Reasons and Ways To Masturbate March 2014 4

masturbation techniquesJust as we did in January, and February, each day throughout March, we will give you a new reason why you should masturbate and a new technique to try. This month we will be concentrating on techniques that may require the purchase of a product as well as giving the boys some techniques to ummm play with…

March 1st:
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s free, what other reason do you need this month?

Masturbation Technique: Lying face down on the bed place both hands underneath and between your legs. No keep your fingers pressed against vulva and clitoris. Start performing pelvic thrusts to move your genitals up and down against your fingers.

March 2nd:
Masturbation Reason: See March 1st!

Masturbation Technique: Whilst your are sitting in a comfortable chair begin by spreading your legs wide open. Take your clitoris between the tips of both index fingers, roll it around and pull back on its hood to get maximum stimulation.

March 3rd:
Masturbation Reason:  See March 1st

Masturbation Technique: Rhythmically squeezing your thighs is intensely pleasurable for many women, even if you don’t orgasm. And when you do……well, it is amazing. Especially if you are in a place where you could get caught!

March 4th:
Masturbation Reason: See March 1st

Masturbation Technique: Start by taking a stocking or a pair of tights and whilst holding the foot in one hand behind your back, let the fabric drape between your legs and hold the other end in your other hand at the front. Then start pulling the material back and forth into the crotch so that it works into your vulva. Pulling it gently backwards and forwards causes it to stimulate your clitoris in a divine way.  Silk stockings are so much nicer than nylon for this!

March 5th:
Masturbation Reason:  Guess what? Check March 1st for a really good reason…

Masturbation Technique:  A make up brush can make a great masturbation tool.  Spend some time exploring your erogenous zone such as your breasts, inner thighs, and entire body, before moving onto your more delicate areas -)) A word of caution here: make sure you keep the brush only for this purpose.

March 6th:
Masturbation Reason: It feels good, which seems like a pretty good reason to me.

Masturbation Technique: Dildo Fun: It can be fun to bring a dildo into the masturbation mix. The next few techniques focus on different ways to use a dildo to enhance your masturbation pleasure.  When you buy a dildo think about size first and always buy a good quality lube designed for the job at hand. Choose a size of dildo that is appropriate to your level of skill. In other words if this is your first time using a dildo, don’t pick the 12″ wide toy you are likely to end up frustrated, sore, and possibly injured!

March 7th:
Masturbation Reason: Combine March 1 and March 6th and you have an amazing recipe for why you should be masturbating….

Masturbation Technique:  Kneeling with knees wide apart, whilst having a soft chair in front of you to lean forward onto it. Depending on the length of the dildo, depends on what you do next. If you are able to insert the dildo whilst it is on the floor, it can be fun to thrust slowly down onto it. Make sure you apply plenty of lube before you do this…

March 8th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s still free…

Masturbation Technique: Dildos can also be used externally to good effect. To try this option, grease up your dildo with plenty of lube, place it in a flat surface that you can straddle (pile of cushions, arm of a sofa, edge of a bath tub etc) and sit on it so that it runs the length of your vulva from clit and arse. Slide your body back and forth so that your weight pushes your clitoris and other sensitive parts down onto the shaft as it slides through between your labia majora, and slide to and fro.

March 9th:
Masturbation Reason: It still feels good!

Masturbation Technique: Some dildos come with a suction cup at the base. These can make for some fun shower masturbation sessions. Simply stick the dido to the shower wall at an appropriate height and gently back on the toy.  You do not have to insert the dido to enjoy the experience, instead try rubbing against it’s length as you squeeze your thighs together.

March 10th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s always good to feel good, and masturbation is still free…

Masturbation Technique: For The Guys: Get a plastic sandwich baggie, saran wrap or bubble wrap and put some lubricant in it. Then put your penis in and move it around to make sure your penis is fully lubricated. Once that is done, kneel in front of a bed. Lift the up mattress and put your penis, with the baggie, bubble wrap, etc. still inside it, between the mattress and the box-spring. Start thrusting in and out as if you were having sex. Bonus is the easy clean up- when you’re done, all you have to do is throw away the baggie and wipe yourself off. If you are in to recycling… which we hope you are, you can rinse out and recycle!

