What will help the best? 36

Dear Clitical,

I am a 19 year old virgin (in ever sense).  However, I find, much to my dismay, that I am frequently in need of some relief of tension.  Please help me.  What should I do to help satisfy my…. need?  How would you help me?  I’d love some company.

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36 thoughts on “What will help the best?

  1. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 29,2013 11:27 pm

    I look at you and climb on top of you. I slowly let the dildo slide inside of my sopping wet cunt. I ride you slowly letting the dildo rub up against my g spot. I’m careful not to go to fast as I have a huge ass and there is a plug in it. I don’t want to end up pounding it against you while I ride you. I get wetter and wetter and my juices start to drip down the dildo. I start to pull your shirt up so I can finally see your amazing tits. I want to play with them so bad. I continue riding you, you watching me. I rub my clit with one hand as my other slips up your shirt. I lean forward so I can ride you harder and harder without affecting the plug you forced into my little virgin asshole. “Fuck! It looks like I’m in control now.” I wink at you as I lean down to bite and nibble on your neck. I can’t stop moaning and grunting. My pussy is dripping. “Do you like watching me ride you?”

  2. Reply Pops Jul 29,2013 11:09 pm

    Didn’t your ridiculous chat get you into trouble in the first place? I pull your head back towards me and rub your face in my cunt. I’m untying you in the condition you remember your place. I walk towards the bed and click my fingers as you crawl after me. I love seeing you at my feet. I pull you up and press solidly on the plug in your ass – I like how you cry out. I stand you between my knees so your pussy is at face height. I tell you to clasp your hands behind your back and warn you to stay still. I pull your hips towards me, spread your lips and suck on your clit, guiding my hand back to press on the plug. You’re legs are shaking. I love how you beg. Ready to be fucked? Crawl over to the drawers by the door – bring me back the harness and dildo. You do as you are told, bringing it back in your mouth. It’s driving me wild. I step into the harness, positioning my side of the dildo just inside. I sit back against the headboard and tell you to ride me. Go on, Secret – ride me.

  3. Reply mimi Jul 29,2013 10:09 pm

    pops come fuck me i want you soo bad

  4. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 29,2013 4:12 pm

    OMG pops.
    Id get between your legs and I’d lick your thighs and everywhere around your sweet cunt. I’d tease you and make you drip. Once I could see your sweet juices flowing, Id dive in. I’d lick your entire pussy from your hole to your swollen clit. Id stop and flick my tongue across your clit over and over again until you began to squirm. “I told you I’d please you” I would say arrogantly. Id go back to work and I would tongue fuck your cunt, lapping up your sweet juices. “What a tasty little pussy you have!” I’d duck on your clit and nibble on your lips until you came in my mouth. I’d then look up at you and turn around, waiting to be unbound.

  5. Reply Pops Jul 28,2013 10:50 pm

    Well, Secret, look at you begging. Good girl.

    The sight of you gagged with your own thing and plugged at my feet is making me throb and I think you may have earned a reward. I kneel down beside you and tell you to open your mouth wide. You do so and I pull the thing out from your mouth with my teeth before taking a seat on the chair and spreading my legs. You want your hands untied? Better show me what you can do with that tongue of yours. Make it good and things will be hotter…

    Emma, you really are a little desperado, aren’t you? And a dark horse…I like it. Maybe you’d like to join in? You can lick secret whilst she licks me. Earn your place – I’m looking forward to playing.

  6. Reply Emma14 Jul 7,2013 7:48 am

    Yes I can take it! I beg. The more the merier. I starti stripping, in a teasing way. Mmmm I beging moaning to myself of the thought of what u might do to me. I get on my knees, waiting. Your friend comes over with a huge strap on. She jams it into my mouth, forcing me to suck it. I keep gagging on it. She keep trying to make it go deeper. When she is satisfied she tells me to get on my hands and knees. She begins thrusting it into me. I can’t help but cry out. She slaps my clit. Slap slap slap. She slaps it in time with her thrusts. Finally when I can’t take it anymore she stops. Leaving it inside of me, She turns me over and sits on my face. She begins grinding while I lick her clit. I then stick my tounge into her vagina and begin pumping it in and out. When she gets close she begins pinching my nipples until me both come at the same time. When I can move again I look at you for approval. Did I do a good job?

