick me. Turn me inside out.”

“Scream for me sweetie, scream.”

“I can’t … it … it feels … weird … don’t talk during … sex … aahh … oooh … goooood …. suck harder … fuck me with your fingers … touch my … yes … my ass.”

“Scream for us, let it out.”

Riki sucked hard on one of her nipples and rolled the other one roughly with her fingers. “Scream out loud as you come.” She felt Jennifer suck in a sudden breath as she nibbled roughly on the nipple then let go with her mouth and pulled on both with her fingers, rolling them gently then roughly, then gently again.

Jennifer arched her back and took a deep breath, letting out a soft screach then screamed as her body convulsed. She pulled Riki to her chest by the hair and wrapped her legs tightly around Jessi then bucked and screamed through her orgasm.

She slowly loosened her grip and dropped her arms and legs gently and lay immobile trying to catch her breath.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” she said. “Thank you.”

Jessi slipped up beside her and snuggled next to her for a nap and Riki slipped an arm across them both and soon all were sound asleep.

The music of her cell phone an hour later startled Riki awake and she reached to her bedside table to answer it.

“Hey, David,” she answered. “Tonight? Sure. The girls came home with me and they’re staying over. You and Diane are welcome to join us for steaks and a swim.”

When she snapped the phone shut, the women were stretching and yawing next to him.

“Was that the other lifeguard?” yawned Jessi.

“Yeah, he and his fiance are going to come have steaks with us. You’ll love David. He’s got a hilarious sense of humor and they have a wonderful relationship, although it’s a bit more open than most people realize.”

“What do you mean by open?” Jessi was leaned up on one elbow, looking at Riki with wide eyes.

“Well let’s just say they don’t hold each other back from life’s pleasures and leave it at that,” Riki chuckled and slipped out of bed. “You guys can grab some clothes or just slip on your suits if you want. I need to get the food started.”

Before long Riki had a fire going in the pit and David and Diane arrived with wine and flowers.

Everyone stripped down to their bathing suits and dived into the pool while the steaks marinated in the fridge.

Riki and David slipped out of the pool to put the steaks on the grill while Diane, Jessica and Jennifer visited, getting to know each other.

“I was wondering if you’d mind if I let Diane live out one of her fantasies, tonight,” David asked Riki with a conspiratorial grin.

“That depends on what it is,” Riki laughed. “As long as it’s not illegal, I’m game.”

“It’s not, but just go along with me and let’s see how things develop.”

As she was putting the finishing touches on their supper, Riki noticed David having a quick chat with Jennifer in the kitchen. She smiled, nodding her head, evidently she was agreeing to whatever the fantasy was.

David took a chair next to Riki at the table and Jenni and Jessi slid in on each side of Diane, the women chattering away like old companions.

As they finished eating, David suggested the three women hop in the jacuzzi while he helped Riki clean up the dishes. Riki saw the wink that passed between Jennifer and David. He also noticed Diane wasn’t catching on.

“That would be awesome,” said Jennifer with a wink at Jessica. “The girls eased their hands onto Diane’s lap and rubbed erotically.” Diane tensed and moved their hands away, looking guiltily at David. David nodded his head and smiled.

“David said you have a fantasy of being made love to by a woman,” said Jennifer softly. “We’d like to make it come true for you if you’d like.”

David stood and moved behind her, tilted her head back and kissed her, reassuring her that it was ok.

Jessi and Jenn stood, pulling their bathing suits off as they moved over to the jacuzzi. Riki flipped a switch and watched as the girls eased into the warm bubbles.

David slipped Diane out of her clothes then gazed at her beautiful nude form, urging her into the arms of the women. He and Riki slipped into the kitchen to give them privacy.

When the kitchen was clean, David poured them each a fresh glass of wine and stood admiring Riki.

“Diane told me I could enjoy my own fantasy sometime if I wanted,” he chuckled.

“She’s willing to let you have your way with all them, too,” Riki teased back.

“Nooo. That’s all hers. I’m talking about something I’ve wanted for a while now.” He stepped closer to Riki and pulled her close to him.

“I love you, buddy, but I don’t think you quite know what you’re getting into here and I’m not sure I’d want to explain,” said Riki as she tried to gently push David away.

“Diane and I have an open relationship and I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time,” he explained.

“But I’m not what you think,” Riki said, turning her back on David and easing away.

“We’ve been friends from the moment we met at the lifeguard hut,” said David. “You’d be surprised at what I know.”

