Erotic Poetry: The Smart Girl

erotic poetryTHE SMART GIRL

Written By: Katie Green

The smart girl knows that dancing

Is just an appetizer before intercourse

And that conversation, no matter how intelligent

With the man she thinks might be smart

Should lead to seduction and debauchery

Because intelligence and the stimulus of verbiage

Can easily slide from the region of the cerebellum

Further down

Discussing the economics of Indochina

Can segue into

A discussion of the geography of the lowlands

Swamps, marshes, bushy thickets and underbrush

And the smart girl has learned there is no better way

To find out whether the man in question

Is sufficiently enlightened and deserving

Than by stripping for him and watching him react

To her dress being pulled over her head

As she sways

Pulling her brassiere off

Dancing a little more

And then removing her underpants

Wiggling her bottom in his face

To test his worthiness

The smart girl knows

She is the motive force behind

All that moves on this earth

Bigger than the economy of Eurasia

More powerful than all the railroads

Richer than the wealth of Constantinople

She, a simple sylph, nymph, mermaid, siren

Drives the industry of all silly men

And remains the prize to be sought

When money and power and position tempt and tease

And promise worthless inducements

Important to shallow men

Who will not allow themselves to be tempted

And if this dolt cannot prove his mettle

The smart girl knows the avenue to where

She found the source of delirium in adolescence

In her bedroom, in the bath, the cupboard, in the pantry

In the attic

In the meadow, in the thicket

Where the smart girl still goes

When the smart man proves to be

Not so smart, but dunce-like

Underperforming, simple or gross

She knows a glade

 Where the grass is smooth where she reclines

The sun is fierce

And the daffodils scream mid-morning at her

Their calices plunging into a typhoon deeper than China

Her gynoecia shouting profanities

Heard as far away as the Cape of Good Hope

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