Review: Slippery Stuff Waterbased Personal Lube

Slippery personal Lube ReviewSlippery stuff is a water-based lubricant that comes in two varieties: original liquid and newer gel formula. It’s interesting to note, Slippery Stuff was developed by a per looking for an easier way to get in and out of his wetsuits.

Deionized water
Sodium carboner

Packaging and Appearance:
Slippery Stuff comes in a huge variety of size of containers, including a gallon dispenser. Yes, I said a gallon! They have also released it in a new bottle that glows in the dark. (I hasten to add here that it is only the bottle and not the lube that glows -)) I don’t think even I could stomach glow in the dark lube – LOL.

The original formula has a red label while the gel is labeled with blue. The labels are clear and list ingredients clearly.

Texture and Smoothness:
As with many other lubricants this is translucent when poured or in the case of the gel formula squeezed from the bottle. I preferred the gel formula as it has a richer texture than the original. It actually holds it’s shape when poured onto a saucer, but as soon as it was between my fingers, the texture became more watery. It did suffer a little from the mozzarella cheese stringiness that many lubes do, but unlike many others the spiders it created where almost magically pulled back into the main body of the lube, making it a lot less messy.

Taste & Smell Test:
Slippery Stuff had no taste or smell to it, which is a plus if you enjoy oral as part of foreplay.

Stain Test:
Passed with flying colors. No stain after rubbing in and laundering on satin or cotton.

Solo Flight Test:
I actually liked Slippery Stuff when it came to toy play. As with all water-based lubes it was safe to use on all my toys and it did feel good. My main complaint was that it didn’t last as long as some of the lubes I’ve used in the past. It lasted longer when I played with my glass toys than with any other type of material, but that I suspect was in part due to the fact that glass is non-porous. On the plus side it wasn’t sticky, instead it seemed to just evaporate when I applied friction, the exception to that was surprisingly when I played with some anal toys.

When I let my fingers do the walking though I found that Slippery Stuff was a different animal. It had a light texture, which allowed me to still feel what I was doing. As long as I used a light stroke the lube lasted well and was just enough to make things nice without being to slippery.

Dual Flight Test:
I had high hopes for Slippery Stuff when it came to partner play, but was ultimately disappointed when it came to giving Hubby a hand job as foreplay. The gel just didn’t last long enough and I ended up having to keep pouting it on as it was absorbed pretty quickly. Like Oliver, he kept asking for more to keep that slippery feeling that makes hand jobs so enjoyable.

We encountered the same problem when it came to getting more intimate. It was slippery to begin with, but soon we needed more, which didn’t make it especially compatible with longer bouts of lovemaking.

Anal was where Slippery Stuff came into it’s own. Unlike with vaginal play it lasted well and we both agreed it was one of the best we had come across for this type of play. It wasn’t messy by any means, just pleasant, and it provided just enough lubrication so that things were comfortable without getting too slippery.

Slippery stuff proved to be something of a mixed bag for us. When it came to any type of play that involved a lot of friction, this was just too easily absorbed and having to keep applying it was a major pain, as it stopped the flow of things.

Clean up was easy. To be honest, there wasn’t anything more than a quick wipe needed since most of it had already disappeared. So while Slippery Stuff was not our favorite lube, it still features in our solo and anal play since these were the two areas that this lube excelled in.

You can purchase Slippery Stuff by clicking HERE or on the image above.

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