Night at the casino 2

Out with friends drinking at the casino, and there’s this gorgeous redhaired waitress. I kept watching her as she walked around the lounge serving drinks. I could feel myself getting wet at the sight of her lovely red locks, and her curves under her simple black dress. Oh, what I would have done if I were alone and had the courage?
I would have approached her, told her what a great job she was doing, and if she would be willing to slip away to relax for a while with me… Next thing I know we’re in a change room making out, hands roaming, moaning and feeling soaking wet. I can’t help myself, I massage her breasts and wrap my arms around her as we kiss. She caresses my face, her fingers lingering in my long black hair. Her hands grip my ass and I shiver, pulling her close. I start tugging off clothes and reveal my lacy red panties and bra, she kisses my body all over before I slip her dress off. Her bra is -also black and sleek, with her D sized boobs spilling tantalizingly – and no underwear. I kiss her thighs and settle between her legs, teasing her with slow licks before plunging my fingers into her wet, slick pussy. She’s almost butter, the way she’s turned on I’m sliding in and out. I take off my own panties and mount her. And oh, we’re tribbing, it’s so hot and sexy I can barely hold on… She’s moaning beneath me as I release her breasts and kiss them. I slide up on top of her and keep riding, her breasts getting coated in my juices. She flips us over and takes her turn on top, sucking and licking my clit until we are both moaning and cumming together, sweaty and breathing heavily…

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  1. Reply Kenzie Jan 5,2015 1:56 am

    I wanna do that with you..

  2. Reply Kennedy Nov 9,2014 6:11 am

    I’m lying in bed fantasizing about watching the two of you…I’m in the corner of the changing room watching, listening, and touching myself. My pussy is wet and my lips are swollen. My clit is aching to be touched, but I’m just getting started. Just as I let my long, black hair down, you notice me and pull me over to you. Next, you kiss my neck and gently unbutton my blouse. The red head slides her hands up my skirt and finds my soaked panties with her fingers. Meanwhile, you remove my blouse and bra and stare at my nice, round, D-cup breasts. By this point, I’m moaning because the red head is fingering me deeply and you’re sucking my nipples hard. Just when I’m about to cum, the red head roughly pulls my skirt and panties off, lifts one of my legs up to rest on the bench, and starts licking my clit slowly, but with increasing pressure. Just how I like it. I’m massaging her head with one hand as she tastes me and I’m squeezing your ass as you kiss me passionately. Mmmm baby…what can I do for you?

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