  7. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 5,2013 3:26 am

    Please pops! I’m beggin you. Let.me be a good little whore.

  8. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 4,2013 10:50 pm

    Omg pops.
    I fall to the floor. I’m surprised. I’ve.never had someone tame me the way you do. I crawl.over to you and beg to tast your juices. I wanna lick and suck you’re clit. I’ll please you I promise. I’ll do whatever you ask of me. I’ll be your little whore and ill be a good one. Let me suck on your nipples and and play with your tits. You cab do with me what you please after I’m done pleasing you. I wanna see your wet cunt.

  9. Reply Pops Jul 4,2013 10:34 pm

    See I don’t think you get it. I tell you to stand up. And bend over. Now grb your ankles. You will stay there and not move. I don’t remember telling you to move your leg, did I? I take a shoe and slap your ass with it, ensuring I hit the base of the plug, pressing it further into you. I think I will make you count this. I pull the sodden thong from your mouth and put it at your feet where you can see it. 10 swats with this shoe. Break your hold and you’ll never see me naked, and I won’t be happy. You round of the 10 and i feel you shaking. I slip the plug out and ram it back in. im enjoying your ass sucking it back in. Think there’s something you want to say to me? I’m going to sit on the chair I just moved you from. You better grovel. And fast. If I don’t like what I hear then playtime is over for you…and I will find a better whore.

  10. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 4,2013 12:47 am

    Weight* not wright or right.

  11. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 4,2013 12:35 am

    OMG pops! You’ve got me soaked. I secretly want.to try things wirh my ass.
    I struggle against you. Im moaning, it hutts but im willing to endure the pain to see of Ill experience the massive orgasm everyone talks about. I shift.my Wright and attempt.to take it off the plug. I look you in the eyes and motion to your clothes. I still want them off but I cant tell you that because of the gag. I finally get my leg up and I put it under One ass.cheek.so that my right isnt on the plug.
    Pleae.Keep.going pops. This is amazing

  12. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 4,2013 12:33 am

    OMG pops! Youve got me soaked. I secretly want.to try things wirh my ass.
    I strugfle against you. Im moaning, it hutts but im willing to endure the pain to see of Ill experince the massive orgasm everyone talks about. I shift.my Wright and attempt.to take it off the plug. I look you in the eyes and motion to your clothes. I still want them off but I cant tell you that because of the gag. I finally get my leg up and I put it under One ass.cheek.so that my Wright isnt on the plug.
    Pleae.Keep.going pops. This is amazing

  13. Reply Pops Jul 3,2013 10:31 pm

    Secret – you could try and grab me but it’d be hugely uncomfortable for you spending days cuffed behind your back. I don’t know who you think you’re speaking to, but you will quickly remember your place when I slap you hard and pull you off the bed. You think you’re smart, little girl? I pull you up by your hair and circle behind you. I tell you to take your thong off. Given your hands are tied and your thong is halfway up your pussy, it’s difficult. I laugh at your pathetic efforts as your face flames. Really not so clever now. I rip it off you and order you to open your mouth. Be as defiant as you like – we both know you’ll do it. I wipe your pussy with the fabric and force it into your mouth. Gagged and bound – just how I like you. I make you turn around and bend over. You’re shaking and I slick 2 fingers and force the first into your ass knuckling in before following with a second and scissoring. I select a plug and press it in. I lead you to a chair and sit you down so the plug is tapping into you. How do you feel?

  14. Reply Pops Jul 3,2013 10:21 pm

    Emma – you’re such an eager little whore, aren’t you? What if I want to treat you like the desperate little bitch you are? Can you take it? What if I let someone else play with you too? I like a show. Show me what you have – better make it worth my while.

  15. Reply Emma14 Jul 1,2013 8:09 am

    Oooh pops. You’ve got me so wet. I’m a sub and would love you to dominate me. Do with me what u want. I promise to please you.

