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Female-Masturbation-techniquesEach day throughout January, we will give you a new reason why you should masturbate and a new technique to try. This month we will be concentrating on techniques that require nothing more than things that can be found around the house…

Jan 1st:
Masturbation Reason:   You’re asserting your independence!

Masturbation Technique:  Why not let your fingers do the walking today? Get undressed in front of a full length mirror and let your fingers begin to explore your own skin. Vary the pressure you apply as you tease your nipples, your thighs and eventually, your vulva. Take your time and explore every part of your amazing body and the way it can make you feel.

Jan 2nd:
Masturbation Reason: It stimulates your creativity and enriches your fantasy life.

Masturbation Technique: Pillow Humping. There are many ways to use your pillow when you masturbate but by far the most popular is to simply roll up your pillow and place it on the bed beneath you. Then you simply experiment by riding the pillow, slow to fast, fast to slow.  Find out what feels good for you, and take your time, there is no hurry on this one, it’s about finding out what works for you.  Some women like to do this completely naked, while others like to keep their panties on for more friction.

Jan 3rd:
Masturbation Reason: It beats counting sheep. Leading up to orgasm, the happy hormone dopamine is released, followed quickly by a post-climactic shot of oxytocin, which is basically an organic, naturally-occurring sleeping pill.

Masturbation Technique: Thumbs Up Technique:  Start by lying on your back and spreading your legs open, whilst putting your feet up on the bed. Now take your thumb and press it down firmly onto your clit. Try pressing it down in vertical or horizontal motions, as well as some circular ones until you find the right pressure and action that works for you.

Jan 4th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s probably the safest form of sex. No concerns about sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. No baby-mama drama, or months of throwing up when you haven’t even been to a party the night before.

Masturbation Technique:  Ice, Ice, Baby! This technique involves a little sensation play, and can lead to some wonderful sensations. If this is your first time trying ice play, I suggest you leave your undies on and try applying an icecube over the top of them. The feeling of the material and the coolness of the ice can make for some deliciously, tempting sensations. As always, experiment and find what works for you…

Jan 5th:
Masturbation Reason:  Look at your body! Who wouldn’t want to touch it?

Masturbation Technique:   The Hang Ten: Place your middle 3 fingers inside the vagina with the thumb and pinky serving as both a push off point and a stabilizing force while the heel of the palm stimulates the clitoris through constant pressure. As always play with this technique and see what works for you and your gorgeous body.

Jan 6th:
Masturbation Reason:  It’s FREE.

Masturbation Technique: Let’s try a new position today shall we? If you normally lay on your back when masturbating, try a new position such as standing up, kneeling on the bed, or even elevating your hips with a pillow.  Making a simple change as position can make your masturbation session feel different and even special. Go on give it a try…

Jan 7th:
Masturbation Reason: It reduces menstrual cramps, and that can never be a bad thing, can it?

Masturbation Technique:  Good sex and masturbation start in the mind. Try reading some erotic stories, such as the ones found HERE at Clitical to get you in the mood for some self pleasure.  If you are more visual, then may I suggest you try some good old fashioned porn and see where it takes you?

Jan 8th:
Masturbation Reason: You don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself for your orgasms.

Masturbation Technique:   Water Play: All you need for this technique is a shower or bath tub. Simply lie back and relax, whilst letting the water do all the work for you. If you have a detachable shower head, simply use that on the right parts and don’t forget your nipples can be a great place to start when it comes to water play.

Jan 9th:
Masturbation Reason:  It releases endorphins into the bloodstreams, and that’s good for you.

Masturbation Technique:  Oral B:  If you don’t own a sexy toy then take a look around your bathroom. Many women report that using an electric toothbrush to tease their clit can bring lot of pleasure.  Just be sure you keep one for the purpose and don’t get it mixed up with the one you use for your teeth.

Jan 10th:
Masturbation Reason: It keeps you from hitting all the people who really need hitting.

