Erotic Story: A Christmas Gift (A True Story)

Written By: Jo-Anne

Lesbian cliteratureI read an old adage that said, If you need something really badly, it is usually delivered to home. I did not believe it until the past week.

As usual, I had few people over for this Christmas, the regular crowd- My sister and her family, Two In-laws- but also included this time was a party of three that my sister brought along with them. My sister lives out of town and she visits us maybe twice or thrice a year the most. The party that came with her were her neighbors, a woman and two kids, 3 yr old girl & 1 1/2 yr old boy who were visiting my city for a wedding ceremony of the woman’s relative, which was to be held few days after the Christmas. After learning that my sister is visiting me for Christmas, she has inquired my sister whether they could carpool too, for which my sister has readily agreed. My sister Wendy called me beforehand to let me know that she is bringing her neighbor with her and described her friend briefly to me so that I know whom I am inviting to my house. Megan is in early twenties, raising up her two kids alone after separating from her man before her youngest was born. She is employed in a clothing boutique and also does some part time reception work to earn that extra cash. My husband and I had no problem of letting them stay with us until a week after Christmas so that they can attend the wedding on the 30th and go back to her hometown afterwards.

On Christmas day people started coming in and as usually my sister was fashionably late. Then I saw this young brunette with her kids, and that moment I felt that a strange feeling was running through my body. In simple, I was attracted to her at first sight. Her curlish brown hair, long hazel eyes, full lips and a very proportionate and slender body made me weak in my knees for the first time for another woman. I considered myself Bi-curious all this time but it never transformed from Bi-curious stage to a Bi-sexual stage. Well, not at least until now.

I have always been curious about intimate sexual encounters among women. I have even witnessed few female lovemaking rendezvous in my university years but have never been a part of it. I preferred watching than being in the middle of the action I guess. I enjoyed being a curious on-looker and then later please myself in my own way. I had few crushes about other female colleagues I work with but with a husband and family involved, I never pursued those interests. None of those instances made me craving for love as it did with Megan. She clearly swept me off my feet. Her children were very cute and my daughters, who always loved little kids, kept them busy most of the time. I was too busy attending to the others but always found a moment or two to talk to Megan in between. End of the day, people started leaving one by one except my beautiful guest and her kids and I didn’t mind having her for a longer time at all.

I arranged our guest bedroom for her and her kids to stay the next few days and she was very pleased about the arrangement. She thanked me profusely for the favor and we had few conversations about her family, her bitter separation from her husband and all that. She helped me quite a bit with my housework as well but all the time she was around me I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy and inviting she is. Also there were many instances I was secretly enjoying her curves without her notice.

On Thursday, two days after Christmas, my husband had to take my daughters for their regular dancing lessons. This is his Thursday evening ritual. He usually waits there for full three hours until the classes are over to drive them back home. Needless to say Megan and I had few precious hours for ourselves and I had a plan.

As soon as they left I had a wash and changed into my best nightie. Mind you, it was only 6.30 in the evening and I hardly get into my nightwear this early. This nightie has several special memories and mostly because it hardly covers my thighs. I went one step further and chose not to wear anything under it. I felt my heart beating faster. It was such an unusual sexual feeling. I felt the hardness in my nipples. But I knew I had the confidence to pull this one through. I took few of our recent photo albums and was heading towards her room. Her baby was sleeping on the bed and the little girl was playing on our carpeted flor. Megan was relaxing on the bed, next to her baby, reading a magazine. As soon as I entered her room I saw the look in her face. She was clearly amused at my appearance and I saw her looking straight at my exposed thighs for a moment or two. I pretended that I didn’t see it as I didn’t want to alarm her too much. I asked her whether she would like to see some of our recent photos and she jumped at the idea. I sat down near her and had to practically struggle to stretch my nightie to cover at least the top part of my thighs after sitting down. I crossed my legs and started showing her some of our family photos, occasionally bending little too much, allowing her an undisturbed view of my boobies off my loose, open necked dress. I was careful not to look at her eyes directly and embarrass her as I knew her curious eyes wandering over my cleavage and even running deeper. She started commenting on the photos as I introduce her the people in them and when she saw a picture of mine taken in one of our family outings in the beach, she said ” Oh, you look great there”. I looked at her and said to her jokingly, ” So you only found me great in that one?” We both started giggling like two teenagers and then she said in her lovely soft voice, ” No, you look even greater now”. By that time I knew my plan was working well so far. Then I got the perfect moment I was hoping for.