  16. Reply SecretSlut;) Jul 1,2013 1:50 am

    Omg pops. I’m soaking wet.Im spanking my little pussy right now… The sudden force.and pressure makes me wetter. If I could I’d make myself squirt… But I’ve only done it once… And I’ve never done it since.
    I lay there, struggling my pussy making a mess of my thong, I’m so wet its dripping down my ass cheeks and onto the bed… “You’re lucky my hands are bound. If they weren’t I’d already have you topless and I’d be squeezing and playing with your magnificant tits and nipples…why don’t you strip for me… You said it yourself, I’ve been a good little slut, don’t you honk I deserve a reward..? I wanna see you’re body, bitch. Show ot to me.” I demand this from you. I’m waiting. All while my pussy continues to drip onto your bed.

  17. Reply Pops Jun 28,2013 10:27 pm

    You’re lying on the bed and I move in to kiss you. Pulling away and the last minute, seizing your hand and twisting it so that your whole body is forced to turn round. You’re face down now and I straddle you, both hands pinned to the small of your back with one of mine. You’re struggling – that filthy mouth of yours is in overdrive. I lean close to the back of your neck and walk my fingers up your spine. I pull your head up by your hair and, leaning close to your ear. ‘I think these hands are getting in the way, don’t you’. You aim for some smart-arsed remark, and I give your hair another tug before pressing your head back to the bed. I undo your bra clasp and slide the straps down your still restrained arms. I’ve got one knee on your hands as I manoeuvre the bra over your head. I don’t care if your heads been pulled back. Eventually the bra is at your wrists, and I bind your hands with it. Your flexing your fingers and trying to free them. With the clasp strap I tie your middle fingers together. I’m happy that you’re not getting out of that. You’re still going with your indignant yelling but no matter. I tell you to mind your language. Much more of it and I’ll gag you. I flip you onto your back. You’re lying there, bound by your own bra and lying on your own arms.

    I straddle you. Sitting right on your thighs, effectively immobilising your legs. You’re pinned by your own weight and mine.

    I flick your nipple whilst licking the other then swap. They’re solid. I take one in my teeth and the other I nip with my thumb and forefinger. I’m enjoying the little moans you give. ‘My, my, who is a good little slut’ I comment, in the most patronising tone. I see a spark in your eyes. Enjoying a little humiliation?

    I suck on my fingers and tweak your soaking thong against your hole, before shoving 3 fingers into you without warning. You jump at the force, but you like it rough, don’t you.

    That mouth of yours is making a good attempt. I warn you – much more of it and I’ll gag you. Given the only thing to hand is your thong, well…I hope you enjoy your own taste.

  18. Reply comet12 Jun 28,2013 7:52 pm

    Omg. I’m soaking wet right now. I’d be moaning and asking for more. “Is that all you’ve got?” Swiftly taking your hair in my hand a pulling it hard. “I told you I’m feisty… I warned you…” My thong would be soaked and my nipples would be so hardddd. I’d hold your hair in my hand while whispering these things in your ear. 😉

  19. Reply Pops Jun 28,2013 4:23 pm

    Cocky little bitch, aren’t you comet. I stand looking at you for a while, showing nothing on my face. I then smirk at you and laugh. I stalk over to you and walk behind you. I whisper in your ear, ‘remember what you wanted you little whore’, before pulling your hair. Your head snaps back and I bite the join of your neck and shoulderblade. I sink my teeth in then suck hard. I put my leg between yours and curl it round your ankle. I swip it fast. Wait? Is that you on your knees? Well, I think so…

    I laugh again, and still holding your hair, move in front of you. I put a foot close between your legs, curling my toes. I see you wince. I pull you back to your feet and your panties are sliding up my leg as my knee slips into you. I crash my mouth on yours. I grab a wrist and bend it behind your back pressing it between your shoulderblades and force you to walk backwards until you hit the bed. You fall. I think I will enjoy this…

  20. Reply comet12 Jun 28,2013 4:34 am

    Just imagine me in my sexiest lacy lingerie standing in your bedroom running my hands all over my body. Glaring at you with my lust filled eyes. I talk shit… “Why don’t you come over here and try me… I’m very submissive, but only if I can be tamed… I like ot rough, can you be rough enough for me/ I doubt it. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.” I stand there, never breaking eye contact… Waiting for you to accept my challenge. 😉

  21. Reply comet12 Jun 28,2013 4:11 am

    Pops, I’m very ready. Please. Try your best. I wanna know what your made.of, but ill warn you I have a mouth on me. 😉

  22. Reply Pops Jun 26,2013 11:08 pm

    Comet12. – the above is yours…ready to play?