Masturbation Technique: Veggie Delight: You don;t have to be a vegetarian to try this technique. Simply take a European cucumber, remove the skin and shape it any way you like. Now I would strongly suggest that you take a condom and place it over the cucumber but once you’ve done that simply have fun!

Jan 11th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s non-carcinogenic, non-fattening, and low in sodium.

Masturbation Technique: Mirror, mirror on the wall. This technique requires nothing more than a hand held mirror. As you masturbate try watching how your genitals react to different types of touch, stimulation and keep watching as you orgasm. You maybe surprised by the changes that take place.

Jan 12th:
Masturbation Reason: Because this isn’t just a casual fling – you really love yourself.

Masturbation Technique:  Foreplay is Important. Yes, I know we are talking about masturbation here but if you think about it you are actually making love to yourself.  You wouldn’t want your partner just rushing and delving for your clitoris so why should it be any different for you?  Start by avoiding direct stimulation to your clitoris. Instead concentrate on other parts of your body first. Then slowly make your way to your clitoris…

Jan 13th:
Masturbation Reason:   You can take all the time you need.

Masturbation Technique: Take Your Time: The great thing about making love to yourself, is there is no rush. So with that in mind take your time today. Spend some serious time, exploring your own body, you have no one to please but yourself and by taking your time you may well discover areas of your body that respond to your touch, much differently than when you are rushing.

Jan 14th:
Masturbation Reason:  You have always wanted to create a world record so you need to practice.

Masturbation Technique:  Pillow Talk:  Try putting a pillow underneath your backside, then spread your legs as far apart as you can.  You can also use a hot water bottle/heating pad on a low setting to add a new sensation into the mix. Now insert two fingers into yourself and begin moving them in and out slowly, while your other hand rubs your clitoris. Vary the speeds you use, and simply lie back, relax and enjoy the journey.
Jan 15th:
Masturbation Reason:  You won’t be as irritable at work or school.

Masturbation Technique: Tickled Pink: If you have a large feather or feather boa in your arsenal then you can have all kinds of fun. Try stripping naked and teasing yourself by running the boa or feather over various parts of your body. Focus on the sensations as you pass the boa over say your nipples or mons. Of course this might get you revved up enough to try another of the techniques that have gone before…

16th Jan:
Masturbation Reason: You can do anything you want without having to explain it to a bewildered partner.

Masturbation Technique: Glove Love: Most of us have a pair of woolen or leather gloves kicking around the house. Adding those into your masturbation sessions can create new sensations, and in turn great orgasms. Put one of both the gloves on and explore your body, you might just surprise yourself.

17th Jan:
Masturbation Reason: In 1972 the American Medical Association declared masturbation a normal sexual activity, and your celebrating.

Masturbation Technique:  Shower Power:  If you have a shower head that is detachable from the wall you are in for a real treat. First find a comfortable position in the shower, and then simply take your shower head and direct it onto your clit area and find what pressure and movements work best for you. Some women prefer small circular motions whilst others enjoy long strokes across their vulva. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

18th Jan:
Masturbation Reason: Let’s face it there is never anything good on TV -))

Masturbation Technique: The Mardi Gras  Take one of those long Mardi Gras necklaces and cut it so it becomes one long string of beads. (Make sure they are all secure!)  Now place the string between your legs and hold with one hand in front and one hand behind. Now move it it slowly in a sawing type motion so it slides across your clit!

19th Jan:
Masturbation Reason:   You’re helping to establish the philosophy that sex is good in, by, and for itself; and that there is nothing whatever wrong about experiencing it as a fine thing in its own right.

Masturbation Technique:   Laundry Room Fun:  Many women report that they can orgasm from simply sitting on their washing machine while it it is on a spin cycle. It’s a case of finding what works for you and what spin cycle makes your laundry room trip go much quicker -))

20th Jan:
Masturbation Reason:  Because you are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and all three are just within reach right now.

Masturbation Technique: The Tap Dance: Many women like to tap their clit rapidly.  Start by tapping slowly, and then over time build up speed. As you feel yourself reaching the edge of your orgasm, sometimes rubbing your clit at this point can help take you over the edge.

