Review: LuvMyBox

Luvmybox reviewBoxes: Everyone loves boxes… Kids at Christmas, Moms as they answer to the door to the UPS man, guys who open the pizza box. We all love boxes and I’m not different. So when I heard about a company that was producing boxes designed with a pair of consenting adults in mind, you have to know I got excited.

I was even more excited when my box arrived. I came home to find MY box on the doorstep, and I seriously felt like a kid at Christmas time once more. I had no idea what was in the box, but I was dying to find out. This box was not just for me though, this box was for Hubby as well, and I wanted to wait to open the box, so he could share my excitement. Every time I caught a glimpse of the box, I got excited, thinking about the possibilities of what might be in the box.

Boxes with stuff in them, especially adult stuff are more contagious than a case of measles and it wasn’t long before Hubby and I began to explore. Inside the box, we found some elegantly wrapped products as well as a very elegant so not disturb sign with instructions and ideas on how to use what was in the box. The box contained, 1 package of wet together lubricant, Ring O cock ring, Frisk Sugar free mints, some good head and who doesn’t enjoy getting good head even if it comes in a box, a pair of oral sex dice, and last but by no means least a pair of Swipes Lovin’ wipes. I would say that was enough of a reason for a good night in, in fact probably more than a couple of good nights.

Hubby and I decided on a date night, and sent the kids packing so we could explore our box on a more intimate level. We had lots of fun playing with the oral dice, and you know sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best. The oral dice come as a pair and each dice has various nouns and verbs on each side. Take it in turns to throw the dice and you have a recipe for some serious fun. We found ourselves, licking privates, ears and other parts of each other body and as part of the fun, we incorporated the good head gel and fresh mints. The mints maybe tiny but they pack a lot of punch in the taste and tingle departments when applied to various areas of the body via the mouth or tongue. Hubby enjoyed the good head gel and I also enjoyed the taste, and it wasn’t long before we delved into the Wet lubricants that are designed to be used on each partner. They made for a very different sensation as we did the horizontal tango and as we lay back and basked in our orgasms, we both agreed that it had been fun to try something different.

The item that we have yet to try that was included in our luv box was the screaming oh cock ring. The reason for not trying this out is we know from past experiences that Hubby does not respond well to cock rings. Being uncut can make using them fun, as they invariably end up leapfrogging off his giggle stick and landing on the floor, but that wasn’t the kind of fun we were looking for.

What’s it all add up to?
Hubby and I both agree that the Luv Box has made for some fun evenings, and even pushed us into areas that we probably wouldn’t have explored before. I love the concept of LuvMyBox as well. The idea of having one of these boxes turn up on my doorstep each month, is almost as exciting as actually having it turn up. It certainly added some spice to our love life and as they say; variety is the spice of life.

If you would like a box of your own to love each month, be sure to wander over to LuvMyBox.Com

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