Reasons And Ways To Masturbate February 20

Masturbation-TechniquesJust as we did in January, each day throughout February, we will give you a new reason why you should masturbate and a new technique to try. This month we will be concentrating on techniques that may require the purchase of a product as well as giving the boys some techniques to ummm play with…

1st February:
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s FREE.

Masturbation Technique:  Slippery when Wet:   Never underestimate the power of lube! This is true for the guys as well as the ladies out there. The addition of a simple lubrication such as my favorite, SpunkLube Pink can make a huge difference to your experience and is worth every penny you spend..

2nd February:
Masturbation Reason: You’re doing your part as an American to keep the sex toy economy thriving.

Masturbation Technique: My Cup Runneth Over:  If you don’t want to take the time to scoot down and get get yourself properly positioned over the bathroom faucet as described in this technique…  Try just grabbing a big cup and filling it with water. Now lie back in the tub, spread your legs and slowly pour the water onto your clit. You can do this is as many times as you need until you reach orgasm.

3rd February:
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s FREE…

Masturbation Technique: Baste Me: For this technique you can use either a turkey baster or a large syringe (no needles needed or required please) Simply fill the baster or syringe with water, lie back and squirt the water whenever you feel the most pleasure.  I like to use this technique in the bath tub as it can get really messy, but darn it feels good.

4th February:
Masturbation Reason: Because you can’t reach with my mouth. and we know you would if you could…

Masturbation Technique: One For The Guys. Perpetual Motion:   After applying some lubrication to your dick and both of your hands. Now start by putting your right hand on the top of your dick and stroke downwards. Before you get to the bottom of your shaft take your left hand and place it on the top of your dick, and run it down. Repeat, as often and for as long as you would like.

5th February:
Masturbation Reason: You’re ambidextrous so you get two for the price of one.

Masturbation Technique: Mobile Fun:  Set your phone to vibrate and then press it against your clit. In order to keep the cell phone clear you might want to keep your panties on for this one. Works well for the guys as well, if you simply apply the vibrations to your balls.

6th February:
Masturbation Reason:  Because it’s FREE…

Masturbation Technique: Heel Ho-Down:  For this technique you need nothing more than a pair of tight fitting jeans with a great seam down the middle of the crutch area. Leave the jeans on and kneel on your heels. Now rub your heels against the seam that runs through the crutch area of the jeans, and find what works for you….

7th February:
Masturbation Reason: Exercises the wrist and reduces the chance for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Masturbation Technique:  The Cork Screw: While your standing, twist your hand so that your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis and, rather than stroke with your hand, move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand.

8th February:
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s FREE…

Masturbation Technique: Hot and Cold: Masturbate as you normally would. Have a cup or bowl with ice next to you. When you are about to ejaculate, grab the ice in your free hand. The sensation of the cold in one hand and the hot in the other hand will give you extra sensation.

February 9th:
Masturbation Reason: Because you always call the next day.

Masturbation Technique:  Cellphone Fun:  Use your cellphone to record yourself during a masturbation session. Do NOT send it to anyone (unless you are in a very, long term relationship) and I would strongly suggest that you erase the recording after you but the act of recording and watching yourself in action can be a huge turn on for many.

February 10th:
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s Free…

Masturbation Technique: Full Bladder: This one does not work for all women, but many report that reporting that masturbating when they have a full bladder can change the sensations that they feel. Try it and see if it works for you…

February 11th:
Masturbation Reason: Let’s face it, there’s never anything good on TV.

Masturbation Technique: Stop,  Start, Wait: For this guys technique use your preferred method of masturbating. When you feel you are very close to orgasm, STOP! Put your hands behind your head so that you are less tempted to reach down and continue. Do this about three more times or until you simply cannot stand it any longer. Finally let yourself cum. It will have been worth the wait.

February 12th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s yours and you can wash it as fast as YOU want, OK?

Masturbation Technique: Milk It: This technique can also be practiced by your partner, after all masturbation doesn’t have to be solo! Start by making a ring around the base of your penis with your well-lubricated right hand’s thumb and forefinger, and slide it up along the shaft. When the ring reaches the head, make a ring around the base of your penis with your well-lubricated left hand, and work it up. Repeat the process when your left “ring” reaches the head of your penis. The idea is to go up without ever going down. You can use only the thumb and forefinger or add the other fingers as you get away from the base.

February 13th
Masturbation Reason: Because it’s FREE!

Masturbation Technique: Shower Power For The Guys: Turn on the water and hop in the shower. Cover the inside of your dominate hand with a good silicone lube, such as Spunklube. Now while your standing up, turn your hand so that your thumb is pointing towards your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis and move your pelvis back and forth as if you were entering a vagina.