21st Jan:
Masturbation Reason:   If you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

Masturbation Technique: Carrot On A Stick:  Start by lying on the bed and then bend your legs so that your fit are sitting flat on the mattress with your knees pointing up. Close your legs together tightly. Now take a medium-size carrot and lube it with a personal lubricant. For added fun you can drop a little oil directly on your clit. Insert the carrot along the slit of your vagina, in other words inside your outer pussy lips, but so that it doesn’t go inside your vagina but is rubbing your clit. Start slow, then go very fast and keep rubbing it. The faster you rub the more pleasure you get. When you feel you are cumming, close your legs more tightly and lift up your hips and keep rubbing.

Jan 22nd:
Masturbation Reason:  You brought one too many cucumbers for dinner, and wasting food is a sin!

Masturbation Technique: Hail To The ‘V’ :  Lie down and use your middle and index fingers on one hand in the shape of a “v” to open your vaginal lips. With the index finger of your other hand go in between the “v” and rub the hood of your clit up, starting off slow and getting harder and harder and harder until you orgasm. The sensation is wonderful!

Jan 23rd:
Masturbation Reason: You’re watching an adult movie, and there is an implied contract between you and the movie’s stars.

Masturbation Technique: On the Edge: All you need for this technique is a bath tub with an edge. Start by straddling the tub, one leg inside the tub, the other out, while you slowly rock back and forth. If you wet the edge of the tub first, the results can be awesome. 

Jan 24th:
Masturbation Reason: You paid for your dinner and the movie, so you’re probably required to.

Masturbation Technique: Nipples Clips:  If you enjoy having your nipples teased while masturbating but need both hands free, try using some hair clips. The spring loaded ones with the sharp little teeth work well in my experience as do clothes pegs. Just test them out before you buy them to make sure they are not too snappy.  Now simply apply them to one or both your nipples and go to town with your free hands… 

25th January:
Masturbation Reason:  You can develop control and staying power in a low-stress situation.

Masturbation Technique: Learn To Exercise Your Kegels:  Start by taking your index and middle finger and place them on your clit. Now imagine that you are trying to stop peeing, clench your ass cheeks as hard as you can. Take your two fingers and move them back and forth over your clit, whilst still pressing down.  Now release your clenched muscles.  As you get the hand of the technique tighten and then allow  your muscles to relax.

26th January:
Masturbation Reason:  You have always wanted to create a world record so you need to practice.

Masturbation Technique: It’s In Your Jeans:  Or to be more accurate it is in the seam of your jeans! Some women can achieve an orgasm by simply by rubbing their legs together when wearing jeans… The more pronounced the crutch seam on your jeans the more likely you are to orgasm from this thigh squeezing technique. 

27th January:
Masturbation Reason:  You just wanted to make sure everything was still in good working order.

Masturbation Technique:  On The Edge:  Start by using your favorite masturbation technique, and bring yourself to brink of orgasm, now stop! relax for a moment and begin again… There is a threshold for this technique and you will need to figure out how many times you can do this before the good feelings disappear, but once you get it right, the resulting orgasm can be mind blowing…

28th January:
Masturbation Reason: It’s really, really difficult to get pregnant when you’re the only one there.

Masturbation Technique: Sandwich Love: Start by holding you clitoris at  it’s base between two fingers with one hand, while the other is used to rub your clit. How much pressure you use is of course up to you, but keep holding onto the base of your clit while you rub with the other hand. You might be pleasantly surprised when you find the touch that works for you!

Jan 29th:
Masturbation Reason:  The love of your life is currently available, but likes watching you.

Masturbation Technique: Watch Me: Whilst masturbation is often thought of  something you only do by yourself, if you have a partner he or she can learn a lot from watching you masturbate. Settle down and give them a show they will likely never forget, and neither will you. If you are looking for more tips on mutual masturbation, simply click HERE.

