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What do shopping and The Big Book of Orgasms have in common?

At first glance you might think not too much, and you could be right but after a recent trip to a big box store, I found myself retreating to my local coffee store and escaping the mayhem whilst reading the Big Book of Orgasms. Let me explain a little more of my thoughts here. So if you are sitting comfortably.

The Big Book of Orgasms, is an anthology based around orgasms, 69 of them to be precise. A big box store or local Mall is based around the same idea, bring in a bunch of items, stores, and there is a little of something to delight everyone. Both are designed to elicit pleasure, and both cater to the consumer, whether they be a shopper or reader. Personally I find more pleasure in reading erotica than I do in shopping, but both can offer me an escape from the hum drum days of life. I can pick and choose from various stories or goods, depending on my needs or wants right then and there and I can spend as little or as much time exploring the stores or short stories depending again very much on my mood.

The one way that these two things differ is when it comes to content, and often quality of that content. A big box store is full of cheaper priced items, that are not always of the highest quality, while the local Mall might be a little more expensive and exclusive. The great thing about The Big Book of Orgasms is that all the stories are quality and when you buy one you buy the other 68 stories and to my money conscious mind that constitutes a bargain.

Just as with any decent store you will discover a myriad of stories, within the book and they cater to a wide variety of tastes and sexual orientations. Some more obvious than others, but the one thing that resonates throughout the whole book is quality writing. There were some stories that did nothing for me, if the truth be told, but there was plenty that made me want more of the same and I’m happy to say I found plenty of those and some where complete surprises.

My absolute favorite of all the sixty nine stories was one entitled: Remote Control, written by Logan Zachary. If you’ve ever watched movies such as Click or What women want, the chances are this story will resonate with you as well. When Simon brings home the Ultimate remote control for his wife’s birthday present, they get more than they both expect. They end up experiencing sex as the opposite sex and this beautifully written piece has me thinking of it every time I pick up my own remote control now.

Whilst Remote Control was my favorite of all the stories, it was by no means the only one I enjoyed. I mean how could you not enjoy a piece like this one from Icing on the Cake by Lula Libson:

“ My heart sank. I wanted to call her and immediately confess, but I already knew what her orders would be. Filled with guilt, I dipped my fingers in, a kid stealing a taste from the mixing bowl, once, twice, again, until it was all gone. It was salty and a little bitter but at her insistence I’d developed a taste for it.”

I loved the imagery within that one passage, I love the feeling of naughty and make no mistake there is a lot of naughty in these 351 pages, mixed in with a pinch of nice and a dash of sweetness in many of the stories. No matter what story you choose there is something for everyone here and I have to congratulate editor Rachel Kramer Bussel on her wonderful editing her. She is like the personal shopper of erotic writing. Instead of having to spend hours perusing the aisles of your local Barnes and Noble, she picks the best, adds a theme and voila a happy erotic reader she makes of us all.

Shopping and orgasms are both pleasurable experiences, and if you are looking for a book that will make you happy, satisfy you deepest darkest desire, and fulfill your lust filled fantasies, I suggest you add The Big Book Of Orgasms to your shopping/reading list right now!

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

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