Top Ten: Things You Should Know About Taking Erotic Photographs

Taking Erotic Photos1: Use a camera you are familiar with! You don’t need fancy equipment to take good photos. A willingness to play is more important here than the equipment, especially if this is something only you and your partner are going to share.

2: Use a digital or Polaroid camera if privacy is a concern. Taking you naughty photos to be developed at your local Walmart is generally not a good idea, the chances are that the photos will be confiscated as obscene and worse still passed around. Digital photos allow you to only share with those who you and your partner want too.

3: Consider a Model Release form. Okay so it might not sound like the sexiest thing in the world but neither is being sued by your former partner because they no longer want their photo’s on line. Taking the time to prepare a simple contract can save a lot of possible headaches in the future.

4: Plan ahead, and plan together. Half the fun of doing something is the planning right? So why should a photo shoot be any different? Take some time looking through erotic books together, ask each other about the best poses, share ideas for clothing and props you might want to use.

5: Setting the mood. Lighting is an important part of any photo, spend some time exploring different forms of lightning to obtain different moods for your photos. Lighted candles will give a different feel to spot lights for example.

6: Keep It Simple Stupid. A good tip is start out simply, you may have developed a bunch of ideas and scenarios while you were planning the shoot, stick to one if at all possible. Lay out the props you will need before hand and explore the scenario you have created before moving onto others.

7: Location, location, location! Think about the best place to take photo’s before you start shooting. The location should be somewhere private. No one wants to be disturbed while they are trying to be sexy. While the bedroom is the obvious place to start, try exploring other areas, like the bathroom and kitchen, even the staircase can offer possibilities for a different shot.

8: Don’t be afraid to move. It’s okay for the model/s to move during a photo shoot. Experiment with different poses, try sitting, lying, standing and moving in order to create different images. The photographer should move around as well, different angles can make for some interesting shots.

9: Talk about it. After you have finished playing, take time to look at the images, discard those you or your partner doesn’t like, discuss what worked for you both and what didn’t, make notes for the future and apply them to the next time.

10: Have Fun! There really are no right or wrong ways to take an erotic picture. The more fun you have, the more it is likely to show through on the final pictures. Keep it simple, have fun and enjoy the experience.