Erotic Poetry: In Your Arms

Written by: Glabrous

So many dreams of this day
What seems like a lifetime
I have longed for you
The answer to my prayers

Rehearsed in my mind
Yet mysteriously new
Greater, more powerful
Than thoughts or imagination

Holding you close
Your feminine touch felt deep within
Gazing into the reality of your prescence
Tears well up from within me
Your loving eyes releasing
Years of heartache and pain

In your midst, loneliness vanishes
From the beating of your heart
You speak without words
Smile of acceptance and love

Searching for you as in a desert for water
No longer striving, I have found paradise
I am speechless, no words enough
To express all that you mean to me

Drawing your mouth to mine
You comfort and excite me
We kiss with passion and longing
Drinking in your soft breath
The delicious warmth of your lips
Your love overpowering me

I hold you closer, feeling your softness and warmth
The beauty of your lips, dancing eyes
Golden hair draping your shoulders
Full of splendor
Your supple breasts delight me

Made for each other
With passion, our bodies melt
Molding into one
Soon to go deeper
Expression of desire and pleasure
Ecstasy awaits

I pour my love into you
Hold me forever
In your arms

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