Review: Uberlube Luxury Silicone Lube

Uberlube Personal LubricantReviewed By: Jenne

First impressions:
I recently decided to go off in search of the perfect lube. I’m  at a time in my life where well to be honest, lube is often a necessity as opposed to a luxury. That said I know from previous encounters of the lubricant kind that not all lubes are created equal, some are water based, other silicone or oil based and more recently there are the hybrid types, that fit neither category so just get lumped as hybrids.

For this particular quest, I decided to find a silicone lube and I came across the ultra stylish looking Uberlube on their website. This lube is advertised as much more than a silicone based lube and intrigued me as I read the list of things that the makers claimed Uberlube could be used for other than well what you generally think of when you think sexual lubricant. Amongst these claims were:

  • Athletes use Uberlube to prevent chaffing when running, swimming or biking

  • Top salons use their product to eliminate frizz, smooth and finish clients hair

  • That Uberlube is not just another lube, but one that has the capacity to love your entire body.

When my bottle of Uberlube arrived the first thing that I loved was it’s design. A borosilicate glass bottle was what this liquid arrived in and I loved it. Finally there was a lube packaged in a way that I could put on my night stand and not have anyone really question what it was or what it was for.  I love packaging that says quality from the get go, especially when it comes to my lubes and far too often manufacturers seem to forget that it’s details that can make or break a product, but I digress.

Uberlube contains just four ingredients:
Dimethicone, dimethiconal, cyclomethicone, tocopheryl Acetate(vitiam E)

So I never majored in chemistry but a quick Google search reveals that Dimethicone and dimethiconal are an anti foaming agent; skin-conditioning agent – Emollient; moisturizing properties. cyclomethicone is an antistatic, emollient, hair conditioning, humectant, solvent that controls viscosity. While tocopheryl Acetate is in fact a solvent that contains acetic acid and tocopherol which is an antioxidant with skin conditioning properties.

Whew I feel like a learned a lot there, and while many of the purists out there would say that any chemical near their nether regions is  bad, I have to say that I can live with all of these. I’ll let you make up your own mind on this one as some are more comfortable with these ingredients than others.

I love the glass bottle this lube comes in, not only does it say quality to me, it also makes it easy to dispense. Anyone who uses lube on a regular basis knows that the one thing wrong with a lube in a  tube is you can offer encounter the toothpaste effect, and always at the most crucial moments. If your not sure what the toothpaste effect is it’s a two fold annoyance. As you get to the end of a tube of lube, you often have to squeeze seriously hard to get the last of the lube out, sometimes it feels that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would struggle to get that last part out. The other thing with many lubes and toothpaste often has in common, is that after being in use for a while they have a tendency to get a gummy texture, not unlike that of toothpaste and that for me is not pleasant, I hoped that this lube would not suffer from wither of these toothpaste effects as I set about testing it.

Solo Test:
One of the things I was told when I first inquired about Uberlube, was that it was best to start with a small amount and that’s exactly what I did. Just one depression from the bottle was all I applied as I began to masturbate. I quickly discovered this was all I needed! Unlike water based lubes as a silicone lube Urberlube is ultra slippery but unlike many water based lubes it doesn’t go gummy in texture, and it also doesn’t require me to keep a spray bottle of water next to my bed in order to reactivate it. I found that once I stopped moving the lube around it would simply dissolve and in the process leave me feeling smooth, a feeling that as I have continued to use Uberlube I have really begun to like. The one thing that I dislike about Uberlube is that because it is silicone based I cannot use it with my silicone toys, and if you’ve been following my reviews you will know by now that In love my silicone toys.

That said Uberlube is latex safe, so no problems if you are using condoms on either your toys or your partner. This is one way that allows you to use silicone toys with silicone lube as long as your condom will stay in place during play.

The consistency of Uberlube is strangely hard to describe. It’s not a thick, gooey lube, instead it sits on top of the skin and everything just glides. The closest I can come to a description is when you are on a pair of skates and you simply glide across the ice. You can’t feel the blades of the skates and you can’t actually feel the Uberlube itself, it’s just there and I like quickly discovered that I liked that feeling. It just makes everything glide and gliding feels good to this lady!

Partner Play:
For me this is where Uberlube really shines above the rest. Hubby and I had been using a water based lube until I suggested we try a silicone based lube, which is where Uberlube came into play. We both love the easy dispensing the stylish bottle affords and as we found that we need very little lube compared to its water based counterparts. One other big difference between water and silicone lubes is that silicone lubes can be used underwater, if you want to add an extra dimension to your horizontal tango and take it to the tub, spa or pool. The one place I strongly recommend you do not use silicone lube is in the shower. The reason for this being that silicone lube is seriously slippery and even a small drop on the floor can make for a very slippery shower floor and that can spell disaster. In the name of research Hubby and I have tested out Uberlube all over the house and are happy to report that in each situation we were more than happy with the results!

On the down side, I can’t recommend Uberlube for oral play. Simply put, it tastes nasty and not something I want anywhere near my mouth to be honest. You may have a different experience but my taste buds simply refused to like Uberlube.

What’s It All Add Up To?
Having a silicone lube that Hubby and I have added to the arsenal is a great thing in our book and there are several reasons for this. We can now add water play into our play time and not have to get out of the tub or hot tub as the Uberlube continues to allow us to keep playing. The one thing that I dislike about silicone lubes is that I can’t use my silicone toys with them , but for other types of masturbation Uberlube is currently my go to lube.

In case your wondering about Uberlube’s other claims of reducing chaffing for runners, I gave a good friend of mine who was practicing for his second marathon run of the season the bottle to try as he was complaining about his nipples, and they did look sore!  (I said he was a good friend okay!)  After several grueling training days he came over with my bottle of Uberlube in hand and asked me if he really had to give it back!  Apparently he loves the stuff as much as I do. I should have asked him if he had used it for purposes other than his sore nipples, but I forgot durggg.

I can also tell you that this chick has some of the frizziest hair known to man or women and I decided one evening to try out the other claim for Uberlube. I treated one side of my head to uberlube and the other side I left au natural and Uberlube really does tame down the frizz and smooth or soothe the savage beast that is known as my freshly washed hair.

If like us you were looking for a silicone lube that is as stylish on the bedside table, as it is practical in the bedroom and many other places, the fact that Uberlube is made and manufactured in the USA is also a plus for me. Both Hubby and I enjoy this lube and the feeling that it gives while we are doing the horizontal tango and we think you will too!

You can find out more about Uberlube Here.


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