Review: Love Bites Gloves

Love Bite Glove ReviewReviewed By: Jenne

First Impressions:
At first glance you could be forgiven for mistaking the love bite gloves as nothing more than a pair of chenille gloves, but as all good sex toy reviewers know, looks can be deceptive. One side of the glove is soft chenille whilst the other side hides a dark secret. Laced with a peppering of studs these gloves offer the best of both worlds, or so I hoped.

Play Time
Hubby and I have been playing around with the delights that can be found in sensation play. I like to be blindfolded and bound in someway, and then teased till I beg for something more, and he loves to tease till I beg, so it makes for something of a perfect partnership.

The love gloves we quickly discovered offered us the best of both worlds. One side of the glove is soft, while the other offers a very different and tactile sensation, via the small studs that are peppered throughout one side of them. Hubby likes to wear them with the softer side down, so if he decides to grab something rather than stroke it, I am treated to the softer side of things. Then by simply turning his hand or hands over, he can give me a totally different sensation, and one that with the right amount of applied pressure drives me, well, crazy.

It took us a while to discover what felt good, and the right amount of pressure to apply, but experimenting is something that every couple should try in my opinion. Hubby likes things on the softer side and is not so keen on the biting side of this glove, but once in a while I will surprise him, and as long as I’m really gentle with my strokes, he enjoys these gloves too. These gloves do leave little marks as they scratch across the skin, but they are soon gone which is why you need to be gentle when first administering to your partner, but once you have the correct pressure down, these make for some really pleasurable play.

Washing these gloves is easy to do. Just turn them inside out and wash in cold water by hand, otherwise you run the risk of the studs that can create so much pleasure glue coming undone.

What’s It All Add Up To?
If you are looking to add some new sensations to your play, then the love bites gloves can certainly do that. I love the fact that they are easy to use, do not need batteries, and are readily accessible of either of us are in the mood for a different type of sensation.

You can discover more about love bite gloves HERE

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