February 14th:
Masturbation Reason: You have always wanted to create a world record so you need to practice.

Masturbation Technique: Bag It:  Start by filling a plastic bag with some good quality lube. Place your erect penis in the bag and swish the bag around, so your penis is covered. Now place your penis, which is still in the bag, between your mattress and box spring and simply pump in and out. Once you reach orgasm, simply dispose of the bag and it’s contents.

February 15th:
Masturbation Reason:  Because it’s FREE!

Masturbation Techniques: Exercise Ball:  Start by taking an exercise ball and simply rub it along your vulva.  For many women this can bring very pleasurable results.

February 16th:
Masturbation Reason: You feel the need to tap off excess fluid on occasion to keep your body running at optimal efficiency.

Masturbation Technique:  A B C D – 1 2 3 4: Use your fingers to trace the various letters of the alphabet and numbers across the clitoris. This is an excellent technique to determine the precise strokes that send you into orbit. For some women, 8 and W seem to work the best.

February 17th:
Masturbation Reason: Altogether now… Because it FREE!

Masturbation Technique: The Hand Switch: For the most part both men and women use the same hand to masturbate, try switching it up and using your other hand during you next masturbation session. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

February 19th:
Masturbation Reason: Because every time you do, an angel spasms.

Masturbation Technique: The Micheal Jackson: Most of us own at least one glove and it may or may-not have sparkles for the purpose of this technique which is really simple. Put on your glove and begin to explore your own body. Focus on the sensations that will change as you change  the amount of pressure you apply. This can be a fun exercise for mutual masturbation with a partner as well.

February 20th:
Masturbation Reason: Insert Drum roll Here please… Because It’s FREE!!

Masturbation Technique: Mobile Me: If you have a smart phone, then it can be fun to video yourself while you masturbate, and then watch it back. I would NOT suggest sending it out over the airways, this like your masturbation session is for your eyes only, and the best and safest thing to do is once you have watched it, simply delete it….

February 21st
Masturbation Reason: You can’t sleep.

Masturbation Technique:  Thrusting: Instead of resorting to putting the traditional back and forth move on your penis use your palm and wrist this time, both perfectly lubricated, to grasp the tool from front. You need to place your fingers on the perineum while extending the thumb to the pubic bone. In this position you will be able to perform hand thrust and discover the intense feeling of the glans rubbing onto the wrist. For maximum efficiency, try to sit on your knees while doing so.

February 22nd:
Masturbation Reason: Guess what? It’s FREE…

Masturbation Technique: Water Wings: This requires a water wing, you know the type that kids use when they are first learning to swim, and plenty of good lubricant. Simply take the lube and apply liberally to the inside of the water wing. Now take your penis and thrust through the wing…

February 23rd:
Masturbation Reason: It exercises the wrist and reduces the chance for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Masturbation Techniques: Water Works: If you have access to a jacuzzi or jet pool then you are in for a lot of fun. Simply position yourself over one of the water jets that are in the spa, and enjoy! Sometimes you will have to change positions before you find the one that work for you.

February 24th:
Masturbation Reason: It won’t cost a thing! As it’s FREE!!!

Masturbation Technique: Sex Toy Play:  Add a sex toy into the mix. It might be a vibrator, a dildo, or a penis ring (if you’€™ve never tried one I recommend trying one on your own before you use it with a partner). Sex toys can add a completely new kind of stimulation, and accentuate the manual stimulation your doing.

February 25th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s really, really difficult to get pregnant when you’re the only one there.

Masturbation Technique: A New Sensation: As strange as it may seem, a simple feather can add a whole new dimension to your self pleasure session. Simply take a feather, get naked and begin to tease yourself with the feather. I find this works best when my eyes are closed. Do not use the feather on your more delicate bits, just look at this as more of a getting in touch with your own body exercise.

February 26th:
Masturbation Reason: Guess what, Yep, it’s FREE!

Masturbation Technique: Panties Are Fun: There are times when you are out and about and the urge just strikes.  This where wearing panties can actually work in your favor. Don’t rub the material too hard at the beginning as this is likely to cause irritation. Instead place your panties evenly over your clit, you should be able to obtain a pretty intense orgasm, just by rubbing. Doing this in public can add to the excitement but don;t forget you are in public -))

February 27th:
Masturbation Reason: The love of your life is currently unavailable

Masturbation Technique: The Play Station: Grab your play station vibrating controller and use it as you would a vibe or a toothbrush. Find your favorite spot and relax.
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