  23. Reply Pops Jun 26,2013 11:06 pm

    The darling 1 – be as feisty as you like – you’ll be begging me in 5 minutes, and I love a challenge.

    I see the defiant look in your eyes as you move to get back to your feet. I grab you by the back of your head and pull you close to my pussy – your nose right at me. You take a breath and I know you want to taste, don’t you? You pull back and pretend like you are disinterested. I run my finger over my clit and into my hole – it’s soaking and I press it into your mouth. You can’t help but suck it, can you. That’s right my little whore, you’re learning. I pull you to your feet and walk you backwards, holding your wrists behind your back and you try to push forwards. Your back collides with the wall, and I pin you there with a leg between your thighs. I kiss you hard, and bite on the crease if your neck and shoulder before taking your nipple in my mouth and sucking hard. You’re determined aren’t you, but I can feel your dampness on my leg. Giving in? Beg me, il tell you what you have to look forward to.

  24. Reply Rebecca Jun 26,2013 5:34 am

    Reading these posts has me dripping out of my panties! I’m just dying to have a girl lay me down, suck on my nipples, & eat out my wet pussy! Can any of you girls do me the favor? Email me 😉

  25. Reply comet12 Jun 25,2013 4:29 am

    Omg. Pops.your post has me wet. I love you’re dirty talk. I’m feisty though, Idk if you could handle me like that… But the thought makes.it all.the more intriguing. I’m newto this site. What would you do to me if my 5 foot 3 hour glass frame was sys.ding infront of you with nothing but a bra on..? I have 32. a cup breasts and a wide hips with a big ass and toned long runnig legs

  26. Reply the darling one Jun 25,2013 4:05 am

    Oh gosh, Pumpit…. You’re so mean to me!
    I’d crawl towards you, just like you expected me to, panting and whimpering. Oh gosh… you teased me, but never did anything to me! You’re so wet and shiny, that I bury my face in your hot, wet pussy. Oh gosh…. you taste so good…. I’ve never tasted pussy before….. I began to lick you up and thrust my tongue inside of you hungrily. I pump a finger inside of you.
    “Pumpit…. I want more…” I beg you lustfully. I dive my tongue back inside of you, moaning into your pussy.

  27. Reply Pops Jun 23,2013 10:46 pm

    So, you’ve had your fun, and yes, I’ve let you but now it’s time to get real. I tell you your hour is up and stand you in front of me. You know we’re back in our proper places when I grab your hair and bend you over a chair there. You got a little foul- mouthed there so I think I’d better sort that out. I kick your legs further apart before spanking your ass till it is blazing. I turn you round and see your pupils blown with lust. You love that, you little tramp, don’t you. I push you to your knees and start to walk away, knowing you will crawl after me like a good little whore. I spread my legs wide and start to finger myself, enjoying the desperate look on your face. You want to lick me, I can see it. Well, you can’t. Your own slick is running down your legs and you are practically humping the air. If you make a mess, I will make you lick it up. I pull you over and cum on your face. I see your tongue slip out to taste it. Whilst I fetch my bag, you can lick the wetness off the mattress. I’m about to play with you my little whore. What shall I do???

  28. Reply Pumpit Jun 23,2013 3:49 pm

    First i will slowly undress you caressing your skin, then ill take care of your boobs, sucking gently your nipples and kissing you while our nipples have fun together, i slowly will go down kissing you stomach until i reach your virginal pussy, mmm it tastes so good, i feel how your clit gets bigger while you scream:dont stop please!!! I stop before you finish and start to finger you, first one, then two and at the end three fingers….you are so wet thatbi decide to put one finger into you tiny ass, you scream in pleasure and i stick another one. You wont last longer like that and will come in few seconds. Your juices covewr my ffingers and i put them in your mouth so you can taste your juices,…now what would you do to me?? I also want to have some fun 😉

