Review: Smokin’ Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women

Smokin' Hot Firemen Erotic ReviewOccasionally I find a hot fireman or maybe two sneaking into my fantasies, so I was happy to read and review this anthology of short stories dedicated to these hero’s.

Smokin’ Hot Fireman contains seventeen stories of heroics, handsome firemen, and various scenarios. Like most anthologies there are stories that hit the right note with me and had me squirming in my chair, contemplating whether I should burn my own house down, while others ensured that my house would survive for at least another few pages .

Many of the stories followed a more romantic style, but no matter what style they may have started in, they all ended up with a heated exchange of bodily fluids as emotions came to a boil. Whilst the romantic situations are not my personal preference, they are very well written and the stories will likely capture your imagination. After all for many women, Firemen are the perfect hero, running into danger, when the rest of us, are well, running in the other direction.

Over the 215 pages that I read, there were, as I said, a couple of the stories that really appealed to me, the first of these was, ‘Lost and Found’ written by Nanette Guadiano. I could seriously identify with her characters and found myself swept along in the drama, romance, and pictures that she created in my mind. It could have been the age of the character that drew me to her, but I think it was more that like many woman, I have always felt there was more out there for me. I’ve often dreamed of throwing caution to the wind, and simply disappearing to another country, and this is what Anna does. Nanette skilfully takes us on Anna’s journey of self discovery in a few short pages, and all good stories do, she gets her hero in the end, but with a twist attached of course.

The other story that I adored was, ‘Temperature Rising’ written by Cathryn Fox. This was a story that again I could personally relate to but more than that the writing was amazing. Just the right amount of excitement at the right time, was for me, a recipe for needing some relief from the heat. I was the twist coming at the need right from the start, but it didn’t matter, as I found myself wrapped up in the passion, desire and needs of these characters.

I’ve actually found myself going back to these two stories a couple of times when I’ve found myself needing some more fuel to reheat my own fire, and I’m happy to report that no matter how many times I have read them, they still rekindle my desires.

One of the things I seriously love about anthologies is that they generally offer something for everyone no matter what your personal taste in erotica. The one thing I really liked about Smokin’ Hot Firemen is that the editor Delilah Devlin, has managed to pace the book as a whole wonderfully. The stories start more romantically, then heat up as the book progresses. Towards the end we again see more romantic stories and that to me it felt almost like a mirror image of not only the fire or situation a hero or victim might find themselves in, but also of most women’s libidos.

Whether Firemen are your thing or not, you are sure to find a few stories that will kindle your interests and desires. Who know you might even find a fireman or two creeping more often into your fantasies, I know I did!

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