Erotic Story: The Twinkle in Santa’s Eye 1

Mrs Santa Claus An Erotic StoryWritten By: Benjamin Sky

Tonight, I have delivered millions of presents to millions of children all over the world. I have gone down and then back up millions of chimneys. Even with my magical abilities, it has still been a very long night. Now, as my reindeer convey me the last mile back to our sanctuary at the North Pole, I am not even tired! Spreading hope and cheer invigorates me. In fact I am feeling quite amorous. I am already anticipating our reunion. I know that you have put up with the mad rush and my non-stop pace the last few weeks preparing for this once a year occasion. And I know that tonight will be ours, Ms Clause.

As the sleigh touches down in front of our house, I see you standing there in your long red coat. The white fur of its hood frames your beautiful face. I am already wondering which negligee you are concealing underneath. As you run up to the sleigh, I say “Hello beautiful! Did you miss me?” Your smile as you say “I missed you so much my love!” melts the night’s cold away. You wrap your arms around my huge girth and lean in to kiss me long and hard.

You take my hand and lead me inside. I pause to tie my scarf around the doorknob. The elves will know what that means!! Inside, the lights are dim with only the light from the roaring fire in the fireplace. “Crash Into Me” by the Dave Matthews Band is playing on the stereo. Two glasses and a bucket of ice sit next to the white bear skin rug in front of the fire. In the bucket is an unopened bottle of Champagne.

I shed my winter gear, including the huge pillow I always stuff under my coat to please the occasional kid peeking around the corner. And we lie next to each other on the rug. The warmth of the fire feels so good after my long flight. You allow your coat to drape open just enough for me to see my favorite red lace teddy underneath, the one with white fur lining all the edges. You look so good! Your long black hair is reflecting the firelight. Your smooth skin is glowing softly in its warmth. Your long slender legs look as if they could wrap around me twice! You look DAMN SEXY, and you know it!!

I reach for the bottle and begin working the cork loose. Looking a little worried, you say “Hey, careful where you point that thing!!” We laugh, and I point it towards the fire. POP!! The cork sails into the fire, and a burst of bubbly spews forth. I grab our glasses and fill them. We sip our champagne and talk of my nights adventures. We both know where this night is heading, and that I will wait for you because I know you like teasing me unmercifully with anticipation.

Finally, as the Dave Matthews CD starts over for the third time, and “Crash Into Me” starts playing again, you say “Boy, it is getting warm in here!” You shrug out of the coat, fully exposing the teddy underneath. “I think I am overdressed.” I say, as I begin to remove the remainder of my clothes. As I slide my silk boxers down and my manhood springs free, you again say “Hey, careful where you point that thing!”, and then you giggle heartily.

You slide over to me, your mouth seeking mine. I can feel your hunger as your tongue desperately seeks to part my lips. Our tongues meet and begin their familiar dance as you push me down onto my back and straddle me, your hands playfully pinning mine to the floor with your fingers interlaced with mine. I can feel your hardened nipples lightly brushing my chest thru the lace. Your hips begin to gently rock, your flower grinding against the length of my manhood. Our lips part, but the tips of our tongues continue to tickle each other.

I struggle, a little, and free my hands. I reach up and slide the straps off of your shoulders and pull the top of your teddy down, exposing your perfect breasts. With my hands upon your cheeks, I pull you upward and take one into my mouth. Hmmmm, do I taste a little cinnamon oil? Spicy!! As I nurse hungrily, I begin knead your ass. You begin to moan softly with pleasure and you pull my face tightly to your chest as you kiss my forehead. You tug your breast away from me and playfully dangle the other one in front of me. I latch on with renewed vigor as I again taste a hint of cinnamon.

You begin to inch your way upward, gently tearing your breast from my still hungry mouth. I kiss your skin lightly as you do. When my mouth finds your belly button, you pause for me to explore its depths. When you can no longer stand it, you continue your journey upward, not stopping until your lips meet mine thru the lace. I unsnap your teddy to give me full access. Now you sit up my face and I wrap my arms around your legs holding you close to me. I nuzzle your flower gently parting its lips with my nose. You moan a little louder as it finds your sweet spot. I suck upon your lips and feel them grow. My thumb massages your sweet spot as my tongue explores your depths.

Your juices are flowing now, hot and sweet. And you are beginning to buck upon my face. I can feel you quiver as your body becomes rigid even though it trembles with pleasure. With my arms behind you, I lift you with me as I sit up. I lay you gently down on the white fur. As I move over you, you wrap your long slender legs around me. The head of my manhood instinctively finds your sweetness as it rises toward me. I part your lips and enter my home. I gently slide all the way in and linger there basking in your glory. I begin to slide in and out very slowing, enjoying the closeness we feel.

You begin to moan softly once again, and I can feel your heat rising. You are rhythmically rocking your hips ever so slightly as they rise to meet my every stoke. I find your mouth with mine, and our tongues again meet. As our passion rises, our pace increases. I can feel the fire inside of you increase with every stroke. Faster and faster we go, separating and coming together with growing need. I can feel it when you start to contract. Gently at first, and then with growing frequency and ferocity. Now, it seems, our pace could never be faster. As you reach your peak, and I reach mine, our bodies become rigid and my contractions begin. You squeeze me tight in one long contraction as I spill my love into you.

We spend forever in that moment of sweet release. We finally relax in contentment, and once again stretch out on the plush white fur. The fire is still going strong. “Crash Into Me” is playing for the fourth time. You roll over and back into me, as I wrap my arms around you. We fit together like a glove. You say “Merry Christmas my Santa!” And I say “Merry Christmas my love!”

You are now asleep, still in my arms. As I lay here beside you, I can’t help but think, “I wonder if the world knows why there is a twinkle in my eye?”

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    A very merry hot story … love it! Happy Holidays!

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