Jan 30th:
Masturbation Reason: It’s part of your low-impact aerobic full-body workout. 10 reps, pause, repeat as needed.

Masturbation Technique: Faucet Fun:  Begin by lying in an empty bathtub. Turn the faucet on so that the water is tepid and spread your legs. Scoot down, into a position where the water is constantly flowing over your clit. Place your arms underneath you so you are being held up by your elbows. It might help to wedge your hands underneath your butt, as this can add more pressure. As you get hot and bothered, try playing with the water temperature, until you find what works for you.

Jan 31st:
Masturbation Reasons:  You’re ambidextrous so you get two for the price of one.

Masturbation Technique: Positions Ladies: There is some evidence that practicing yoga can improve your sex life. I can tell you from experience, that by simply changing positions while masturbating you can add all kinds of amazing sensations to your self love session. If you normally masturbate on your back, you might want to try kneeling. Have fun discovering what works for you!!!

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  1. Reply Anon Jan 5,2014 3:45 am

    I love this, but what time will you be posting the day?

  2. Reply Angela Goodnight Jan 10,2014 10:47 am

    Hehe, love the toothbrush idea. Hubby’s beard trimmer also gives a buzz. Should the Oral B brush be applied over the hood? Can’t imagine the brushes on a naked clitoris. Will have to get one and try.

    By the way, don’t try to use a Waterpik, it is way too powerful – well for me anyway. Hurt, even on low power.

    Now, how can I attach a dildo to the kneading device in my bread-maker?

    What the fuck, I’m now starting to look longingly at the Dyson!

  3. Reply Angela Goodnight Jan 14,2014 9:09 am

    Your January 11th idea was excellent. All my experience and I’d never done that with a mirror. Tried it yesterday. Much more difficult getting to the big O than usual, probably because I was wanting to watch what happened. Very interesting. You know what you’re feeling, but never realised what was actually going on. Will blog a description sometime.

    Turning into a great list, Jenne.

  4. Reply Alyx Jan 14,2014 8:14 pm

    Taking my sweet time tonight. I’m dressed in my cute little plaid mini skirt, bra, tie, victoria’s best secret thong striped red and pink and open-toed heels all dolled up with whore-red lipstick lolz. I so want to jump my own bones now. This shall be orgasmically delightful! Chao ladies! ^__^

  5. Reply Angela Goodnight Jan 23,2014 4:31 pm

    I thought masturbation was meant to make you go blind – now you’re suggesting using carrots … so presumably that is to protect your eyesight?

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    How long until todays post

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    This is REALLY helpful i love the shower idea. Ladies if your wanting a lot of fun head to the shower!!!

  8. Reply Joy Jan 27,2014 12:04 pm

    I love the pillow humping its mind blowing

  9. Reply MJ Jan 29,2014 12:40 am

    Loved the shower idea… tried it earlier and it worked wonders.
    On another note I just started reading this and I’m glad that you are writing it. There are many younger girls like me that are willing to experiment but either don’t know how or are afraid to because society frowns upon it. So this is my thank you for doing this blog.

  10. Reply holly Jan 29,2014 7:04 pm

    The daily posts make me really horny. Ready to try the Saran Wrap and also hope there are carrots in my frig! mmmmmm

  11. Reply Alyx Jan 30,2014 11:13 pm

    lolz i know right Holly? Also ty Jenne for running my favorite site, about a passionate subject of mine ^__^ <3

  12. Reply BB Jan 31,2014 8:39 pm

    I’m definitely trying that. All of it.

  13. Reply jenne Feb 1,2014 2:38 pm

    So the question is would you like me to do this for February as well? It seems like you all found this list useful and maybe some new techniques as well.

  14. Reply AllTime Feb 2,2014 5:17 am

    Jenne, you should defenitely do it for February as well! I really love those techniques and would like to now more!

  15. Reply BB Feb 2,2014 12:39 pm

    I can’t fit three fingers inside me! Holy cow. I don’t like things being in there anyways… I tried everything that didn’t include entry of foreign objects… Lol.

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