March 11th:
Masturbation Reason: No money ever changes hands during a masturbation session…

Masturbation Technique:  Marathon Training: Start by setting an an alarm clock, or digital watch for 20 minutes, now masturbate as you normally would, but don’t let yourself orgasm until the timer goes off. Let the anticipation build, and try to hover on the edge of orgasm for  as long as you can. This is a great technique for both sexes. It can also be a fun exercise to try with a partner…

March 12th:
Masturbation Reason: I always find the fact that it’s free is a great reason to masturbate…

Masturbation Technique: Change Your Mind Set: You can start your masturbation session long before you touch any part of your body, if you use your mind first and your hands/sex toys last. Try reading an erotic story during a work break when you know that it will be almost impossible for you to masturbate and see what kind of effect it has on you!

March 13th:
Masturbation Reason: Simply put masturbation feels good….

Masturbation Technique: Uncorking The Wine: This technique is the guys and I called it this because basically the action is the same as you would use when uncorking a bottle of wine. Start by placing your palm over the top of your cock, covering the head with the edge of the palm. Now turn your hand in a polished circular motion. It takes a little lube and some deft wrist work practice, but it’s worth the effort.

Now jerk your hand rather than using the regular circular motion that you normally would as this stimulates your cock head much more than just a regular circular motion. At the same time you will have your thumb and index finger free to tickle and delight the base of your cock and your scrotum.

March 14th:
Masturbation Reason: If you just can’t sleep, masturbation can be a great drug free cure for insomnia.

Masturbation Technique: Micro Polishing: Here’s another technique for the guys. Imagine your cock is a microphone. Now grasp your shaft with one hand and place the other hand, palm open over the top of your cock head. Use your open palm to make a circular motion over your cock head. Gently does it here, but you should find the friction that builds up can bring you to a rousing climax.

March 15th:
Masturbation Reason:  For many women masturbating during their period can reduce the instances of cramps.

Masturbation Technique: Banana Rama: The humble fruit bowl can provide some great masturbation tools! For example the banana can make a great substitute cock but there are a few things you should consider before reaching for the closest banana. Start by picking a green banana, leaving the peel on the fruit and adding a condom into the mix, you can use a banana safely as a substitute for a cock. That said, NEVER, EVER use a peeled banana as you run the risk of the banana breaking off inside you.

March 16th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s still free which means more green to spend this St Patrick’s day.

Masturbation Technique: Ice, Ice Baby: Start by freezing a plastic bottle filled with water. Now take a little lube and apply to the surface and this can make for a new sensation if you ride the bottle or simply place it between your legs and apply pressure to your clit.  You could also cut the plastic bottle from the ice and use this internally, but make sure that you remove all the plastic before use, as a trip to the ER is not nearly as much fun…

17th March:
Masturbation Reason: The love of your life is currently available, but isn’t interested right now.

Masturbation Technique: Silk Scarf Fun: Pulled back and forth between your lips will make you go wild. Masturbating with nylons, satin robes or pillows with soft silk or satin covers are great for riding as well.

18th March:
Masturbation Reason: You can take all the time you need.

Masturbation Technique: Using a lubricant (saliva or store-bought, but please no oils), begin by caressing your vulva with your fingertips, lingering on the spots that feel good. Familiarize yourself with the different sensations, and take note of your favorite spots. Circle your clitoris, massage it from the side, or even pinch it gently with your fingers. Relax and enjoy…

19th March:
Masturbation Reason: Because no one else is good enough for you.

Masturbation Technique: Ladies if you want to use a vibrator, set it on its lowest speed and run it over your thighs, pubic mound, and outer labia (on the outside of the vulva). Get yourself in the mood with indirect stimulation, then move the vibe where it feels best. Trust in yourself and your body.

March 20th:
Masturbation Reason: Because this isn’t just a casual fling – you really love yourself!

Masturbation Technique: Remember to breathe! Some women like to hold their breath as they reach orgasm, but women who use Tantric practices say that their orgasms are more intense when they use deep breathing techniques as they masturbate. As you touch yourself, inhale deeply into your belly and imagine the breath going all the way down into your pelvis, then back out.

March 21st:
Masturbation Reason: It’s what the “pause” button was invented for.

Masturbation Technique: Fill a condom with water and use it internally, as if it was a dildo. Condoms can also be filled with water and frozen, then the condom itself can be removed and hey presto you have a custom made dildo…

March 22nd:
Masturbation Reason:  It doesn’t require any equipment, unless of course you want it too.

