Erotic Story: Tonight Is Different

Erotic StoryWritten By: Rob Hammer

It’s a warm summer afternoon and we watch the kids playing in the back yard. They are toddlers and preschoolers, the oldest being 6. My sister-in-law Lori and her husband Dave are visiting for the weekend. My mind is filled with lewd thoughts of what might happen tonight. We get some ice cream for the kids, and I grab a fudgesicle out of the freezer. I flirt with my wife Ann, and tease her with the fudgesicle. I throw my head back, taking a sword swallower stance. With tongue slightly protruding past my lower lip, I sensuously slide it along my tongue, taking it completely into my mouth, feeling the icy chill on the back of my throat. I purse my lips and draw it out slowly, looking my wife directly in the eye. “Rob!” she exclaims at my naughtiness, worried that one of the kids will see. Lori and Dave giggle at her concern.

They are young parents, in their early twenties. We are a few years older. We each have three kids, all within the same age group. We spend the afternoon swimming in the pool. It’s a small, above ground type. Dave does a running jump into the pool, with legs crossed and arms folded across his chest, landing flat on his back. He’s a pretty big guy and displaces a lot of water, cascading it over the side of the pool and getting us wet. The kids get a big kick out of this screaming, “Do it again, do it again.” They are running around, chasing each other with squirt guns, crawling all over the jungle gym and swinging on the swing set.

I set up the grill for burgers. Ann makes a salad and we enjoy a picnic dinner in the late afternoon. At dusk, the mosquitoes drive us indoors. Soon it’s bath time, tooth brush, and story time for the kids. Getting all six cousins tucked in and off to sleep is quite a chore. They are happy and tired, with a full day of play. As the last one drifts off, I go down the stairs and breath a sigh of relief. It’s our time now.

They have been busy. All of the shades are drawn, and the house is locked up tight. A few extra sheets are hanging over the curtain rods, closing off spaces the drapes don’t quite cover. A deck of cards is sitting on the middle of the kitchen table. Lori looks at me, grinning mischievously from ear to ear. “Are you ready to play?” She is the perpetrator,dragging her husband along into our card playing truth or dare games. We have had a few sessions before, but somehow, I think tonight will be different.

It’s five card draw, nothing wild. It starts out as the usual strip poker. The rules are simple. The winner gets to ask another player a question that must be answered truthfully. The loser has the option of requesting a dare. So far they have been all dares, resulting in various pieces of clothing being shed. The dares can get pretty sexual in nature. Lori set one other important rule: intercourse with your partner only. We are all pretty much naked. I point out to Lori that she can’t keep hiding herself. Dave and I are sporting a couple of fine erections. Ann is laid back, comfortable with herself. Lori has still been trying to cross her legs above the knees, and folding her arms across her breasts.

Things start heating up quickly. I win, and dare Lori to take an ice cube in her mouth and run it over Dave’s body. Dave flinches when the cold touches his nipples, and groans as she’s rubbing it against his scrotum. The cold causes it to contract against his body. The ice cube has melted within the three minute time limit. With her hands still behind her back Lori says, “Look Ma, no hands,” and takes him into her mouth, fellating him briefly.

Ann wins the next round, and she dares Dave to reciprocate. He is only too happy to, with Lori yelping and giggling.

It’s getting a bit uncomfortable at the kitchen table, so we move into the living room to spread out. Lori is loosening up. As she sits cross legged on the rug, I notice that her nipples seem perkier than most of the freckled red-haired Irish girls I’ve seen.

We are all pretty fit, though none of us are extremely athletic. Even with a prematurely receding hairline, Dave is a stud. He has the equipment to match. With two hands wrapped end to end around his erect shaft, his glans will still show.

Ann is a dark haired beauty, with her hair falling to the middle of her back. When she gets aroused, her nipples are like hard little bullets. I can see that she is already getting there.

I’m light framed and wiry, with sandy hair and boyish looks. I’m more average sized than Dave. My fist around my erection covers more than half it’s length.

Lori wins the next hand, and she must have been thinking something similar. She dares me to masturbate while they watch. I rub my left hand slowly over my abdomen and chest. There is no need for preliminaries, as I’m already fully erect. I start stroking and moaning, rubbing my nipples. Precum is lubricating me quite well, and I’m lost to it when they call time. I pull myself back to reality to play another hand.

