Sex Tutorial: Dinner For Two

sexy foodBesides the blatantly sexual uses of chocolate and whipped cream, many people forget how much sensual fun you can have with food. Mention the movie, “Nine And A Half Weeks” and the scene that sticks out in most people’s minds is where the two lovers are exploring the contents of the refrigerator followed by each other.

Food has long been recognized as sensual and in many cases has been attributed with having aphrodisiacal powers. Bananas, asparagus and oysters rate highly among those foods thought to enhance sexual desire, although there is little scientific evidence to back up these claims. Aphrodisiacs are a whole article in themselves and something I will leave here for the moment. Instead, below are some ideas for using food to enhance your sex life.

Go take a look in your refrigerator and let your imagination fly. See that can of whipped cream? Ever thought about using it in the bedroom as well as the kitchen? How about adding that punnet of strawberries and perhaps that bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup? Then, of course, there are the grapes that are nestled in the corner or the cherries or the… come on use your imagination here a little.

Fruits are natural finger foods, add a little whipped cream and a naked body and allow your mind and imagination to run wild. Strawberries are a personal favorite of mine, they are sweet but just a little tart. They are juicy and luscious and offer endless possibilities in the bedroom.

If you have some strawberries available you can have a seductive evening. Read this and then tell me it doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a punnet of fresh succulent strawberries.

One of the recurring fantasies I’ve had over the years is using strawberries with my lover. I plan on doing that in the very near future and I’ll let you know how that goes. But getting back to the fantasy….I’ve envisioned my lover picking out the most ripe and beautifully shaped strawberries he can find and then surprising me with them. He’ll take a strawberry and offer it to me to have a bit of a lick on it and savor the sweetness inside my mouth, then take that strawberry and suck on it himself then slowly trail the red berry down my neck and onto each breast letting it touch each nipple. As that sensual berry slowly glides down my stomach straight to my waiting and trembling pussy…..he takes that strawberry and gently puts it inside me….oh the feelings, the magic of the just warmed fruit from our mouths…..we then both savor that berry that was inside me and after each tasting of that love covered fruit we have a very long, sensuous kiss. Then it’s on to more strawberries….

Of course you could try this with any suitable fruit you have available. It sure makes getting your recommended daily allowance of fruits a lot more fun.

Now try adding whipped cream to the above fantasy. If you’re worried about calories then use a fat free whipped cream substitute. You have two choices of whipped cream: The one from the can (like Redi Whip) or the fake whipped cream that comes in a tub (like Cool Whip). Both have pros and cons. Cool Whip has less calories and doesn’t taste quite so rich, it also has greater staying power as well as being more suitable for painting or dabbing on your partners body. Redi Whip has a richer taste and because it comes in a can is easy to apply and squirt into any tight places you may want to retrieve it from later.

How you use whichever cream you decide to use is a personal choice. Be creative, dip some fruit into the cream before feeding it to your partner, write each other’s names on your stomachs and then use your tongue and lips to remove it. Spread it over your partner’s genitals and again give them a tongue bath as a friend of mine refers to it. How about filling your bathtub with whipped cream and pretending you’re making love on a cloud? Using your imagination and having fun is the key here. The possibilities are endless…

Another favorite food that is associated with sex is chocolate. The phrase “Chocolate is better than sex” may be true but add sex and chocolate together to create an evening that you won’t forget in a hurry.

If you have a bottle of chocolate syrup handy then there is nothing stopping you from experimenting. Many on-line stores and gift/sex shops sell chocolate body paint. As with the whipped cream be creative. Body paint generally has more staying power than syrup as is made of better quality chocolate so is richer in taste, but either can be used to good effect. Try using it in conjunction with your favorite fruits, placing it between your lovers thighs and licking it off with your tongue, whilst she licks your fingers. Again use your imagination. Experimenting is half the fun.

Be warned, though, most of the above will result in both parties ending up in a sticky mess!! You might not want to try any of the above on that brand new sofa you brought last week and make sure that the hot water is switched on. Also be aware that placing anything containing a high amount of sugar into the vagina can lead to yeast infections.

So next time you go shopping, take a good look around the shelves and the dairy cabinet. The above are just starters, be creative, use imagination and most of all have fun. If you’re still stuck for ideas, here is a list of a few more things you might want to experiment with:

Sweet Sensations:

Angel delight (any flavor.)

Jam/Jelly (any flavor)

Cherry pie filling



Marsh mallow (Fluff or what ever that stuff is called-))

Whipped cream Ice cream (any flavor)

Cake batter/frosting



Gummie bears ??

Savory Delights.

Peanut butter, smooth or crunchy


Mayonnaise/Salad cream

Cottage cheese

Prawn cocktail sauce






Cucumbers cut into slices and cooled.

I said use your imagination. Can you add to the above lists? If so please send us your suggestions via the feedback option which you can find HERE. We love to hear from you!
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