Erotic Story: Signals 4

Erotic Story: Signals
I love to play along with memes and this Wednesday as with many other I decided to take part once more in the Wicked Wednesday meme. This week the prompt was to write a story based around traffic signals. Below is my interpretation in flash fiction. I hope you enjoy it. Red: “Stop! Are you ...

Horny 3

All you pretty ladies are making my so wet and horny on here, you got me on my back, pumping three fingers inside me, I’m dripping all over!

The Real Thing 4

Ladies, I need the real thing. I can’t stand touching myself and watching porn anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve been with another woman but I miss it so much. I want skin, friction, cum, screams of pleasure. I want to feel soft tits squeezed together, I want to feel a swollen clit under ...

Hot and horny 6

I’ve just turned 18 and still a virgin and always dreamed about being with an older women like mid 20’s, or older, someone who can fuck my pussy really good, I’m always so horny, my pussy is throbbing right now, I’m lying in bed rubbing my little pink nipples, my pussy wants to be touched ...

Home Made Coconut Oil Lubricant Tutorial

Home Made Coconut Oil Lubricant Tutorial
This tutorial was written by long time Clitical supporter and visitor, Dadof5. Many out there are now discovering the joys of coconut oil in the bedroom, but like all other food grade oils, there is an issue regarding cross contamination and shelf life. I found a solution to this problem in a simple Jello mold.