Sex Toy Review: The Gel Soft Anal Luv Beads

Anal Beads Sex Toy ReiewFirst Impressions

My name is Jenne and I’m a self confessed anal sex toy virgin, or at least I was until I received my soft gel anal luv beads in the mail, courtesy of Edenfanatasies.Com. I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to play with anal toys, as I’m no stranger to anal itself, but either way the soft gel anal beads seemed like a good starting point.

When the anal beads arrived, it wasn’t long before the packaging was opened and I began to explore. The beads themselves are made from soft gel, although I think they feel more like a softer plastic. They come in the shape of hearts and are graduated and fixed liked a string of pearls. The thing I really did like was the handle on the end of the string of beads, it’s flared and substantial, something that is important when it comes to any type of anal play. Neither my butt nor yours was designed to have things placed in it. That doesn’t mean we can’t do that; it just means that we have to exercise common sense whenever our butts and toys are concerned.

One other thing I needed before I could begin playing was my trusty lube, another important aspect of butt play. As these Luv beads are plastic/jelly, I was safe to use an oil- based or even a silicone lube. I’ve recently become a fan of the oil based lube from the company Yes, and decided this would be perfect as it stays liquid for a long time but is also organic and good for my skin. This would not have been an option had this toy been silicone as oil lube and silicone toys make for one sticky mess when they meet. I love this lube as it stays slick for a lot longer than any water based lube I’ve encountered, and it is good for both my butt and the planet, so it’s win – win for everyone.

Solo Test.
These Luv beads measure in at 11” with around 9” of that length being insertable. I began playing with a liberal dose of Yes lube applied to both my butt and the anal beads themselves because, after all, when it comes to anal play you can never use enough lube. After this, I began to feed the smallest bead, which is approximatly 1/2” in diamater, into the appropriate enclosure; this took a little time and effort but was in no way unpleasant as it slipped into position. I gently fed the next bead into place; this one was about an 1/8” bigger than the first, and I worked my way gently until all 6 beads were inserted. The largest bead is approximatly 1” in diamater and it felt really good as it disappeared-)) Now the real fun could begin!

The best sensation I achieved was when I played with the positioning of the beads by pulling them in and placing them back into place. The pleasure I received was amazing! I decided I wanted a little more stimulation, as in my clit needed some attention, and I took my Jimmy Jane Form 2 vibrator and applied it to my clit with one hand. All I can say is, wow! The sensation of a full butt and a vibrating clit was basically out of this world. The orgasm left me wondering why I had waited so long to explore anal sex toy play!

Partner Play
When it comes to anal play, Hubby is not the greatest fan, but this was a way we could play anally without the mess. He loves these beads when he uses them on me, but he loves the pleasure they give me even more. I love the fact that when he is in the driver’s seat, or in this case back seat, I have both my hands free to play elsewhere, either with him of myself and sometimes both. In all, the Luv beads have been a hit in our bedroom, whether I’m playing partnered or flying solo.

What’s it all add up to?
As a beginner in the anal play division, I have to say I love these Luv beads. For the money, just under $10, I’ve had a lot of fun from them, and they were a great way to explore this area without having to spend a pile of cash.

I do considered these a personal toy and for one person play, mainly because of their shape. The hearts make it virtually impossible to use a condom in conjunction with them and, as a consequence of that and where they are going, I would never use them on someone else. This is definitely a toy you should keep to yourself.

I do love these luv beads and have no hesitation in recommending them, especially if, like me, you are a beginner. I would suggest that you do some research into jelly toys and how best to look after them, as jelly does not generally play well with others in toy boxes and should be stored separately. The material does break down more easily that others that are out there, but for me, the drawbacks are outweighed by the pleasure I have received for very little outlay.

You can purchase the JelSoft Anal LuvBeads by either clicking on the image above or HERE.

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