Female Anatomy: The G-Spot

g-spot female anatomyWhere do you find it?
Oh, the elusive G-Spot! Does it exist or doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you that it *DOES* exist! The G-Spot is not buried somewhere deep within the depths of the vagina in some nook or cranny. You shouldn’t have to send out a search party and you don’t need a secret treasure map to find it, either. Here’s how to locate it.

· Locate the G-Spot Tip: The location of the G-Spot can vary from lady to lady, with some having theirs closer to the entrance of the vagina and some having theirs farther back, but just follow this technique and you can’t go wrong. It is best to do this in a highly aroused state. It can be difficult to find when not aroused, as it is usually a small area that becomes quite enlarged during arousal. Take a lubed finger, whichever is most comfortable. Turn your palm up. Now insert the finger barely inside the vagina, staying on the “ceiling” of the vagina. Now very slowly move the finger deeper into the vagina, being sure to stay against the “ceiling”. You will soon find the pubic bone. You can’t miss it. Once you find the pubic bone, move back just a little bit farther. Again, be sure to stay on the “ceiling”. Move just behind the pubic bone and feel around for a small area about the size of a bean, or so. It has a different texture than the surrounding area. I like to describe the texture as being similar to corduroy, as it feels like it has ridges. I have also heard it described as feeling spongy. That will be the G-spot.

What do you need to know about it?

· The G-Spot was named in 1944, after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg.

· The G-Spot is not in the vaginal wall itself, but rather felt through it, and may therefore require more pressure to stimulate it, according to Dr. Beverly Whipple.

· Some experts believe the G-Spot may actually be the roots of the clitoris crisscrossing the urethral sponge. These experts refer to the G-Spot as the “clitoral cluster”.

· G-Spot Reaction Tip: Some ladies are going to have a greater reaction to G-Spot stimulation than other ladies. Everyone is different, remember? For some ladies, it produces little or no result. Other ladies claim an earth-shattering out of this world orgasm that resonates from deep within the body and takes them to euphoria with a side excursion to nirvana and bliss.

· G-Spot Persistence Tip: It is true for some women that G-Spot play may become more likely to result in orgasm over a period of weeks or months after first starting to experiment with it. So, if you see little or no results at first, give it some time. As the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

· G-Spot Orgasm Intensity Tip: Some experts claim that G-Spot orgasm intensity may be directly related to PC muscle tone, which is another incentive for doing regular PC muscle exercises, like Kegels.

· G-Spot Urge to Urinate Tip: Any time you are stimulating the G-Spot, your lady may feel the urge to urinate. This is normal due to the fact that the G-Spot is right up against the bladder. The G-Spot is sometimes referred to as the urethral sponge, as it is the muscle underlying the urethra.

· G-Spot Ejaculation Tip: Sometimes when you stimulate the G-Spot, your lady may actually ejaculate. This is very normal. It doesn’t happen every time and it doesn’t happen to every lady. If it does happen, celebrate it. Don’t make her feel ashamed, guilty, or embarrassed. Reassure her that it is normal and tell her that you are glad that it happened because it is evidence that you really did a great job of pleasuring her!


· G-Spot Stimulation Tip: Try various means of stimulating the G-Spot. Try rubbing little circles, try moving your finger back and forth (like you are telling someone to “come here”), try pushing against it, and try tapping on it. Be sure to get your lady’s feedback to see which method she prefers.

· G-Spot Dildo Technique: For this technique, have her get on all fours in a doggy style position with a pillow under her for support. Take a lubed vibrator/dildo, and insert it into her vagina at a downward angle. When you stroke back and forth, you will now be aiming for her G-Spot. Adjust your angle until she signals you that you are hitting the correct place. Now that you know the proper angle to use to hit the G-Spot, you can also try using your penis instead of the vibrator/dildo.

· Thumb Clock Technique: For this technique, insert your thumb into your lady’s vagina and press it against her G-Spot at the 12:00 position. Now rotate your thumb clockwise by moving it along her vaginal walls as you rotate. Each time you hit the 12:00 position, you will stimulate her G-Spot. Be sure to move counter clockwise sometimes, too.

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