Her little daughter who was playing on the floor put something in her mouth (it turned out to be a piece of paper) and Megan quickly jumped out of the bed to take it out of her mouth. Now she is sitting on the floor facing me and trying to get the paper out of her child’s mouth before she swallows it. I was sitting at the edge of the bed and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity at all. I ‘Uncrossed’ my legs and boy! I saw her face lighting up although, once again, I pretended I didn’t see it. From where she was, I am sure she had a perfect view of my little pussy, resting between the valley of my shapely thighs. She came back and sat behind me, a little closer this time. I could feel her breathing and the fragrance in her hair. We kept on talking while going through the pages of my picture album. Suddenly I felt the warmth of her legs touching mine and in a second or two after, her hand was resting on my thigh. I looked at her eyes directly this time, she smiled, her eyes sparkling and was looking straight into my eyes. I knew she wanted to tell me something. She brought her face closer to mine and said “Can I tell you a secret?”, I was curious about what she had in her mind but replied “Sure, go ahead”. She brought her face closer to my ear, her lips touching my ear and whispered, “Can I see you in your room in few minutes?”. I was stunned for a moment. When she pointed to her little girl I realized she had to put her to bed first. I said, “sure” and got off the bed but not before planting a quick kiss on her cheek. I saw her blushing when I was heading for the door.

I went back to my room. I was so happy for the progress made so far but I was still very nervous. I didn’t know what to do. Will she come to my room as promised? What am I supposed to do when she comes? Will there be enough time for us before my family arrives home? Am I rushing things? Did I make her uncomfortable by being too horny? Would she mind making love with me? I wanted to relax and act calm. I was walking from one corner to the other, trying to calm myself. Then I was thinking how sexy and cuddly she could be in the bed. I sneaked my fingers under the nightie and felt the moist down there. I knew I was going to experience a big day in my life. Every minute passing seemed like an eternity. Then I heard a soft knock on my door.

I took a deep breath and promised myself to be calm. I walked up to the door and slowly turned the door knob. It’s Megan. She was wearing a light blue pajama shirt with lots of dainty teddy bears in it. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail and she was as lovely as she could be. I greeted her at the door, held her hand and brought her inside the room. I could see the sparkle in her eyes although she seemed as nervous as me.

We looked at each other for a moment or two without a single word being spoken. Finally when we sat on the bed, next to each other, I broke the silence. I said to her softly, “Megan, You look so beautiful.” She smiled, rested her head on my breasts and whispered, ” You are so sexy today and ..umm..I like that.” I knew that we both were in the same page by then. I started stroking her curlish brown hair and my lips were approaching hers. It was a long, wet kiss. I can’t remember a day I kissed my husband like that – at least not in the recent past. I began touching and feeling her body and she turned her face towards my boobies and began rubbing her lips slowly on my left nipple, and then the right one. That was enough to accelerate my hormone rush. I couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing herself naked. I moved my hand behind her buttocks and was raising her nightshirt. I noticed the black laced pantie of hers through the mirror in front of us. At the same time, I noticed Megan was enjoying my ‘Twins’ thoroughly – her eyes half closed and her breathing was long. Then came the tiny push from her which made me lay on the bed.

The push, combined with the little struggling by Megan made my mini nightdress move high on my tummy exposing my most private place. Megan was right on top of me, refusing to stop nibbling my hard-on nipples. I put both my arms around her and began pulling her nightshirt up her body. By now, I was craving for the touch of her naked body . She paused for a moment and allowed me to remove it over her shoulders. Just the sight of her magnificent pair of boobs made my heart begging for more.. I cupped her breasts softly with both my palms and moved them closer to my face and walked my tongue around her larger-than-normal ‘nips’, occasionally squeezing them softly with my lips.