  29. Reply Kammy Jun 19,2013 4:33 am

    Well Jennie, I push you on the bed and start greedily licking your wet pussy, loving the feeling of your hot juice all over my face and sliding down my throat. I flick my tongue across your hard nub and love the moans that you’re making. I start flicking your clit faster with my tongue and them start sucking on it and you gasp. “Oh god Kammie! I’m so close!” You yell at me so I slide a finger into your tight ass hole and start to pump it in and out while sucking on your clit and fingering your tight hot pussy with my other hand. You’re humping your pussy against my mouth and forcing me deeper and I start yelling at you “Cum for me you dirty slut! I want to feel your warm juices squirt into my mouth! Oh yes! Cum all over me whore!” I start tongue fucking you again and you start squirting cum all over my face and I lick it up and then you say you’ll return the favor. I get on my hands and knees and you put your face under my wet cunt and start to tongue fuck me with a passion, while pulling on my nipples and slapping my ass. “Yeah Jennie! Slap my ass cause I’ve been a bad whore! Stick your tongue deep inside me! Fuck me hard!” You stop and put on a strap on, and start shoving it down my throat. Telling me to suck your big cock until I can’t breath. I’m gagging all over your dick and you finally decide my mouth fucking is over and bend me over the bed and slam your cock into my pussy! “Oh god! Don’t stop Jennie! Slam my tight little pussy hard and deep! Deeper! Harder! Slap my ass and make me cum for you! I want to cum on your big dick! Harder! Harder! Stick it in my ass! Oh yeah! Slam your dick into my ass to punish me for being a slut! Oh god! I’m gonna cum! Yes! Pound me! So hard! Ohhhh! Ohhhh god! I’m cuming! I’m cuming!” …. What happens next?

  30. Reply Jennie Jun 17,2013 3:58 am

    Oh Kammy! There are so many things I would love to do to you! I want you here with me now in my hot tub in your sexiest little bikini that barely hides your nipples. I want to straddle you and grind my pussy on your lap, as I run my hands through your hair making it a mess. Pulling your face closer to mine so I can kiss you passionately, slowly making my way down your neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach with my tongue covering every inch of your sexy body. I’m going to take your tightly clenched knees and spread them wide. With both hands on each of your thighs so I can lick all over your sweet juicy pussy. I take 1 finger and slip it in between those soft, fat lips of yours and then rub my finger over your clit. As I rub you slowly making you moan and beg for more I use my other hand to shove 3 fingers in your aching pussy. Going harder and harder, and as deep as possible filling you up! I’d love to know what you’d do to me…?

  31. Reply Emma14 Jun 16,2013 8:45 am

    Mmm Kammy! That was so hot. Id love to be ur sex slave. Do anything to me. I promise ill do whatever you say.

  32. Reply Slut Jun 13,2013 8:43 pm

    MMMM wow Kammy. You’re one sexy bitch. I’d snuggle my face in your juicy wet cunt till your cum is spread all over my cheeks, nose, and eyes. I’d continue rubbing my face in your cunt till you grab my head and begin grinding your hard clit on my lips. I’d open my mouth and beginning lapping up your slit making squishy wet sounds. I would then sneak my hand up and shove my thumb in your ass hole without warning. If you try to resist my thumb, I’ll bite your clit and push my thumb in deeper. Then I insert a second finger into your ass hole while I suck up all your cunt’s juices. I know you’re about to cum..;)

  33. Reply Kammy Jun 13,2013 1:52 pm

    Well darling one, after you’d had some time to rest up I’d start kissing you again. But this times it’s rougher and more urgent, my tongue needs to explore you’re mouth. I’d then sit my fat wet cunt on your face and tell you to use your mouth to fuck me good. You’d suck my clit into your mouth and run your tongue all over my hard nub. You’d stick your tongue into my hot hole and I wouldn’t be able to resist humping your face. I force your face deeper into my pussy and then learn down and start to eat your cunt so that we’re 69. I’d make long strokes with my tongue along your wet slit and feel your juices covering my face. I’d then stick my tongue deep in your hole and enjoy you moaning into my pussy. You start bucking your hips and I’m still humping your face and we both cum together in a body quavering orgasm. I pull my face out of your cunt and straddle you, making sure our pussies are on top of each other. I slowly start to hump your wet cunt and you start bucking beneath me and we start to trib. Every time our clits rub together you let out a moan and I can tell you’re getting ready to cum again. I stop and tell you to flip over, then I put my juice pussy on your ass and start to grind my wet cunt all over it. I slide down and start licking your ass hole, enjoying the noises you’re making. “Yes Kammy! Tongue fuck my sweet little ass hole. Fuck me as hard as you can! Stick your tongue deep into my ass and finger my dripping cunt!” I do as you tell me too and before long you’re cumming again. I put my strap on back on and you get in doggie position and I slam my hard cok deep into your pussy. “Yes Kammy! Harder, faster! Fill me with your big cock and destroy my pussy! Oh! Right there! Keep pounding my dirty cunt!” I slam into you again and again and after you cum on my cock you take the strap on and bed me over the bed. You ask what I want you to do to me while you start to finger my slit. “Oh yes. Finger my wet cunt and rub my clit hard. Smack my ass till its red and them fuck me like the slut I am while you spank me! Our your dick harder into my pussy! Harder! Oh god, I’m gonna cum! Ohh! Ohhhhh! Fuck my ass now! Stick your big cock into my tiny hole! Oh just like that. Pound your dick into my ass! Yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop oh god..!”

