Erotic Book Review: Penthouse Variations On Oral: Erotic Stories Of Going Down

Penthouse Variations On Oral: A ReviewReviewed By: Jenne

As I grew up my first foray into erotica or written porn came in the form of my Father’s copies of Penthouse and Readers Wives. He thought they were well hidden, but kids have a way of finding things that that they are not supposed to. I loved these stories and devoured them, when and if the chance came around. So when Cleis Press offered me the chance to read what will be the first in a collection of six books of stories from Penthouse variations I jumped at the chance.

This first book features stories that all focus on the wonderful art of oral sex. There are 22 stories to be found within the 220 pages that make up this book.

The first thing that struck me as I read the table of contents, was that many of these stories are written by guys, and that had me fascinated from the get go. So many authors in the genre of erotica re women, so I always think it’s great when I can read something written from the guys point of view.

The stories themselves offer the reader a wonderful variety of variations on oral sex. Now if you are looking for a romantic story line, then this is not what this book is about. In some circles, these would be known as jerk stories, designed to get the reader hot and heavy, and ready for some oral loving of their own and they certainly achieve that. That said it doesn’t mean the stories lack content or even a story like, but they are simply snapshots into a character or couple of characters lives. In general they describe one scene, where oral sex features heavily, or in some cases exclusively.

One of personal favorites when it came to the stories was Mouth Magic, which was penned by Matthew Emerson. For some reason this particular passage sparks my own imagination and I wanted to share it with you.

“The whole thing began as a delicious dream, an intense pleasure playing around the edges of my consciousness. When I finally opened my eyes, I still wasn’t completely awake. I was on top of the sheets, bathed in warm summer sun and aware only of something warm gripping and releasing my cock, and a wet, subtle tickling on its head. I moaned with pleasure when I finally realized what was happening next.”

This is just the beginning of an erotic adventure into the wonderful world of oral, and there are some surprises and plenty of ideas along the way, in this particular story.

Just in case you are thinking this book is only about the guys getting some oral pleasure, let me put your mind at ease. Another story that I loved is entitled, Dinner For Two, and is written by Dana Travis.

“Standing in front of him again, wearing only that wicked apron, garter belt, stockings and spiked heels, I asked one simple question, “Are you hungry, baby?” He nodded quickly, as though saying a single word would dissolve the erotic vision before him.

“I’m so glad,” I said, “because tonight I have prepared a special meal for you. In fact, it’s a house favorite.” I hoisted myself up onto the dinning room table and spread my body out in front of him in a decadent display.”

To find out what happens next you will have to read the book, but I loved the premise for this story and wanted to share it with you.

I found this book an inspiration, for fantasy fodder, but some of the ideas I found within the stories, I may or may not have put into action over the past couple of weeks.

So summing up, The Penthouse Variations On Oral, is a book that contains stories that will likely not only get you hot and bothered, but will probably provide you with some fantasy material and if you are so included some ideas that you could easily put into practice with that someone special.

I love the fact that this book is written from both sexes perspectives and it’s a book that I would feel comfortable reading with my significant other. Who knows where that might take you!

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