Something a Little Different 5

I love to masturbate. One of my favorite techniques is a little different. First I start by tweaking and pinching my large nipples. The touch of my nipples erupts a sensation in my genital area and starts my juices flowing. I love large nipples. I then lay on the bed on my back in a reclined position. Legs are spread very wide and I massage with my second, third and fourth fingers making sure to get my clitoris nice and lubricated with my vaginal juices. While massaging my clitoris in a circular motion and moving my hips to meet each stroke, I am simultaneously sucking and biting my nipples and fantasizing. As my nipples get larger and harder, my clitoris gets larger and longer with increased sensitivity. As I feel the wave of the orgasm building harder I hold my breath and I have an intense ejaculating orgasm.

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5 thoughts on “Something a Little Different

  1. Reply asley May 23,2016 9:17 am

    In need of some naughty sexy clit pulsing a time and talk…

  2. Reply asley May 23,2016 3:31 am

    I’m am so we t and horny reading this makes me want you both licking, stroking and sicking my wet bald agina harder till you feel my sweet orgasm then you slide a strong hard dildo in my are, in and out. I then flip you and start on your slippery tasty vagina….

  3. Reply jEsY May 6,2014 7:34 pm

    Chocolatesquirt I would love to wake up next to you get under the sheets while you sleep spread your legs start sucking your pussy make you cum bite it softly slide my fingers in your ass hole in and out graving and squishing your tits till the nipples get hard and horny then get up there sucking your tits rubbing my wet delicious pussy with yours get all the sheets wet I would turn you over and hump your ass with my pussy at the same time sliding my fingers in your ass hole then slide my ???? In your tide ass hole till I dry you out little bitch you have me all horny I want your mouth bitting my tits and pussy tell me what would you do to me?? Aww I’m imagining having you beetween my legs I’m cum mmmmmm oh that so goodddd

  4. Reply chocolatesquirt May 6,2014 4:53 am

    damn u both have my pussy throbbing..i cant help but play with my nipples as well

  5. Reply jEsY May 5,2014 1:49 pm

    I’m so horny just imagining your nipples in my mouth sucking them and with that possition I would love to be under you
    With a big dildo you sitting on top of me with the dildo in you ass hole and I would be rubbing your big nipples with one hand and the other one playing with your pussy making you squirt I want you to move your hips nice and slow digging that big dildo in your ass hole I want to hear you screaming for more i imaging bitting your nipples mmm I would make you cume and sucker with my mouth lick your pussy I’m so wet little bitch I want you pussy rubbing my face and body

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