DVD Review: Female Masturbation Volume I

Female Masturbation DVDProduced By: The Welcomed Consensus Runtime: Approx. 30 mins Reviewed By: Jenne

I was intrigued when a group that are collectively known as The Welcomed Consensus contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their series of instructional video tapes on Deliberate Orgasm. I researched their web site www.welcomed.com and became even more intrigued. This is a group of five inpiduals who have set themselves the goal of having fun, successful relationships and have gone out and achieved it as far as I can see. They offer courses based on what they have learned about sexuality and the videos are a compliment to those courses. As I say, I was intrigued, and pursued this opportunity as much out of curiosity as any other motivation.

As I sat down to watch this video, I really had no idea of what to expect. The cover was no frills and gave very little indication of what was to follow. Never one to judge a book or a video by it’s cover though, I began to watch.

What unfolded was a well thought out and very practical demonstration of female masturbation. After a very short introduction, which explains that orgasm originates as much from the mind as by action, Françoise begins her masturbation session by setting the mood, lighting a candle. This is followed by a settling in period where Françoise uses her senses to arouse her mind even more before she touches herself. In today’s “shaved is best” frenzy filled world many people will probably appreciate the fact that Françoise is completely au natural.

The very fact that this is obviously from the outset an amateur video made it more memorable in my mind. There is definitely nothing dubbed or contrite about this video, as at certain points you can actually hear the other people from the Welcomed Consensus moving around reporting what they notice. I did find this a little distracting at the beginning of the film but in a way it helped me identify more with Françoise and reinforced what I always tell people, lock the door if you don’t want interruptions.

As I sat and watched Françoise begin to masturbate, I found it highly arousing. Whilst there were many close ups, there were just as many full body shots as she became more aroused, something that I really liked. Her peaks of arousal and her orgasm were real, of that I was left in no doubt. Françoise uses only her fingers and a liberal dose of lubricant to have her obtain orgasm, and I found myself afterwards using some of her techniques. I am pleased to report they are very effective. One of the things I should mention here is that the emphasis is put firmly on how Françoise makes her session last, by bringing herself to the brink and then letting herself come down a little. She demonstrates this a few times and you begin to see how this pattern works, what they refer to as Peaking.

What does it all add up to?
If you are looking for a good, honest, down to earth film that shows a real woman achieving orgasm through masturbation,
then this video is sure to be a hit for you. I did wonder about the length when I first read the run time but to be honest I think they hit this one about right. Any longer would have been boring, any less would have left me wanting.

The things I took away from watching this video above all else were, take your time and enjoy the moment. I had a clear and precise picture in my mind of what the whole experience looks like from an observer’s point of view, something that many people have never had the chance to experience.

You can purchase this video by either clicking on the image above or HERE

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