Riki turned to face him. “I don’t want anything to ruin our friendship. I know Diane trusts me and wouldn’t be upset if you made love to me, but there’s too much you don’t know.”

David pulled Riki back into he arms. “Let me just hold you, while I tell you a little story.”

“About a year ago, I slipped up to the rooftop to surprise you and let you go home early and you were stretched out sunbathing in the nude. You had fallen asleep, and I decided not to wake you or alarm you.”

“You mean you saw me naked and never said a word.”

“Not a word to anyone, not even Diane. I was surprised, but I immediately knew why we were drawn into friendship so easily. I’ve always thought of you as a buddy, kind of like another guy, who could understand whatever was bothering me. Yet there has always been this mild sexual attraction, too.”

“You saw me naked and you kept up our friendship and kept my secret.”

“Of course I did. That’s what true friends do.”

“If you know that I’ve got a cock, then why do you want to make love to me?”

“Because I know you’ve got a pussy, too,” he squeezed her into a bear hug, then kissed her gently then more urgently. He then slid her out of her bikini top, kissed her breasts then suckled lightly on each one.

Riki relaxed and closed her eyes as David’s hands slid up and down her back and around to her tummy. He gently slid her shorts down over her hips and slipped his hand under her balls, gently fondling them. When he dropped to his knees, Riki look down at him and couldn’t believe what was happening as David slipped his mouth over her prick. The warmth of his mouth sent shivers up her spine as she felt him sucking gently. His fingers slipped behind her balls and onto her clit and her knees almost buckled at the pleasure that enveloped her body and mind.

She slipped her fingers into David’s hair as her hips began to move in and out to the rhythm of David’s mouth on her. She felt him ease her to the floor and push her legs wide and up. He eased his mouth off her cock and moved down to suck on her swollen clit while he eased a finger into her hole. She was so close to cumming that she wrapped her legs around David’s neck, desperately grinding herself into his mouth.

She felt him pull away, leaving her senses in shock, craving the feel of his mouth and tongue. David lay down gently on her and whispered: “I want to make love to you, right now, right here.”

Riki pulled her legs together. “But I’ve never, I’m a…”

“You’ve never made love to a man?” David asked.

“No. I’ve never trusted any men to know my secret.”

“Then let me take your virginity and make you a complete woman,” David said gently and lovingly.

Riki eased her legs apart, trusting the man she called her friend to probe her femininity with a penis for the first time in her life.

David ran the head of his dick up and down her clit and slid just the head into her hole then kissed her deeply.

“I want you to roll over onto your hands and knees,” David instructed. “It’s going to hurt just a little, but I’ll be gentle. He eased her over onto all fours and slipped his manhood, back into her tight opening. With one finger on her clit and his hand guiding his rod, he slid swiftly into his friend’s pussy, enveloped by the tightness and warmth of her, he began fucking slowly and gently, withdrawing all but the head of his penis then sliding back in until his nuts slapped gently against her clit.

Riki threw her head back as the burn in her pussy gave way to vibrant warmth then exquisite pleasure. She felt David speed up his fucking and then he filled his hands with her breasts, roughly pulling and kneeding them. The roughness at her tits combined with the urgent thrusting in her cunt had her falling quickly over the edge of sanity as her first orgasm spasmed from her toes, across her vagina into her stomach and up her spine as her brain exploded and stars sprinkled her vision.

David began fucking her even harder and she felt him spasm and shoot sperm deep inside her. As she felt him soften insider her, he kissed her back and shoulders, then rolled her onto her back. He sat up straddling her, just looking down at her.

Riki tried to cover her breasts, the warmth of embarrassment coloring her cheeks and spreading down her chest.

David took her hands in his and pulled them away from her breasts, kissing the palm of each.

“You are so beautiful, don’t cover yourself,” he said. “Besides, I’m not through with you.”

At those words, he slid down and took her dick into his mouth once more and began sucking gently at first, then harder as Riki climbed back up the mountain of ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around his neck and rubbed her own nipples as her cock became rock hard in his mouth.

In the midst of it, she felt her hands being moved from her own tits, followed by the warm of two mouths sucking at her tits. When a third mouth covered her own and a tongue plunged deep inside, she knew all her guests now had their mouths on her. She felt her consciousness begin to slide up and up higher into the ecstasy of sex than she had ever been. She knew the fall was also going to be more exquisite than anything she had ever known.

A deep guttural cry began deep inside her and as Diane lifted her mouth away and kissed her closed eyelids, Diane felt a part of herself turning loose from inside and she screamed out her climax, riding it long and hard.

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