Finally, Dave wins the hand and dares Ann to masturbate while I help. I kiss her on the lips and work my way down to her breasts. She spreads herself open with one hand and teases her clitoris with the other. I squeeze her breasts hard the way she likes, and lick her nipples until the three minutes are up.

I win the next round and ask Lori, “Truth or dare.” To our surprise she answers, “Truth.” I pause for a moment, and ask her if she has ever had sex with another woman. A bit embarrassed, she says no, but there was a friend she practiced kissing with when they first became interested in boys.

I shuffle the cards and Dave cuts, as he is sitting to my right. Ann is to my left, with Lori opposite me. I deal them out and can’t believe my luck. I’m sitting with a full house. I take the round, and want to get a bit more creative. I ask Lori again, “Truth or dare,” and this time she says, “Dare.” I whisper to Ann to go get her vibrator and make sure it is clean. Lori and Dave look a bit puzzled at the delay. When Ann gets back, I dare Lori to masturbate vaginally with it, then lick it off afterwards. She says that she has never used a vibrator before. Ann is still holding it and says, “Here, let me show you.” Just meaning to be instructional, she moves towards Lori, and places the tip between her labia, just below her clit. She says, “You just put it here like this – ,” Lori grabs it out of her hand and says sharply, “I can do that.” Ann moves away and Lori settles down to the task. She gets into it, and has a wicked smile as she takes it out of herself and brings it up to her mouth. She sticks out her tongue, and licks it from base to tip before engulfing it’s length in her mouth.

This has me very worked up, and I’m not paying much attention to the cards during the next round. Lori wins the hand. Looking at both me and Dave she says, “Truth or dare.” We glance at each other. I shrug and say, “Dare.” My question and Ann’s actions must have gotten her thinking. She says, “I dare you to jerk each other off.” She lowers her voice, saying to her sister, “I wonder what they will dare us to do?”

Dave is nervous, with perspiration forming on his brow. I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat and say, “It’s just us here.” I lean over and whisper, “Let’s give the girls a good show.” I don’t know what he is thinking, but I look down and he is as hard as steel. I prop myself up on my left arm, grasping him with my right hand. I feel his heat, and the blood pulsing through his engorged erection. As I stroke his soft skin, a drop of precum glistens at the tip. His calloused hand is gripping me, sliding up and down. On my side like this, my face is very close to where I am stroking him. I’m so taken by the situation that I can’t resist. I lean forward and slide him into my mouth, taking him in as far as I can, much deeper than his petite wife is able to. He gasps, and his hand grips me tight, motionless on my shaft. Lori and Ann sit mesmerized as I fellate him.

I glance over at them, and see Lori breathing in ragged gasps. This has excited her immensely, and she can’t contain herself. She jumps up and all but pushes me off her husband, straddling him and impaling herself on him in one swift motion. The cards are strewn all over the place, with the game forgotten.

I move over to Ann and embrace her. She whispers to me, “Weren’t you afraid that you were going to scare him off?” I whisper back, “Lori can take care of him.” I lie back and she swings around on top of me, planting herself on my face. She leans forward taking me into her mouth. I know what she wants and reach up with one hand. She is very wet. I lubricate my fingers with her secretions, and put two fingers into her vagina. I work a third finger into her anus, just up to the first joint. The ministrations of my tongue on her clit have her grinding and moaning. She cums hard, smothering me. As she’s winding down, she slaps me on the thigh saying, “You didn’t cum with me.” She bends down with one arm wrapped around my leg to play with my scrotum and anus. Her other hand is stroking the base of my erection. She has her mouth over the head, working my glans with her tongue. It doesn’t take long for me to explode. She moves her head away, but not quickly enough to avoid getting some on her mouth and face. She keeps stroking me with her hand, milking my orgasm. She moves up to cuddle and kiss. We taste each other on our lips, enjoying one another. We are sweaty and slimy and exhausted and happy.

Lori and Dave are just sitting there, watching us and smiling. We were so lost in ourselves, that we missed whatever they were doing. Yes, tonight certainly was different.

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