Erotic Book Review: Lust In Latex Edited By Rachel Bussel Kramer 12

Lust in Latex Erotic Book ReviewReviewed By: Jenne

Latex and rubber have long been viewed as sexy and erotic, and while I’ve never personally tried either the idea of the kink has always left me a little, shall we say, moister and leave it there. When I came across a new anthology by Rachel Kramer Bussel that is dedicated to stories that are dedicated to the fine art of rubber and latex sex, you bet your life I wanted to read it.

Lust in Latex contains nineteen short stories dedicated to this art, and they run the entire gambit of the fetish, from latex dresses to getting it on with rubber tires, and my personal favorites in this anthology contained both of these elements.

The book opens with a story, that I felt any woman could identify with, regardless of whether they had owned or worn a latex dress. After all we all have that little dress in our wardrobe that makes us feel like a million dollars and in some ways invisible. This is the story of a latex dress that invokes those feelings in it’s new owner and she does things that are not in character for her, and some seriously hot sex ensues. Simply entitled, The Dress, and written by Kristina Wright, this story was for me the perfect opener to a book dedicated to latex and rubber.

Another of my personal favorites was entitled Tire Stud written by Jeremy Edwards. I loved the premise of this story, the writing was wonderful and the irony in the story, stuck a cord with me as the reader. Plus there was a pretty hot sex scene in there as well. I will admit that I’ve not been able to look at the tires on my car the same way since reading this piece.

As with any anthology there were stories that did not hit the right note with me, but if we all liked the same thing, life would be ohhh so boring.

Having said that, I enjoyed all of the stories in their own way. They all offered something, and the diversity of the rubber/latex kink is all to evident in this anthology. The need and in some cases the greed, that is involved with this kink is undeniable with each written piece and I for one appreciate that.

I loved that some of the stories centered around characters that had no idea what it was like to experience rubber or latex against their skin, and  how much it ended up turning them on. The story, In the Middle, written by Jessica Lenox, is a perfect example of this. The story plot was one that I could identify with but the kink itself as much a turn on for the main character as it was for me. I found myself wanted to experience latex paint because of scenes like this:

‘As she dipped her hand into the can and scooped the thick liquid onto my skin, my gaze drifted towards Mark. He was intently watching Julie as she basted my body, I was hyper-aware that he was lustfully staring at my breasts. ‘

I found myself wanting to experience what she was as she laid out and allowed another to take control.

If like me you are a latex virgin, please don’t let that stop you reading this book. I know I found plenty of stories that have fueled more than a few fantasy filled masturbation sessions since reading it, and I’m sure that you will.

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