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I’m new to this site and reading all the posts and comments has me hot and wet. I’m straight and a virgin, never been touched. I long for someone to touch me. Anybody.

I have this fantasy of walking in on my roommate masturbating. I walk out embarrassed, but she doesn’t seem to mind. I tell her about my inexperience and she’s thrilled at the thought of teaching me.

She takes her time exploring my body, starting at my nipples. She slowly moves down to my throbbing clit, flicking. Then she slips one finger in my wet, aching pussy and then another. In and out. It’s more than I can take, I scream her name, trembling as I cum.

When I think it’s over, I feel her mouth on me. Licking and sucking my clit. She then pulls out her toys, inserting a vibrator in me. She makes me cum over and over again.

Lesson well received. What would you do, if you had the chance?


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  1. Reply Evie Apr 1,2017 12:14 pm

    Got me so horny

  2. Reply ThePleasurer Mar 25,2017 12:03 am

    I wish we could talk. Make a tumblr post #clitical

  3. Reply prsnalty Mar 24,2017 9:01 pm

    Are you ready to fly, fly higher than ever before, well get ready…here we go…lay back and experience the best of the best as I take you on a trip never to be forgotten.
    I have an array of massage oils and balms set up next to you, you are lying on a large plastic pool float, yes a pool float, this will make it so much easier for us to move around. I am taking the massage oils in my hands rubbing then together so that they are warm…ready, I hope so.
    You are laying on your front as I slowly start to apply the oils to your body starting with your feet, rubbing and massaging each one, then slowly moving up to your calves and thighs. Applying the oils and balms liberally to you I can feel your body tingling as you are massaged gently with my hands finding and exploring every inch of you. I now work my way up to your ass spending time rubbing your soft subtle round cheeks. I can feel you tense up as I enter the crack of your ass, yet you know what you want and where you want my hands. You open your legs spreading them just enough for me to slip my oiled hands in between the crack of your ass. I can feel you as you move your body off the mattress making sure that my hands go further down and in your ass crack.
    I slowly work my fingers down to your ass hole you have anticipated this and welcome my finger as it touches your rectum I can feel and see it pucker up. I gently move my fingers around the outside as you bring your butt closer to my fingers. I take this as a request from you that you want my finger in your ass and vagina Slowly I push my finger in one digit at a time as you start to moan in anticipation of the entire finger in you. Slowly it makes its way in, I can feel you accepting it graciously and lovingly wanting more. I have more don’t worry but it’s not time yet, you have to wait.
    I remove my finger slowly I can feel your disappointment, but don’t worry there will be more. I continue the massage after cleaning my fingers to make sure that they are sanitary for the rest of the massage. Your back is tense, relax I am just getting started. Slowly I continue the massage relieving the tensions that have built up during the day. Your neck is also tight as I work on those muscles making then ease up you are now so relaxed as I massage your arms, hands and fingers.
    Now I gently roll you over, your body being covered in massage oils it is easy as you slide on the float. Your legs are closed, are you afraid, don’t be….I will be more gentle than you can imagine. I again start with your feet, they need and require a good foot rub, better than you have ever received, toes, arches, insteps you are enjoying this. I start to work my way up your legs and again your legs are tight together as I rub the inside of your thighs as I slowly work my way up. I open your legs slightly just exposing enough of your pussy to make it interesting, I can see the inside of your pussy lips they are moist, you have been wanting and waiting for this part. I stop just before you get to excited and move my hands to your breasts and nipples, they the nipples are standing straight up the aerola are a light brown with dark nipples on them. As I touch them you feel a warmth come over your body, you raise you butt off the float in anticipation of what is next. I put my head down on your nipple area and start to just lick around the nipples with my tongue circling the nipples licking only your aerola. You are going wilder and wilder inside you want more, here it comes. I continue the massage down your stomach your abs are tight you are controlling your breathing to coincide with my rubbing. You open your legs waiting for what is next as I work my hands down to you vagina now dripping and wanting to be touched, suck and licked. But not just yet as I gently place my middle finger into you vagina I find that elusive clit of yours, it is waiting to be touched and as I do it becomes engorged with blood and stands straight out. I take two fingers and rub it between them you immediately cum all over my hand. Oh, you are so fucking wet right now begging for more from me. I give you more as I move my head down to your pussy and enter with my tongue you raise your ass off the float wanting more of me, take it talk all I can give you, don’t stop cumming please. Let it come out as I suck your pussy juices oh they taste so fucking good. You are experiencing feeling that you didn’t know existed, you have never been eaten, sucked and licked like this before.
    Now as you lay there I mount you, I am as wet as you as you stick your finger in my ass make me cum and you feel my wetness, I cum all over you. You open your legs wide as our bodies meet, you can feel the warmth of my body and I can feel yours, this is different and good. Our juices mix as I grind my body into yours you and I cum at the same time, oh that feels good but wait I’m not done yet. I play with body and yours at the same time and all of a sudden it happens….I start to squirt ejaculate ….streams and streams of hot and definitely wet ejaculate is coming out of me and going all over you. It apparently turns you on even more to feel this liquid because you have the biggest orgasm you have ever experienced as you push your pussy tighter into me. You can feel my squirts going into you…as you moan in exstacy wanting and taking more of me….pushing harder and harder up against my pussy…
    Do you feel good now I hope so because I want more form you…let me know what you are going to do to me…I still have a few surprises left for you that I am sure you will enjoy…

  4. Reply Portia Mason Mar 24,2017 6:50 pm

    Just reading your story got me wet and I would love to teach anyone who wants to learn.

