Review: The Fleshlight

fleshlight Male Masturbator ReviewReviewed By: Nat
First Impressions

EverReady may have invented the flashlight but I was hoping it’s newest incarnation, the Fleshlight would be just as illuminating when it arrived. Having heard mixed reviews of this sex toy for guys I was ready, willing and eager to give it a go when it arrived on my doorstep.

The first thing that threw me a little was the size of fleshlight, I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting but at first glance this seemed rather large for the less well endowed guy like ummm, well, me. Okay so you should never judge a book by it’s cover and as I unscrewed the cap I soon discovered the same was true of the fleshlight. Inside was an insert of cyberskin and it soon became obvious that this could accommodate most men from the smallest to the largest. A word of warning here though, read the instructions and please, please before you stick anything other than you’re finger in the cyberskin insert remove the packaging pipe that is nestled in the hole within the insert.

The instruction were clear and precise and included in the package was a small sample of lube so basically there was nothing stopping me testing my new tool. Of course before I could do that I decided to explore the insert that to some degree resembled a vagina, a shaven one at that. Cyberskin has a completely realistic feel as well and before long, I’d basically disassemble the insert, which was simply a case of pulling out which int turn revealed the secret to how it actually stayed stuck in the sleeve. Fins! I also discovered that I could unscrew both ends of the fleshlight, which peeked my interest.

The insert itself was simple to pop back into the sleeve and I was soon ready to take this for it’s first test drive.

I quickly discovered that being hard was important when starting with this toy, and after some on line viewing this was easily achieved. When I first picked up the fleshlight I thought the fact that it was so heavy would be a disadvantage but nothing could of been further than the truth. it wasn’t long before I discovered what the advantage of being able to screw off the end cap, by simply doing just that, it was easy to adjust the amount of suction that was applied to my vital parts. Oh yeah now this was proving to be a good ride.

The cyberskin was incredibly realistic and the fact that it was enclosed somehow added to the sensations and ultimately my pleasure. The only thing that may have added to the experience would have been if the inside of the insert had been textured as opposed to smooth, this to me would have put the icing on the cake. Even so this one of the most pleasurable male toys I’ve ever used. Fleshlight male sleeve review

The only really minus I found here was the cleanup which was not as easy as I imagined it would be due to the basic design. It took some engineering to get it right but once I’d got the hang of it wasn’t so much of a chore. I like to use the special cyberskin cleaner I purchased sometime ago as I find it’s more effective than simple water.

What’s it all add up to?
I’m not unfamiliar with cyberskin and own a few others, but I have to say this was by far the best I’ve tried of all my guy toys. I liked the fact that this was a one off cost and required no batteries, so as soon as it arrived it was ready to go.

After I’d played with it a few times, and discovered the right amount of suction that worked for me this was wonderful. This to me was the king of boy toys. At a quick glance it would be easy to fool someone into thinking this actually was a flashlight, as long as they didn’t look to closely, which makes it good for those covert operations that we guys sometimes have to carry out. If it had been a litte smaller in size it would have also made a great travel companion, although it;s not so big it won’t fit in your suitcase and best of all it won;t set any metal detectors off at the airport, which is always a plus.

I recently discovered that the company that produces this awesome toy, now makes insets that are textured inside and for me, that additional texture would make a pretty realistic feeling toy, even better, so I may have to get one of those soon.

All in all, I was impressed with Fleshlight and it gets a hearty thumbs and everything else up from me.

You can purchase the Fleshlight HERE or by clicking on any of the images above.

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