Review: Triple Stimulator

Triple Stimulator Sex Toy Review

Triple Stimulator

First Impressions:
I love trying new toys as should be evident to anyone who has visited Clitical.Com over the past few years. I especially enjoy reviewing toys with a duel purpose; this toy promised me a triple purpose, an opportunity too good to miss! So I tore open the package when it arrived and was a little taken aback by what I found inside. I can forgive pink toys, it’s not a color that inspires me to have sex but I can forgive it. I can’t say this toy really got my juices running at first sight though and I can only imagine what a beginner to sex toys would think on opening the very pink box that the triple stimulator comes in. Inside is a pink, vinyl rubber contraption as my Hubby referred to it when he first saw it. It could almost pass for a very modern candle stick at first sight. The anal probe is attached to the cock ring, which in turn is attached to another ring that holds the silver bullet that is inserted and stimulates the clitoris making for what looked like a rather exciting threesome without the need for another partner. One feature that immediately peeked my interest was the flexible ribbing system that runs the length of the anal probe, making it easy to bend into any position while keeping the shaft itself solid. Now of course we were trying to give this configuration a try so we grabbed some water based lube and headed for the bedroom, like all good researchers.

Partner Play:
On the face of it this looked easy to master, but like so many things that should be easy we soon discovered that achieving a three way with this toy was going to be harder done than said. Our problems began with the cock ring. Hubby is uncut and this can and often does make it difficult for him to wear cock rings and extenders. He can generally get them on but keeping them on and in place can be a whole other ball game. With the triple stimulator it was getting it on that proved to be the biggest problem. There just wasn’t enough stretchiness in the rubber and pull and tug as we might and no matter how much lube we put on we still struggled. Eventually after stretching the ring for a good half an hour, like you would a balloon before blowing up we got over the first road block. Then we came to our next obstacle positioning. Hubby lay on his back and waited patiently as I tried to get things in the right order so to speak. The anal probe was a pain in the arse and that pun is intended. The probe is a little longer than Hubby so I wanted to get that in the right place because Hubby is a little more flexible. Despite a ton of lube, this wasn’t going to work, so we gave up, in part because Hubby was getting sore. We did make use of the toy though as we used the silver bullet while doing the horizontal tango. We have tried using the triple stimulator on two other occasions since, once doggy style and once spooning, neither of which were a great success either. There is so much going on and so many items that need to be in specific position that we basically gave up each time. On the plus side we were really wet with all the lube required to even get the cock ring on and stand a chance with the anal probe. We have used the silver bullet and the anal probe separately since and I have to say the anal probe’s design is great but when coupled together with the rest of the toy, it just didn’t work for us.

What’s It All Add Up To?
For us this toy just didn’t work when it was a whole unit. It was just too cumbersome and time consuming and took away from the joy of sex rather than enhancing it. I think most men would have refused to try again and I can only imagine what a beginning couple would make of this. Like many ideas in the sex toy world at the moment, the idea may have seemed sound in as an idea but for us, at least, the execution was a let down. This was definitely a flop for us but on the plus side, we have a new silver bullet and the anal probe as I said before works well as an independent unit. Cleanup is fairly easy which is always a plus but it’s also worth mentioning that you must use a water based lube and store this away from other toys as rubber vinyl has a nasty habit of melting into other materials. For us this was defiantly not worth the money and there are far better toys on the market.