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The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryIf you haven’t read any of the other chapters of this story you can find Chapter 6 HERE

The face that appeared from the shadows was one that Estelle did not recognize. She squinted as she tried to focus on the figure in the dim light of the cottage. The only light source emanating from the fire that burned fiercely in the hearth. Estelle shivered, even though the heat from the fire was intense. The room was small and the lowness of the ceilings only added to Estelle’s feelings of vulnerability. She had no idea who this man was or what his purpose was but she was acutely aware that she was naked before his gaze. Her eyes dropped to the floor, she was unable to meet the gaze of the eyes that meet hers.

She felt lost once more; even after all she had learned, she felt lost and bewildered. The Master son had not touched her that afternoon and had brought her here. Now it seemed that she was to be sacrificed to another man. She wanted to flee once more, her thoughts muddled and confused, all questions but no answers, like the scattered links in her Mother’s chain after her sister had broken it.

Her Mother. She focused her thoughts towards her Mother’s words once more: “You must obey.” She repeated the words in her mind over and over again as the stranger approached. She felt his hand cup her chin and she shuddered under his touch.

Raising her face to greet his gaze, she was surprised to see a fresh young face smiling back at her. She looked into his eyes and searched them for the answers she so strongly desired. They were not there, but she hadn’t really expected to find them. His eyes portrayed nothing of the figure that lay behind them.

Summoning all her courage she looked him over. His face was young and fresh, his skin speckled with freckles, his blonde hair bleached by the sun. He touched her once more as he continued to study her, this time holding her shoulders. His hands were rough and callus-filled. This was no member of the gentry, Estelle thought. Who was he? Why was he here?

He turned and smiled at the Master’s son, a look of approval apparent in both their eyes as she watched the exchange. The Master’s son appeared to nod at the stranger and Estelle felt her heart fill with fear, but at the same time her Mother’s words comforted her: “They will do you no harm, my child.” She had to believe those words; she had to trust her Mother’s advice now. She could not fail her Mother.

The stranger’s lips meet hers unexpectedly, she almost pushed him away. She wanted to, but something stopped her, some hidden desire that this man had stirred in her once more just as the other members of this strange household had. He gently parted her lips now, feeling the walls of her mouth with his tongue, just as his hands were beginning to explore her flesh. He held her to him; she felt his need as he did so. His hands around her back feeling her buttocks, she felt his tool of desire begin to stir as he held her closer to him.

He was gentle in his actions and Estelle began to relax. She never moved her arms from her side, unsure what she should do with them. She wanted to grab him and feel him as he was feeling her, but she was unsure, nervous. He was so gentle in his actions; she had no desire to incur his wrath with any wrong action that she might make.

She gasped as he began to use his lips to explore the tender, sensitive flesh of her neck. Now the burning of desire began to pulse through her once more. She did not understand why this action had the effect on her that it did, but it lit her up and fueled her passion more than anything that had happened before.

As he kissed and caressed her neck, she forgot about everything, her Mother’s words, everything. Her hands reached up and began to claw at her tormentor’s garments, longing to feel the flesh that lay beneath. Her inner thighs were becoming lubricated by her own juices once more. It was as if someone had finally opened a gate that had only been pushed ajar before.

She pushed herself onto him, longing to feel his tool inside her now, just as she had felt the Master’s. He sensed her urgency but pulled away from her. Swiftly her senses returned, her face burnt as red as the embers in the fire’s grate. She expected him to be angry at her weakness. To her surprise, he began to remove his vest hurriedly. She tried to resist the urges that had been stoked within her, but she had to look.

His torso was well toned, the smooth lines of his muscles taut. She noticed the small downy hair that was sprouting from his chest and longed to feel its silken texture. Her eyes widened considerably as he removed his breeches, his tool standing firm and proud as he did so. She studied it, mentally comparing it to the others that she had encountered before without thought or regard to its owner, her desires so great now.

He moved closer once more, placing his hands on her shoulders gently pushing her to the ground. She knew instinctively what she was supposed to do. Licking her lips, as they had become a little dry now, she knelt and began to feed his tool past her lips. The sensation that met her taste buds was so different from that of the Master. This stranger was slightly bitter, not unpleasant, just different. She performed her magic on him now, knowing that he would not be able to resist, feeling not only her own desire but the power once more, the indescribable power that she obtained from this simple act. She relished the taste, the feel of the veins, the contrasts of the hardness of the tool against first her soft lips and then the tender flesh of her mouth. She smiled as she heard him gasp, and she became bolder once more, all cares forgotten.

She raised her eyes and watched his expression of delight as she took him deeper, this fueling her still more. Her pulled her upwards once more and guided her round so her back was facing him. This dismayed her a little, as she wanted to see him, wanted to watch his face and see the pleasure in his eyes as he used his tool as she was sure he would now.

He pushed her forward and she lay sprawled face down on the small table that was in the room. Her legs parted, waiting for the divine sensations that she knew would surely follow. His tool was pressed firmly against her and with one almighty thrust it was devoured by her lips, but not the ones connected to her mouth. These lips were far more sensitive and she groaned as they eagerly took the food that he offered her.

He began to push into her, deeper and deeper into her abyss. She felt herself lost in the desire, the want and need so great, nothing but nothing else mattered now but that release that she knew tasted so sweet when it came. He began to slam into her body with force now, causing her to steady herself against the table, gripping the edge as the tension rose from within her. She felt him begin to twitch, she knew the release was not far now and he would soon offer her the sweet mead that she so enjoyed.

She stretched her neck now; reaching for the heavens as the tension that he was causing became so intense she thought her head would surely burst. She felt his mead begin to flow as he twitched and convulsed deep inside her body. She had almost reached her point of climax when he was wrenched from within her. Forgetting her station in life, she stood and turned, facing the man that had pulled her so sharply from the joy of her desire. She was frustrated by his actions and, so great had the pleasure been.

“Noooooo,” the words forceful coming before her thoughts, as she rose to her feet. Her breath was caught as she realized that the man that had pulled her so roughly from another’s pleasure was her Master.

She stood dumbfounded by her own actions. She had forgotten everything that she had been taught. How could she have, how could her desire have taken her so completely? The questions came, flooding her mind once more. She stood before her Master, waiting for him to abolish her, waiting for a command or punishment.

Neither came. He stood looking at her, a cold stern look similar to the ones Papa would give her when she had fought with her sisters. She wanted him to punish her now just as her father had done, she deserved it, of that there was no doubt. Then the thought hit her: Would he banish her to the village once more, or would she befall the fate that she had heard the rumors of in the village?

She stood awaiting her fate…

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