  5. Reply Ron Mar 24,2017 6:48 pm

    I don’t know where you are, so I cannot help you in person, nor do I know what you ahve discovered about your own body, but I have a couple of suggestions for you that I hope will help.
    I’ve posted them before, quite some time ago, so I apologise to those that may have read them before.
    Firstly, a task for you; just a simple one… tonight, when you are alone and not likely to be disturbed, I want you to examine your pussy.
    Prop yourself up in bed, and part your legs but closes your heels together.
    In other words, like frogs legs.
    This opens up your pussy nicely, and your heels give you something to prop a mirror on – although you may need a cushion as well.
    Get it so that you can get a clear view of your wide-open pussy, and start to expose your clit.
    Take a good look at things so that you can see every detail: how the hood covers it, what you need to expose it, how your lips fold and wrinkle – all that sort of thing.
    I bet you haven’t had a really good look before?
    When you have inspected fully, just try playing with your bits and finding out how to give yourself most pleasure.
    Pay particular attention to your clit: the tip is especially sensitive, but it often matters which side you rub, too.
    You don’t HAVE to cum, but you just might!
    Now, open really wide and go in search of your g-spot.
    [An area of controversy here. ALMOST all women achieve intense orgasms via g-spot stimulation, but there are some for whom it does very little. Hope that won’t be you.]
    Feel along the front wall of your vagina, inside you, for a roughened area of skin about 1-2 inches in.
    Everywhere else will be smooth, and if you are at all aroused it should be a little plump, too.
    The plumpness is due to the fact that is a spongy tissue similar to a penis, except that is does not engorge with blood but fills with a fluid upon arousal.
    Stimulation of the area really fills the sponge with fluid and can result in ejaculation during orgasm, much to your delight!
    It is NOT urine, although it does share the same exit duct. It is colourless, not yellow and has been shown not to contain any urine; so don’t worry, you won’t pee yourself!
    What you do now is up to you. You can leave it at that, if you are strong-willed enough, or go on to find out what stimulates you to orgasm!
    Have fun, and tell me about it, please.

    Secondly, a fun thing for you to do after you have “investigated” yourself!
    If you do this exercise, make sure that you are lying on your bed because you may pass out from extreme pleasure if you do it properly and thoroughly (I hope you will cum loud and long with this).
    You will need some old plastic or wooden beads (old, because you may not want to wear them again afterwards!) and some baby oil.
    The beads should ideally be between 5 and 12 mm in diameter, or better still a mixture covering that range.
    Make sure that you are alone, and nobody can hear you, just in case you make a noise – very likely!
    Get naked.
    Lubricate the beads and your pussy lips with the baby oil – make a thorough job of that bit, because you will enjoy it, rub it well in! Position yourself with your legs apart and your pussy lips wide open; take hold of one end of the beads in each hand, and lay the beads along your pussy. Press down with the beads and move them, oh so slowly and gently, up and down your pussy, brushing occasionally against your clit.
    If it feels too intense, back off from your clit until you get used to it and can tolerate it more. When you are ready, press more firmly along your pussy and onto your clit.
    If I were there with you, I would be sucking your firm and erect nipples now, and nibbling them gently with my teeth (imagine it!), and helping to rub your clit.
    You must now step up the pace, let yourself REALLY go and press hard with the beads and increase the speed until your waves of approaching orgasm are unstoppable;
    This is IMPORTANT, power through your orgasms.
    Give it all that you can stand, go with it and keep going, keep going even when you want to stop because of the intensity of the feeling – ride it out, go through it and come out the other side to a greater intensity of orgasm than you have EVER experienced, flooding everywhere with delicious cream and screaming your head off in previously unknown ecstasy, your breathing very deep and heavy and your whole body quivering from head to toe!
    If you can still keep going, do so, but I bet you can’t!
    Hug yourself tightly and come down slowly – you have earned it!

    I am told that it is quite likely that you will ejaculate, possibly in large amounts (I have never seen it happen, and would love to), so it is wise to have a couple of towels underneath you.

    My friend, who road-tested that exercise for me, stopped counting her orgasms after she reached 15! Now I’m not saying that you will get a similar number, because she is very orgasmic and will cum in a strong wind, but you never know – you might even beat her!
    Good luck, I hope you enjoy it.


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