Review: Best Women’s Erotica 2014 Edited by: Violet Blue

Best erotica 2014 book reviewThis is the first anthology of Violet Blue’s that I had read but I’m by no means unfamiliar with her amazing sex positive work. So I settled down one cold Winters evening and dived right into the seventeen stories that these 195 pages contained.

The book begins with a story by Oleander Plume entitled, Out In the Open. This was a story that was close to my heart. I mean as a writer I could identify immediately with the main character who loves to spend her days in coffee shops dreaming about what the cafe’s other patrons do either in the bedroom in the comfort of their own bedrooms, or at the very least behind closed doors. The story takes you on n erotic journey via the cafe’s patrons as well as the writers very sexy and active imagination and kept me interested from start to finish, which is always a good thing in my book.

Another of my favorite stories was Her Forest, Her Rules by Laila Blake. Often when I’m reading anthologies I’m guided to stories that I may like by the title, and in this case, being honest the title does not do this story justice, but here that proved to be a good thing and made for a pleasant surprise. This short story, is sexy, different and full of surprises just the way I like my erotica. The author managed to fuel my imagination as well as cause my thighs to become a little moister as I read.

Reality TV by Alyssa Turner, managed to tap into a particular fantasy of my own beautifully and add some twists that I had never thought of before into the story. I loved the speed of this story, that proves why you should put down the TV remote and pick up the binoculars instead. This story has featured more than a few times in my own masturbation sessions since I first read it.

Of all the stories this book contains though my absolute favorite is one that is simply entitled, The Cake. Written by Ingrid Luna, this story had the effect that made me want to bake a cake and surprise the Hubby before I had finished reading the entire thing. As someone who reads a lot of erotica this is a rare thing indeed! Here’s a really quick glimpse into this story: “That’s a good boy. Eat your cake. Eat it. I want to be cleaner than clean when you’re done. If I find even a trace of icing down there I’m going to punish you!” The real mastery in this story is the tense lead up to the actual action.

This book truly does represent some of the best erotica for women that is out there at the moment. Of course like all anthologies there are some stories that appeal to me personally more than others, but there is no denying the writing in all the stories is strong, the plots complete and well thought out, something I always appreciate as a reader and something that Clies editors are exceptionally good at finding in writers both old and new.

Whether you are a connoisseur of erotica or a newcomer to the art of the written turn on you are sure to find something to please within these pages.

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