Erotic Story: Talk Dirty To Me

Group Sex StoryWritten By: Rob Hammer

A rolling romp of hardcore menagerie. You’ll find everything here except plain old vanilla intercourse. For the girls who like to watch the boys, who like to watch the girls. The Berlin sequences are real, two of my most treasured memories in my journey of sexual discovery as a young adult. The rest is, well, some fact, some fiction, some fantasy. Though it’s written to a bisexual theme, that’s not what this story is really about. It’s about throwing out society’s irrationally restrictive prejudices and phobias, and checking the culturally defined masculine and feminine roles at the bedroom door. If you can set aside jealousy, be accepting and share fantasies with your partner, the results can be truly rewarding. Whether it’s rover, enemas, the boss’s secretary (or the boss and his secretary). Whatever.

“So you like to play with the boys, huh?” she says as she slaps my ass playfully. “Tell me all the dirty little things you did, you naughty boy.”

I’ve got my hand on her pussy, sliding my finger between her lips. I think back to an all-boy romp at a hotel in Berlin, Germany. “You really want me to tell you, all the naughty things that your dirty little husband did?”

“Tell me everything baby, and don’t leave anything out, ’cause I’ll know if you’re lying.” She smiles as she gives my cock a hard squeeze. Talking dirty makes her hot. And it makes me hot, too.

“We’re on leave in Berlin. We’ve been out partying and dancing at the discos. The four of us get back to the hotel room. We’re wound up and horny from all of the dirty dancing and sexual innuendos, and end up paired off on the bed. My buddy is lying back, and I’m kneeling between his legs. I’m feeling playful and naughty. His hard little prick is pointing up at me, and I take
it all the way into my mouth, to the back of my throat. I’ve never done this before. It’s my first time giving another guy head. I toy with him for awhile, taking him out of my mouth and running my lips up and down the underside of his shaft, then engulfing his cock again. Licking, sucking, and throating him, this is deliciously wicked. As I bob up and down on his cock, his breath comes in short pants, in rhythm with my strokes. He’s in my control, and I love it. I grasp his hips as he thrusts into my mouth. His hands are on my head, with his fingers clenching my hair. Moving a little faster, I feel him getting close. He pushes against me, signaling me to get off, but I shake my head and keep going. His legs are quivering, and he lets out a long ‘ahhhhhhh’ as he cums. The underside of his cock pulses against my tongue, as his hot cum shoots on the roof of my mouth. I keep my mouth on him, milking him until he is spent, then release him and sit up. Meeting his eyes with a beaming smile, I lick my lips, then tilt back my head and swallow, blowing his mind. He reaches up and draws me to him, until we’re pressed tightly together. Kissing me, his tongue probes deep into my mouth, tasting himself on my hot breath.”

Her hips are rocking up to meet my fingers as I slide them in and out of her pussy, and my thumb is diddling her clit. “Come on baby, tell me more, I want to hear more,” she breathes as she strokes my shaft. She’s lying back with her eyes closed, painting the pictures in her mind.

“I’m back in Berlin alone, and an older man seduces me at a club. He’s in his thirties, and I’m only twenty. An American like me, he’s probably in the military. He won’t tell me his name, and doesn’t want to know mine. He only wants to share the night together. We go to my hotel room, and he takes me, literally. He does everything, undressing me and caressing me. I’m trembling like a virgin, and for this night, I truly am. We’re lying on our sides on the bed in a spoon, and he’s behind me. He’s stroking me, making me hard, breathing into my ear. He puts on a condom and lubes me, getting me ready with his finger. I’m trembling so much as he places the head of his cock against my ass that I’m worried about what he might think. I look back at him, and he reassures me with a smile. He’s bigger and stronger than I am, and can bring me pleasure or pain at his whim. But he’s gentle, and I trust him. He enters me, slowly but insistently, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him. I think – this must be what it’s like for a woman, to be penetrated, to give yourself up completely.”

“Come up on me baby, come up on me and stroke yourself while you tell me your story.” I straddle her chest, and wrap my hand around my engorged erection. She lubes her finger and presses it into me. “Come on baby, tell me the rest of your story.” She takes the head of my cock into her mouth, circling her tongue on the tip.

“He’s very experienced, and knows exactly what he’s doing. He goes slowly, getting me used to feeling him inside me. The feeling is intense. On the edge, that thin boundary between pleasure and pain. The more I relax, the better it gets. And he is sooo good. I am so fucking hard, harder than I’ve ever been in my life. His every thrust seems to pump me up even more. I’m a bundle of nerve endings, focused on every sensation. The rest of creation has dropped away, and this is my entire universe. His hot rod of flesh is consumed by my bowels. Probing and throbbing, an eternity of pleasure. I’m stroking myself and stoking my fire. His pounding and pulsing is escalating us up, to the peak of the precipice. Hard muscles and sweat, grinding and thrashing and screaming, then blinding explosion. My white hot cum is suspended in air, frozen by the strobe of my brain. We come spiraling down together, landing flat on our backs in post-orgasmic bliss.”

“Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you.” She’s never done this before, and it’s the first time anyone has done this for me. I look down at her, into her eyes. She’s sincere, wanting to please me.

“You really want me to cum, to cum in your mouth?”

“Yes baby, yes. Come on, give it to me.” She’s working her finger in my ass as I pound on my shaft. Her mouth is around the head of my cock, sucking me and licking with her tongue.

“Oh fuck, fuuckkk!” I shoot, a white ribbon across her tongue. She takes me back in, then out, and another splash on her cheek. She rubs her lips on the tip, then takes me back into her mouth, stroking me with her lips as my spasms subside.

I lean down and hold her head in my hands. A glorious mess. I kiss her, my tongue in her mouth, then her tongue in mine, sharing my cum.

“Your such a naughty girl,” I say as I wipe off her face with a towel, “and I love you so much.” I work my way down her body, kissing and licking as I go. “Tell me what you do, when your husband’s not around. Tell me how you play with yourself. Tell me all the naughty things that you think about.”

“I’ve been dozing, after the kid’s have gone off to school and you’ve left for work. Maybe a sexy dream, making me wet and aroused. I get the bottle of lube and my vibrator. I make sure the door is locked, and turn on some music. Sometimes I put on a movie, a naughty bi-sex one. I watch the boys suck each other, and fuck each other, and make each other cum.”

“Oh, really? You like to watch the boys play with each other. Does it make you hot?”

“Oh yes, it makes me very hot. I lift my breasts and I lick my nipples, and I make them hard. I circle my nipples with the vibrator, then pour lube on my pussy. It makes me so wet and tingly as I stroke my vibrator over my clit and into my pussy. I lie back and rock my hips up into the vibrator as I lightly caress my clit. It feels so good, and the movie is making me so horny, I could cum right away. But I want it to last, so I stop for a bit and just watch the movie. The vibrator is filling me up, and keeping me on the edge. I watch them shoot their hot cum, and I’m dying to cum, but I hold back, not daring to move. As the next scene comes on, I move the vibrator ever so slowly. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for, the one that makes me grit my teeth and curl my toes and rip my hair out. It’s a scene with two couples. They’re kissing and licking and sucking, all over each other. One of the women is lying on her back, with one of the men taking long licks at her pussy. Her clit is hard and she moans every time his tongue slides over it. The other guy is kissing her neck and running his hand over her body. The other girl is so naughty, kneeling over and spreading herself for the camera, then fingering her clit. She sensuously kisses the woman, with their tongues dancing against one another. Licking her way down to the woman’s breast, she suckles her erect nipple, then teases the tip with her tongue.

“So you like to watch the girls too, do you? I’ll bet it makes you hot when they lick each other’s pretty pink pussys.”

“Oh yes, I’m sooo hot. I pretend one of them is with me. The vibrator is her fingers, and my fingers are her tongue.”

“Oh really? You like to have the girls put their fingers in your pussy.” I lie down between her legs and slide two fingers into her slippery snatch. “Is this what they do to you, baby? Do they do it like this?”

“Oh yes, just like that.”

“And you like when they lick your hard little clitty. Do they lick it like this?” I lick my tongue along her clit, then tickle it with the tip.

“Oh yes! Just like that!”

“Tell me what else she does to you, baby. Tell me how it makes you feel.”

“She takes her fingers out of my pussy, and slides her tongue between my pussy lips. She presses into me with her tongue, and lightly caresses my clit with her finger. Oh that’s so naughty, having her tongue in me. My pussy’s so juicy, making squishing noises as she pushes in and out. I’m so hot and horny, and she knows just what to do.”

Mirroring her words, my tongue slides between her luscious labia. I’m pussy drunk with her scent, and her lavender lips are sweet velvet on my tongue. Her hard little nub pulsates with pleasure on my feathery fingertip. Impaling her with my tongue, and suctioning out, I devour her gnawing cunt.Intoxicated by lust, I move down and rim her bittersweet backdoor. The point of my tongue presses into her sphincter, penetrating her slightly. “Oh, she’s so nasty, sticking her tongue into me like that!” My nose is buried in her dripping pussy, and she’s practically gushing, she’s so wet. I’m slathered and lathered and drowned by ambrosia.

I have to breathe, and move up to stimulate her clit with my mouth. My cheeks are glistening with her juices. I slide my fingers into her effortlessly, two in front and one in back. She rides my hand and face, gripping the back of my head with one hand. Reaching under her leg, she grabs my wrist with her other hand, pummeling my fingers into her pussy and ass.

“Oh yes, make me cum!” She’s thrusting hard against my face. “That’s it, you naughty girl!” She clenches on me, her muscles tightening around my fingers. Two rings of iron, buffered by her soft slippery sheaths. The intensity of her orgasm is overwhelming as I stroke her, wringing every last spasm from her flesh. Her ability to sustain her release is amazing.

A few thoughts and words, and a bit of stimulation, built to climax paramount. Of course, that is what we do, when we use our fantasies to fuel our orgasms. Doing it times two is just so much better.

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