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Any girls want to share their first time with a girl? I’d love to read them as I rub my clit and make my pussy wet….maybe I’ll even cum as I read your dirty stories about how much you liked eating pussy 😉

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  1. Reply True Jul 27,2016 5:06 pm

    God. I’ve never been with a girl completely. Me and my friend only fingered each other for like 5 minutes while laying beside each other. I’m straight, but I definitely want to experiment. Any horny girls wanna talk dirty to me?

    • Reply Katie Jul 29,2016 5:03 am

      Babe I want to bury my head in between your legs and lick your pussy until you come so hard. Then I want to suck on your nipples and I want you to put your tongue on my clit and circle it until I’m moaning. Then we can trib together, your wet pussy sliding and grinding against mine.

  2. Reply Fern Jul 27,2016 12:19 am

    Mm everyones comments are making me so horny. I’m laying in bed right now rubbing and pinching my big hard nipples. I want to touch my clit so bad but I’m waiting because I want this feeling to last longer. I’m straight, but I would love to have a hot girl spread my legs apart, bury her head in the middle of my thighs and start licking me. I want my nipples licked and sucked too. I’m so horny i just reached down and started rubbing my clit. Im so wet. Almost cumming. Keep me going more what would u do to me. Oh shit im cumming

  3. Reply SunshineGrind Jul 21,2016 7:29 am

    My first time with a girl was when I was 14 or 15. She was a close friend staying the night at my house. I’d wanted to mess around with her for a while but never really had the guts until that night. We were bored so we decided to play truth or dare. It started out really tame but before long I dared her to kiss me on the cheek. From there, we got more bold…kiss lips for 5 seconds, flashIng our tits, touching each other through clothes, then slowly taking off clothes and kissing for longer. Before I knew it, we were rolling around in my bed sucking each other’s tits and grinding our pussies against each other’s thighs.
    I still get so turned on remembering that night, the feeling of my clit rubbing on her and her juices coating my thigh. I regret not taking the time to bury my face in her sweetness.

  4. Reply Cutieblue Jun 12,2016 7:29 pm

    My first time with a woman was actually with a couple, a man and a woman. I found them online and had recently been interested in exploring my sexuality, so I thought, ok why not? They were a super sexy pair of people and when I first started talking to them, I couldn’t believe they were interested in sleeping with me. Super. Fucking. Hot. We met up for the first time at a restaurant, had dinner, got to know each other, and they kept ordering me tons of drinks. When they finally asked if I wanted to come home with them, I was dying to get to their apartment and take their clothes off. When we got to their place, she sat me down on the couch and started kissing me. She was petite, even smaller than me, with long blond hair and a wicked smile. She started kissing me and touching my boobs, my nipples were so hard and I was drunk and more excited than I’ve ever been in my life. Her boyfriend was pouring us more wine and lighting some candles and put on some music, then he came over and started stroking his fingers on my thighs, moving up ever so slowly. I was so hungry for her and excited for my first time being with another woman’s body that I pulled off her shirt and started kissing her boobs, they were perky and round and she writhed with pleasure. Her boyfriend caught my drift and we both ganged up on her. We moved to the bedroom and she took off my dress and immediately stuck her fingers up into my pussy. I was warm from all the cocktails and it was so fun to play around like this with more than one person, but I had one thing on my mind: tasting her pussy. I told her to lie down and I told her boyfriend to follow my lead. At this point, we were all naked, and his giant, perfect cock was erect and ready for us. He gave me the green light and I pushed her down onto the bed and pinned down her arms over her head. I told her to fucking stay there and I licked my way down to her pussy. Her boyfriend came up with me, kissed me deeply, and then we both turned our attention to her glistening pussy right in front of us. I took the first lick and took my time, starting gently with her clit, just a little bit to get her going. He went next, and put his tongue straight into her. She bucked her hips and I went back to her clit. She was gushing with juices and we took turns putting our fingers and tongues inside, smacking her ass, he even put his fingers into her asshole while I teased her. She was so fucking sexy, just lying there while we went to town on her. When she got super close to orgasm, he told her she had to wait, and he took his fingers out of her and put them down straight into my pussy. He said, you want her, don’t you? I moaned with pleasure and he removed his hand, and slapped my ass hard. He pointed to the bed. I stood up and took in the scene. This beautiful, sexy, completely naked and super horny woman waiting for me. I straddled her and gently pushed my pussy down onto hers. She had a perfectly waxed pussy, super smooth and exciting, and I rubbed my clit all over her. Her breathing picked up quick as I ground down into her and thrust my throbbing clit all over her. I held her hands up so she was struggling with pleasure and writhing under me. With one hand I held her down, and with the other I teased her by biting her nipples and kissing up and down her neck. I still remember how it felt to press myself on top of her and dominate her and how much she seemed to love it. She kissed me and thrust her tongue deep into my throat, pushing her fingers inside of me. I was dripping wet and hungry for more, hungry for an orgasm, hungry for her. I shuddered with pleasure when I felt her boyfriend behind me. He had been watching us and stroking his cock, but came up right behind us, and slowly slid his way into her pussy. I felt her contract with pleasure and shock when he went all the way in. He started thrusting beneath me and I was so fucking horny, I leaned forward and played with her nipples, biting them and squeezing them as she bucked beneath me. He told me to move so he could slide his tongue into my pussy while he was fucking his girlfriend, so I did, and holy fucking shit it was amazing. She reached down to tantalize my clit and pull on my nipples. Imagine it. She’s lying on the bed, I’m right on top of her with my face in her boobs, her boyfriend is thrusting in, out, in, out, then stopping for just a moment to make us beg for it again. He’s got his tongue deep in my pussy, and she’s looking down at us, so fucking proud and horny and controlling us with every move of her pussy and her fingers. He thrusts hard and she grinds into him, she pinches my nipples so hard, he slams his tongue far into me and we all shudder and cry out together but she’s the one who’s closest to coming. He pummels her with his cock and I turn my attention to her clit, all of us moving faster, faster, and she’s moaning and yelling “fuck! Fuck!” until she comes. HARD. Her orgasm lasted for like a whole minute and she kept telling me to keep pulling her nipples, she kept making him move slowly in and out of her. It was clear he’s used to totally being used for his cock and I bet she would have stayed there forever. When she was done we were all covered in sweat and she pushed my face back to down to her pussy so I lightly kissed and sucked and licked all around it until she was so worn out she fell asleep. Before she passed out she looked at her boyfriend and said, “if she wants you to fuck her good, fuck her good. Now. So I can listen.” So he climbed on top of me. I spread my legs, so ready to have my brains fucked out of me while she fucking watched.

  5. Reply joan all alone May 18,2016 4:04 pm

    I know there are probably a million things I should get done today but I just can’t stop touching myself today.With hubby at work and the kids in school, I have the house all to myself.My special private time,teasing myself, getting so horny.It feels so good with my hand between my spread legs,busy fingers playing with my wet pussy.I really should stop now but I can’t. It feels so amazing, just me and my slick kitty,enjoying another private moment together

  6. Reply LickMyClit May 12,2016 5:32 pm

    I am!!

  7. Reply Sassy May 11,2016 6:20 am

    Anyone on? I’m in need

  8. Reply Jade May 11,2016 4:18 am

    Im really horny. Wish i could have a girl to please right now..

  9. Reply Faye May 11,2016 12:04 am

    Anyone really horny?

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