  34. Reply the darling one Jun 13,2013 1:13 am

    Oh gosh…. Kammy, You’d do all of that for this sweet little virgin? Oh goodness. How could I ever repay you? What about when I got horny again? Oh the way you touched me, I’d blush so much…..

  35. Reply lickme69 Jun 12,2013 4:39 am

    Damn Kammy. You just got me so wet and horny just thinking about you and that pretty pussy with your big ass and big titties. That was hot

  36. Reply Kammy Jun 11,2013 5:20 pm

    I could definitely help you out. I’d come to your room and shove you against te wall and we’d share a passionate kiss. Our tongues would be exploring each others mouth and I’d start getting turned on. I start nibbling on your ear and ask you if you want your first time to be rough? Do you want to be my dirty sex slave? You nod your head and I put my hands up your shirt, pleased to find your not wearing a bra. I start pulling on your nipples and you whimper. I tell you to shut your mouth slut! I continue pulling on your nipples and then remove your shirt so I can look at your perfect breasts. I start biting roughly on your nipples and flicking my tongue over them, enjoying the fact that they’re rock hard now. I undo your pants and rip them and your panties off in one motion. You’re now naked in front of me and I tell you to strip me too. You’re nervous and are having problems undoing my buttons so I finish for you and them ask if you like what you see. Touch me. Feel my big tits and make my nipples hard for you. After you’ve gotten my nipples hard I start slowly rubbing your clit. You jump and I tell you if you make another noise ill punish you hard. I go back to pulling on your clit and your whimpering so I tell you to kneel in front of me. I push your face into my pussy and order you to suck on my clit and fuck my tight hole with your tongue. You’re very good at it and I feel like I’m about to cum so I pull away, lean over the bed and order you to tongue fuck my ass hole until I cum everywhere. Your nervous so I grab you and shove your face in my ass. Eat it slut! Your sticking your tongue deep in my ass hole and rubbing my clit and I cum everywhere, my ass hole contracting around your tongue. After I come down from my orgasm I tell you to stay on your knees. I tie your hands up behind your back and watch your eyes get wide at my huge strap on. Suck my dick you dirty slut! Let me fuck your mouth! You’re gagging on my giant dick but I don’t stop until I feel like you’ve done enough. Bend over the bed and stick your ass up you dirty whore! I want to fuck you hard from behind! You bend over with your ass up and I start eating your pussy from behind to lube you up, but you’re so turned on it doesn’t take long. Without warning I slam my cock into your right virgin cunt and you cry out but I don’t take it slow. I pound my dick in and out of your pussy enjoying your moans and cries. You tell me you’re going to cum and I pound harder, slapping your ass and telling you to cum all over my dick. You finally do and I pull my dick out of you, and it’s covered in your sweet cum. You’re panting and asking to be untied and I say we’re not done yet and your eyes get huge as I start massaging your cum on your ass hole. Without warning I slam the giant cock deep in your ass and you scream but after a minute you’re begging me to go harder and I pound you hard and fast for a long time until your cum again. I pull my cock out of your ass and take off the strap on, then flip you over on the bed and grind my sloppy cunt on your face and make you eat my pussy. I cum again all over your face and then stand up, impressed by how well you took your first pounding. You’ve been a good slut.

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