Rules For Posting Here. 65

I”m not a big one for rules but there are a couple that I need to implement for everyone”s safety here. If you are found to not be following these rules your posts and account will be terminated.

1: You MUST be over 18 to post here, no exceptions! If you don”t like it please take it up with the government, this is one rule they make not me.

2: Please do not include your email, home address or phone number in any posts or comments. All posts/comments found containing these will not be approved and deleted.

3: Please use proper English and grammar when writing or commenting. It makes it easier to read and more likely to be read.

4: Comments are moderated to prevent spam. Please be patient there is only one of me and sometimes life slows me down when it comes to moderation, but I do check in almost everyday.

Pretty easy to follow I think you will agree, now go post something exciting…

65 thoughts on “Rules For Posting Here.

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  43. Reply laura Jul 25,2013 6:19 pm

    Hey there,
    As a woman and a life coach, I gotta tell you: RELAX!!!!! You are an incredible creature with an amazing body! The secret is this: if YOU like your body, THEY will like your body. There is no point in apologizing for the way your body is, because it’s perfect. Being insecure about it makes you less fun to be around. Enjoy the heck out of your small, adorable boobs. Everybody wishes their body were different. I have bigger boobs and I find myself hating them sometimes. Then, I remember that men are just excited to get the chance to be around our boobs. And if they don’t like you because your boobs aren’t “right,” they are really not worth your time.

    As far as squirting goes, it’s perfectly natural and nothing to get weirded out by. If you feel like you need to, talk to your partner about it. Chances are, he will think it’s AWESOME.

    Just relax. The stuff you’re nervous about is stuff that can make you awesome, if you own it. 🙂 You’re a kickass lady, so just let yourself be awesome.

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