She cried, “Oh girl, you are making me crazy..oh my god.., Let me take yours off too.”, and took off my nightie in her hand, crushed it like a shape of a ball and threw it to the farthest corner of the room. We both laughed at what she did and she was beginning to open up and show her youthful exuberance. Then it was my turn again. I placed both my hands on her hips and began rolling her panties down her legs. She pushed forward to help me take it off completely. Needless to say I was so proud of myself for making such a great progress so far.

Then she asked me softly, “Is Mike coming home soon?”. I told her it will take at least another hour for them to come home. She was quite relieved by my answer.

Now we were both stark naked on the bed, embracing each other with our most private parts enjoying the warmth of the others. Megan placed her hand softly on my pussy and started caressing my pubic hair with her fingers. Then she slowly sneaked in her index and middle fingers through my already moist vagina and began stroking it back and forth. I haven’t enjoyed a sexual encounter like this for my entire life. None of the men I slept with made me this horny and wild. I spread my legs wide and started moaning. I couldn’t be selective of my words anymore. I moaned, ” Please hon.. keep on doing it..oh my god..please f_ck me darling..oh..” Megan’s fingers were moving faster inside my pussy and in the next moment, she brought her face closer to mine – her fingers still inside me – and whispered, “Do you mind me..umm..eating yours?” I realized I was clearly underestimating Megan all this time. She was beginning to show her experience. May be she had made love with women before. I replied, “Not at all. please do.” She moved her face down there and gently pulled her fingers out of my pussy. Her face buried in between my thighs, I felt the wetness of her tongue on my pussy lips. She was licking my pussy from top to bottom and then moved her tongue inside and began tickling my clit gently with it. She kept on pleasing me for about few minutes until I decided to change positions. I needed to taste her so badly and thought 69 would be the best way to go.

After I changed my position, she continued to do what she was doing and I was about to experience the first taste of a woman. She had a handful of brown hair above her pussy but nothing more. I could see that she had her Bikini wax not so long ago. I started by nibbling her clitoris and then moved her legs apart so that I could lick all the moisture of her, from one end to the other, occasionally dunking my tongue inside. I couldn’t tell a difference in taste at all. Her’s tastes exactly like mine. I have this habit of tasting my fingers after masturbation and it was never completed without that final ritual. Megan was moaning hard while raising her legs up, allowing me the free access to her most precious queen-dom. I started fingering her faster and with a loud moan and an obscenity from her mouth, she had her orgasm. I knew mine is about to be released as well. But at that very moment, the phone began to ring.

I clearly didn’t want to answer the phone at that time. But the phone, which was on my night table, had my husband’s cellular number in the display. I knew it was him on the other side. I could see that Megan was so nervous as she sat behind me and wrapped her arms around me while resting her head on my shoulder. I picked up the phone and it was him alright. He asked me whether I made the dinner and I said “No.” I went on to say that I was busy doing the laundry and didn’t get a chance to make a meal. It turned out that the girls wanted to have Chinese food for dinner and he was simply inquiring the best place for take-outs. I told him the place I usually go to and after taking the directions, he hung up. I kept the receiver and told Megan that we have at least another 20 ‘bonus’ minutes for us. She kissed my neck and said that she was worried about me. I couldn’t help noticing both our naked bodies in the mirror. I felt Megan’s boobies touching my back and saw her fingers making circles around my nipples. I lifted my right leg and rested it on our night table while sitting on the edge of the bed. I started masturbating myself while looking at the mirror. Then Megan came from around and sat on the floor, right under my pussy and she too was moving her fingers in and around my pussy, alongside mine to help me with it. It took at least good five to eight minutes, before I finally had my orgasm. Megan noticed me licking my fingers and she poked hers in my mouth too. We embraced and hugged for a long time and didn’t realize it was about time we get dressed until I heard my husband’s car pulling in to the driveway.

Megan picked up her clothes and ran to the washroom. I found a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and quickly dressed up. Then threw my nightie into the laundry basket, fixed my hair and arranged the bed a little..Well all this I managed to complete within few seconds I guess. Then I was heading to the door, like a born-again woman.

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