Top Tens: Things You Should Know About Breast Stimulation!

breast simulation1. As fascinated as men seem to be with the female breasts, we generally tend to spend relatively little time stimulating them during our lovemaking. The average guy spends only 2-3 minutes per breast during a whole sexual encounter. If your lady responds positively to breast stimulation, then try spending at least 20 minutes or more on her breasts before you move on to her vulva. She may love you for it.

2. Remember to stimulate the entire breast, not just the nipple area.

3. Remember that she has two breasts. Don’t just focus on one.

4. Sometimes one breast or one nipple is more sensitive than the other. See if this holds true for your lady.

5. Unless she specifically requests otherwise, please be very gentle with her nipples.

6. Just because her nipples get hard, don’t assume that she is enjoying what you are doing. Nipples can become erect from unpleasant stimulation as well as good stimulation, so be sure to ask your lady if what you are doing is working for her.

7. Many studies have proven that breast stimulation generally stimulates the men more than the women.

8. According to one study, only about 50% of women actually enjoy breast stimulation. The rest of the women tolerate it because their partners don’t know they don’t like it. Your best bet is to communicate with your lady to see what she likes.

9. Did you know that a lot of women have gone to the doctor because of lumps their sex partner discovered while playing with their breasts? It’s true, so be sure to pay attention while fondling your lady’s breasts. Look for bumps, knots, or irregularities.

10. Sometimes men get so excited to be playing with a pair of breasts that they forget there is a woman attached to them. Play gently and don’t forget to pay attention to HER as well as her breasts

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