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Eupho SynReviewed By: Jenne and Partner

I know, I know, I’m female, so how on earth can I review a prostate massager? Easily actually, when you have a willing lab rat who happens to be the right species to have a prostate, aka my Hubby. We recently discovered the pleasure that the prostate gland can give my Hubby and have been playing with and exploring this little known recess of pleasure for quite some time now. Like a lot of anal play, if your partner is using their fingers it can get tiring, so we decided to take this to the next level and grab a toy to help revive my fingers, after all I need my fingers in order to type this review!

First impressions:
So in my mailbox I was delighted to find the Eupho Syn by Aneros, a company that is hailed as the leader when it comes to male pleasure toys and especially toys for prostate play. My first thoughts when I opened the box that this came in, was why can’t female toy packaging look this polished and inviting? I was greeted by a red box, with a nice black sleeve with a brief description of the Eupho Syn. This was eye candy any sex toy reviewer could value! It wasn’t long before the contents of the red box where opened and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Eupho Syn’s colors matched that of the box! I know novel concept for a sex toy right? At this point I was wondering why if the guys can do this for the guys, why it’s so difficult for the manufacturers to get that concept when it comes to female toys? Anyway, I digress!

The Eupho Syn itself is simple in construction, but this toy itself smacks of quality! The best way I can describe it is a finger with a big knuckle with a flared base. In the packaging itself is a detailed user guide with some easy to follow directions. This is described as advanced toy but I would describe neither Hubby nor myself as advanced when it comes to the area of prostate play, and we had no problem understanding how this worked.

As a female I actually think this toy looks sexy. I realize that some of that is the coloring of black and red, but it is also the shape. Most anal toys come with a traditional round flared base whereas the Eupho Syn, is more of a handle shape and it just somehow seems sexier both to look at and hold.

Partner Play
So as I said before Hubby and I are still fairly new to the whole prostate play arena. We did do quite a bit of research before we even tried this type of play, most of my knowledge came from this book: The ultimate guide to Prostate play, a read I highly recommend whether you are playing solo or partnered. Having a clear understanding of where and what your or your partners prostate is can be a wonderful thing as we had soon discovered.

In case you don’t already know, the prostate is located in a channel that runs between your guys ball sack and his anus, which is why the anus is the best way to get to it. The Eupho Syn measures in at around 31/2″ and is approx  1” in diameter at thickest point, making it an ideal  length and size to get the job it is designed for accomplished. Some guys don’t enjoy this type of play and if yours is one of those guys then I don’t recommend pushing it. This is the type of play where good communication is a must as well as a good quality lube.

Speaking from the partners perspective, the Eupho Syn could not have been easier to use. With the application of a lot of lube, and some foreplay, hubby was ready for his prostate toy debut… I slowly fed the Eupho Syn into his anus, just as I would if had been my finger and in some ways it just seemed like a natural extension of just that. Like all things anal you need to take your time and more importantly listen to your partner, if they say stop, for gods sakes stop already! Hubby simply laid on his side and raised his left left up towards his chest so I had easier access. What followed was lots of ummms, argggh and Jesus Christ that felt good! Part of the beauty of the Eupho Syn, is in it’s simple design, because there is no danger of this toy slipping up your partners rectum you can leave it there and play with other body parts, if you need a prostate break so to speak. We did that a few times, when things got a little too intense, and in many ways this makes for sexier and for us more prolonged sexual play.

Cleaning the Eupho Syn is a breeze, again something that is important whenever the anus is involved. Personally I like to boil my anal toys, and the Eupho Syn has survived quite few boilings with no damage so far! One thing I will say is this is a one partner toy, mainly because this is an anal toy, but also because this is really thin using a condom with it would be almost impossible. There are times when it’s okay to be selfish and not share your toys, and this would be one of them!

What’s It All Add Up To?
Hubby gives the Eupho Syn a resounding 10 out of 10 from a stimulation point of view. From a partners point of view I also give it a 10 out of 10 for ease of use, the fact that it didn’t need batteries but could provide him a lot of pleasure. Yes, it’s true it took us some adjusting and playing with angles and depth to get the maximum effect but isn’t that what good sex is about anyway? The Eupho Syn made for a satisfying experience for him, and as I get pleasure from providing him pleasure it was a definite win win situation for us both.

If you are thinking of exploring prostate play, I highly recommend both the Eupho Syn and the Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure as great places to begin your journey.

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