Masturbation Technique: Tennis Ball Fun: The hard ball with the fuzzy surface provides a great way to please yourself. Place the ball between your legs. This will work especially well if you lie on your stomach and allow the bed to act as a platform to hold the ball. Squeeze your legs tightly together and cross them at the ankles. Make sure that the ball is placed against the clitoris. Move back and forth on the bed in an up and down motion. No wonder they say it is love-love.

March 23rd:
Masturbation Reason: You’ve watched too many episodes of the Walking Dead and need a way to relax…

Masturbation Technique: Clitical Assault:  For those that can handle a little direct stimulation, try placing your index and middle finger over your clitoris and press down. I recommend that this be a firm pressure, but not too heavy; however, find the pressure that pleases you. Now move those fingers back and forth while continually pressing the clitoris. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the motions, begin tightening and relaxing the muscles in your legs to add to the effect. These combined movements will send you into an orgasm pretty quickly. It will be hard to sustain the direct contact on the clitoris after you orgasm, but you can choose a spot above or below the clitoris and begin again. This is one of the easiest techniques to help you achieve multiple orgasms.

March 24th:
Masturbation Reason: If you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

Masturbation Technique: Rock Around The Clit Clock. With your forefinger, make tiny circles around the clitoris, stopping at every one of twelve “hours”. Many woman are very sensitive at two o’clock.

March 25th:
Masturbation Reason: You brought one too many cucumbers for dinner, and it would be a shame to waste it.

Masturbation Technique: A Coozie One For The Guys:  Get a coozie, one of those things you use to keep a beer cold, and make the little hole on the bottom bigger. Then, lay a pillow along the bed as a person would lay. Put the coozie under the bottom part of the pillow and go to town. Your weight will hold the coozie down, so your hands will be free to roam at will…

March 26th:
Masturbation Reason: Alright, so you all know this one by now but it’s worth repeating: It’s Free!!!

Masturbation Technique: Charmin One For The Guys: Take one toilet paper tube, one condom, and some lube. Put the condom inside the roll and stretch the opening of the condom across the opening of the tube. Fold the end of the condom over the end of the tube and hold with one hand. Lube well and go to town. BONUS: Pull on the tip of the condom while you jack and it will feel like a blowjob.

March 27th: 
Masturbation Reason: You’re watching an adult movie, and there is an implied contract between you and the movie’s stars.

Masturbation Technique: Tap it:  Please be aware that this technique is not pleasurable for everyone! Use one hand to pull the pussy lips back out of the way so that the clitoris is exposed. Then with the finger on the other hand lightly tap the fingertip gently on the clitoris. This can cause a marvelous sensation that builds to a point where you just can’t hold it back anymore.

March 28th:
Masturbation Reason: You can join the Mile High Club without trying to cram two people into that little bathroom.

Masturbation Technique: The Triple Threat : Laying naked on your back, lubricate your anus, the anal area and your clitoris. Stick the index finger of one hand into your vagina to get it wet. Then, slowly slide that finger into the anus while at the same time slide the thumb of that same hand into your vagina. Use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris while wiggling your first hand into and out of your vagina and anus. The combination of these three types of stimulation is guaranteed to bring you immense pleasure.

March 29th:
Masturbation Reason:   There is no scrambling for birth control.

Masturbation Technique: Balance yourself on a corner of an ottoman and rub your clit on the corner and periodically lift your hands and my feet off the ground. This technique will likely give you the feeling of flying when you cum.

March 30th:
Masturbation Reason: Eases the strain and anxiety of long traffic jams.

Masturbation Technique:  Direct Vibration:  Start by lying on the bed with some sexy music playing. Now start rubbing massage oil across your entire body, paying special attention to your nipples. Grab your favorite vibrator and place it directly on your clitoris and enjoy…

March 31st:
Masturbation Reason: You’ve heard that if you don’t use parts of your body they atrophy and drop off, and that’s scary. (It’s not true by the way but hey it sounds good -))

Masturbation Technique: The Finger Roll: This is an easy technique and requires nothing more than your fingers, a good lube, and your clitoris. Now Simply apply the lube and Finger roll your clitoris between the index finger and thumb.


Check back tomorrow for another technique…

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