Review: My Little Heaven G-Spot Stimulator

my little heaven silicone g-spot stimulator reviewReviewed By: Jenne

First Impressions:
I’m not always sure as to what exactly is going to turn up in my mail box and from time to time, I will open a package to find a real surprise inside. So when I opened a box that contained a toy called, My little heaven, I had to take a peek. My Little Heaven as it turned out is a G-Spot stimulator and one that was a shape unlike any g-spot toy I had encountered before.  The toy itself is a dildo, which for some reason was a relief for me, I think I’m just tired of vibrators at the moment and needed something a little different and I’m glad to say this was. My Little Heaven, is made of a high quality silicone, and like all my silicone toys, it was quickly given the cat hair test, which it passed with flying colors. For those that are not aware of the cat hair test, let me explain. I have two cats in the house and there are many toys where that can quickly become a problem, as the cat hairs will stick to my toy, and no matter how many times I wash it I find it back again.

People always tell me the devil is in the details, so lets get down to some details. This toy measures in at:  around 7″ long of which around 5″ is insertable, At it’s widest point it is around 3.25. Of course because of the shape of this toy, the widest point on this toy is not what you are going to start with.  So I grabbed my new favorite lube, Spunk Hybrid (review coming real soon) and headed to the bedroom.

Solo Test:
It wasn’t long before the pillows were fluffed and ample dollops of lube had been applied to both myself and My Little Heaven, and then the fun really began. I’m no stranger to g-spot play, and I know where and how to find it, but if you’ve ever tried to find it with your fingers when solo, you will know it’s not easy to locate or even reach. My little heaven eradicated all of those problems for me, and it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar need to pee. I know this is a natural reaction my body has when I play with my g-spot and will subside after a few minutes of playing.  After that it was just a case of moving my little heaven, over the right area and waiting for the fireworks to start.

I love the fact that my little heaven has a neat little handle, this allowed me to use the toy one handed and allow the other hand to give my clitoris and in turn my orgasms a helping hand so to speak.  I was genuinely surprised at the intensity of the orgasms that this little unassuming toy can produce repeatedly from within me.  By adding in some clitoral play, blended orgasms were served often! If you’ve never experienced a blended orgasm, then this toy can give you a serious helping hand. In part because of it’s shape I can see this working for many women, the design allows you to turn it within yourself and reach different parts of your vaginal wall easily.

Cleaning this toy is a breeze, like most silicone toys it requires little more than a simple wash with some anti bacterial soap and being left to air dry.

Partner Test:
While this is a toy I generally use solo nowadays, Hubby and I have in the name of good research put it through it’s paces together. Like me hubby loves the handle and the ease of this toy, he also enjoys knowing that he can produce seriously deep orgasms within me, without wearing out his fingers. We found the key to g-spot play in general but especially when using this toy is communication. By instructing him when it felt really good, he was able to take me some serious high points when it came to orgasm. Another plus with this toy was because it does not buzz he can give me a little oral if he so desires.  This is a toy we still play with together occasionally.

What’s It All Add Up To?
I have to admit I am still a little surprised by how much I have come to love this little gem. It really lived up to it’s name and is still amazing me with the orgasms that it has continued to create. Not having to buy batteries, recharge and do anything but clean it between uses is a major plus for me. If you are looking for a g-spot toy at a very, very reasonable price for a silicone toy then this could very well be the one for you.  Unlike some of my other more expensive g-spot toys this one just keeps on producing my own little piece of heaven.

You can purchase your own My Little Heaven G-Spot Stimulator by clicking HERE!

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