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Hello, I am a newbie here but I have been reading on this site for almost three years. I am 18 and I started pleasuring myself at 15. Goddamn, it was so fucking good. At first, I just insert a finger, until it turned two…three… until I tried different positions and rubbing my clit as I fuck myself with my hands. But masturbation is not openly talked about here. I am scared since I am still under my parents’ wings. Someday… Someday~ I would be fucking myself with rough, ribbed vibes, and be dreaming of sucking huge cocks since I am a fan of blow jobs~! Mmmn~

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  1. Reply So frikin horny Feb 26,2017 5:52 am

    Hey I’m super horny right now and my cock wants pleasure! Want to talk about it?

  2. Reply Jess Feb 15,2017 1:35 am

    Mmmm….I love your reply, Ron. It got me very wet and *needing* to rub my clit. Must get beads tomorrow. Wish you were here to help…..

  3. Reply Ron Dec 3,2016 3:35 pm

    If you are worried about your parents seeing your sex toys, try using some beads – they LOOK innocent enough! Let me explain…..
    If you do this exercise, make sure that you are lying on your bed because you may pass out from extreme pleasure if you do it properly and thoroughly (I hope you will cum loud and long with this).
    You will need some old plastic or wooden beads (old, because you may not want to wear them again afterwards!) and some baby oil.
    The beads should ideally be between 5 and 12 mm in diameter, or better still a mixture covering that range.
    Make sure that you are alone, and nobody can hear you, just in case you make a noise – very likely!
    Get naked.
    Lubricate the beads and your pussy lips with the baby oil – make a thorough job of that bit, because you will enjoy it, rub it well in! Position yourself with your legs apart and your pussy lips wide open; take hold of one end of the beads in each hand, and lay the beads along your pussy. Press down with the beads and move them, oh so slowly and gently, up and down your pussy, brushing occasionally against your clit.
    If it feels too intense, back off from your clit until you get used to it and can tolerate it more. When you are ready, press more firmly along your pussy and onto your clit.
    If I were there with you, I would be sucking your firm and erect nipples now, and nibbling them gently with my teeth (imagine it!), and helping to rub your clit.
    You must now step up the pace, let yourself REALLY go and press hard with the beads and increase the speed until your waves of approaching orgasm are unstoppable;
    This is IMPORTANT, power through your orgasms.
    Give it all that you can stand, go with it and keep going, keep going even when you want to stop because of the intensity of the feeling – ride it out, go through it and come out the other side to a greater intensity of orgasm than you have EVER experienced, flooding everywhere with delicious cream and screaming your head off in previously unknown ecstasy, your breathing very deep and heavy and your whole body quivering from head to toe!
    If you can still keep going, do so, but I bet you can’t!
    Hug yourself tightly and come down slowly – you have earned it!

    I am told that it is quite likely that you will ejaculate, possibly in large amounts (I have never seen it happen, and would love to), so it is wise to have a couple of towels underneath you.

    My friend, who road-tested that exercise for me, stopped counting her orgasms after she reached 15! Now I’m not saying that you will get a similar number, because she is very orgasmic and will cum in a strong wind, but you never know – you might even beat her!
    Good luck, I hope you enjoy it.

    P.S. What is your location, in case I can help in person?

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