Erotic Story: San Jose

Written By: Pandora

The sun was long gone, yet the cries of party-goers still echoed across the beach. I hadn’t really drunk much that night, wanting to relish every moment of my second night in San Jose.

My friend Maria and I shimmied across the dance floor together, our glistening bodies grinding to the irresistible house beat. We always put on such shows of lesbianism, though Maria always maintained that she was completely and totally straight….. It was no secret that she loved men. Of course, with her Latin beauty, and small, voluptuous body, men loved her.

As for myself, I was pretty experienced sexually, but with men only. It wasn’t rare for me to catch myself eying another female’s curves… I always wondered what it would be like to wrap my own lithe body around that of another girl.

As if sensing my lecherous thoughts about Maria’s warm tanned body rubbing against mine, another Spanish-looking girl crossed the dance floor and began to move with maria and I. I was suddenly sandwiched between two beautiful Latin women. Their arms wrapped around me and each other, and to my surprise, maria began to kiss me…..

My heart pounding, nipples growing erect, I figured she had had more than a few drinks but decided to succumb to her and the other girl’s caresses…..

This dance floor seduction between the three of us- me, pale, lithe and blue-eyed, being groped and kissed by two gorgeous, dark-skinned Latin women….. This was heaven…

Eventually, we ended up in Maria’s apartment, after about a half-hour of grinding on the crowded dance floor of Sol, Maria’s favorite club. The two women unlaced my backless shirt and pulled down my miniskirt. My thigh high stockings were left on.

I was in absolute ecstasy, being fawned over by these girls. They, too, ended up naked, our bodies entangled on maria’s king-sized bed. I straddled maria, as she sucked my rock nipples, rubbing my clit with her french manicured fingers. The other girl, at some point identifying herself as Elise, knelt behind maria, our lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss, which traveled over each other’s necks and bare shoulders.

The three of us lay down, legs intertwined, kissing, licking erect nipples, grinding as we had on the dance floor. My fingers found Elise’s soft, wet pussy, and I proceeded to massage her stiffening clitoris. She, in turn, licked maria’s nipples, moaning in pleasure as my finger worked their way into her tight, contracting hole. This kind of sex was unlike any I had ever experienced before. Elise and Maria’s bodies were so much like my own, I knew exactly how to wiggle my fingers inside Elise, making her writhe around them as if possessed.

Her cries grew louder and more high pitched, until finally, with one scream, her insides poured their sweet, musky nectar. I offered my dripping fingers to maria, who sucked at them greedily.

I couldn’t take it any longer. As Maria plunged her fingers into me from behind, I lowered Elise onto the bed, diving into her wet darkness. I had never done this before, but, guided by instinct, I licked and teased Elise’s erect clit. Occasionally plunging my tongue into her vagina, I sucked gently at her red, pulsating nub. She rocked against my glistening face, holding my head as close to the center of her as possible. Meanwhile, maria worked at my g spot with a fervor, smacking my round, tight ass gently. My liquid poured forth, and I screamed into Elise’s throbbing cunt, sucking her, lapping at her, until she, too, screamed with unrestrained orgasm, her body wracked with shudders and shakes.

Maria gently pushed me down on the bed, so that I was flat on my back. Maria motioned Elise towards my quivering vagina. I was aching for what I knew would come next, and as Elise began to teasingly lap at my parted thighs I moaned with expectant pleasure. My moaned were stifled as maria lowered herself onto my open mouth. As I licked at Maria’s sweet inner skin, Elise rewarded me by burying her own face deep between my legs.

Maria began to cry out, short sweet gasps. I, In turn, grabbed Elise by her long, thick hair, rubbing her mouth harder against my tingling vagina. I plunged my tongue deep inside maria, and quickly returned to the area around her erect clit. Elise began rapidly moving her hot, wet tongue against my own clit, so I did the same to Maria.

Our cries became louder and louder, mouths submerged in the musky darkness of each other’s most sacred places. faces rubbed against cunts, hands grasped damp skin, greedily clawing for more.

Our excitement mounted, I humped Elise’s sucking, licking, dripping mouth, while Maria rode my face as if I was a horse. Tongues plunging inside, around, teasing, until finally, Maria and I exploded into shudders, cunts contracting in orgasm, backs arching, juices flowing, mouths open in screams of pleasure, every inch of our skin tingling.

And that was my second night in San Jose.