Tutorial: Advanced Flirting

Advanced flirtingWritten By: Jenne

I hope before you read this article you’ve taken some time to read and put into practice the basic flirting tips that can be found HERE. Now you’re ready to move to a few more advanced tips that are for the serious flirts amongst us.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Mirroring is a great piece of body language and basically all you do is copy the other persons body language. If they cross their arms so do you, if they run their hand through their hair, then follow suit. Just be careful and don’t do every single thing they do or you might end up looking like a monkey in a zoo. Just imitate some of their gestures and you are sending out the message that you like them.

Shsssssssh: This is an all time classic when it comes to flirting and so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. When your in conversation with someone you like, ask them if you can share a secret with them. If they give permission learn forward towards their ear and whisper a sincere compliment. [ie: I love your dress/pants they look so good on you]

Drop It: This is older than the Bible, but it’s a good old time favorite that will generally work well if carried off just right. Simply walk past the person that you like, make eye contact, then smile. Just as you reach the point where you’ve passed them drop something, a book, a purse, or whatever you have in your hand. If they have any interest in you the likely hood is they will bend down and help you pick up the item. Enter your perfect opportunity to start a conversation. -)

Help Me: This one is a little devious but it’s been shown to work many times in the past. Ask your prospective date to help you out with something you already know they are interested in. By doing this you boost their confidence and make them feel comfortable with you.

Repeat After Me: By repeating your prospective dates name as part of a conversation you are sending the message that you are interested in them. Don’t go overboard though. Simply say their name a few times within your conversation is enough.

Ask And You Shall Be Given: This is an extremely advanced technique but done right is really effective and has the ability to make your prospective date think you were made for them. The trick here is to let them know that you see something in them that no one else does. To do that you have to guess how they see themselves inside. This is generally the opposite to how everyone else perceives them. As I said this really is an advanced technique and one that should only be used if your confidence is high as it can lead to some serious rejection if you get it wrong. Do it right and they will be eating out of your hand, literally -))

Lead Don’t Follow: At a party be the person that always thinks of the new game to play. People notice leaders and people who can take charge in a social setting. Your confidence will show through and confidence is attractive to many people as we’ve discussed before.

Head to Toe: Whether your prospective date is walking towards you or standing across the room, if you want them to be in no mistake that you think they look great give them an all over look, from head to toe before flashing them a great smile.

Over My Shoulder: Another great move is the over the shoulder look. If your prospective date is stood behind you, glance over your shoulder and smile at them. This is a bold and unmistakable move that is a sure signal that you are interested in getting to know them better.

W.O.O or Wink Only Once: Winking once and only once is a cute way of showing that your interested in someone and the chances are you’ll send the person nuts because they will be wondering if you really did wink or not. Winking more than once gives the game away and you run the risk of looking like you have something stuck in your eye too boot.

Use Props: Props are simply interesting items that you carry with you and are great for starting conversations. Don;t leave home without your funny tee-shirt, a magazine, a great hat or anything else you can think of that might help you strike up that all important conversation with someone.

It takes time to learn the above skills and I’m sure there are many more out there that others use. The above have all been tried and tested by me as I like to research my articles thoroughly and I’m basically an incurable flirt.

Now get out of that chair and go and do something more with the above because you never know where they might lead until you try!

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