Review: Decadent Indulgence Rabbit Vibe

Decadent indulgence Rabbit Vibe Review

Decadent indulgence Rabbit Vibe

Decadent Indulgence is a high end vibrator that is similar to the crystal rabbit, ocean pearl and rampant rabbits. You know those big vibrating things that try to be all things to all people. When I first looked at them a couple of years ago there were only a couple brands available and they looked way too intimidating to me. I was new to adult toy play then and went for something far tamer.

Now that I am older, wiser, and more experienced, I knew I was ready to step up to the big leagues and I thought this was the way to do it. At the store there were over 8 similar different vibrators that had these similar features; rotating head, “pleasure beads”, and clitoral stimulator. As I was checking them all out (not like that, you pervert) I longed for the degree in engineering my dad wanted me to pursue — Buttons, knobs and LED displays galore! After I got a salesman to help me turn off one particularly challenging sample, he offered some advice on choosing the best for me. The most pertinent thing he pointed out was that many of the lower end quality vibrators use plastic pearls in the part that spins around. He said after a short time the plastic begins to break and little pieces fall into the motor, thereby ruining the vibrator. He showed me several examples where that was in fact happening to their samples. Go for the metal beads, he said. So I did. That eliminated all but 3, then my choice was down to shape, color, features and size. Color is irrelevant to me and they were all very similar in girth and length. The one I picked had beads and head rotation that could reverse and there was a unique pulse feature.

Description. It is pink and clear jelly stylistically shaped like a penis. Midway down the shaft are beads that rotate either in circles around the shaft or back and forth. Closer to the base there is a hummingbird looking thing (why do they always have to be in the shape of an animal or insect?) whose beak provides clitoral stimulation and wings provide vaginal lip stimulation. The hummingbird is flexible enough that if you didn’t want to use it you can easily bend it away. Below that is the control box that has the buttons that control clitoral vibration, rotating shaft speed and rhythm of rotation and vibration. It uses 4 AA batteries.

As for the use, I won’t go into intimate detail here. But it very adequately did the job it was intended for. It took some doing to figure out the controls but after a short time I was able to make the adjustments I wanted with my eyes closed. With imagination and lots of lube there are many, many ways to use this toy and I foresee many hours of enjoyment from it.

If I were to redesign the Decadent Indulgence, I would probably add a little more ribbing to the shaft and put the control unit on a wire instead of at the base of the vibrator. There is one model of this type that does have that feature.

All in all I am enjoying my new toy and I can’t wait to show it to Mr. Amazon and see what we can do with it together.

You can purchase the Decadent Indulgence by either clicking HERE or on the image above.