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I want you to fantasize about me while you finger your pussy. If you’re stroking your cock, please feel free to do the same, but I masturbate thinking about hot, horny WOMEN who know how to enjoy their bodies and who have an appetite for pussy. I fantasize about women who love the taste of cunt and know how to lick a woman’s nipples. I enjoy anal play and to have my asshole licked and fingered while my wet cunt is eaten out and fucked. If this gets you hot, tell me about it. I love to read all the honest, nasty posts on here and play with my 36DDs and my soaking wet pussy. I rub my clit and get my dildo out and slowly insert into my pussy. I would love to do this with you sitting on my face, straddling my mouth, letting my tongue find your wet hole and swollen clit. Would you like to cum in my mouth? Would love to hear from lesbians as well as straight women who enjoy fantasizing about horny women who know how to please another woman. Let’s share fantasies and masturbate together.

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  1. Reply murph Mar 12,2016 6:29 am

    Do you want for a man or a woman to talk dirty to you? I am a man, but I have women talking dirtier that I usually do. Does is get your cunt wet listening to it? Do you respond in kind? Or will you need my long hard cock where it will do the most good? Where would you want me to cum – inside you, while I am moving in and out, or on your tits, while you have my cock in your hand, or bathing your face? Probably while fucking your mouth, so you can swallow everything I give you.

  2. Reply murph Mar 12,2016 6:14 am

    I, as a man, am not usually inclined to enjoy two or more women together, or even the presence of another man. But the way you describe your fantasy makes it actually more atracive. Is this a fantasy, or are you describing past experiences? Of course, it would be much more attracive if I could take the place of your husband. Would you arrane for the other women to be here?


  3. Reply terry Jan 7,2016 5:07 pm

    this is my girls FANTASY and she Keeps sending me stories like this all the time. so now i think and feel that i want a slim, pretty girl to come join us for her. as to me its mainly about my girl as she never had a girl go down on her and she does talk a-lot about this, and i would like to help her for-fill her fantasy. but this is one of many fantasy she sends me.she came close once a very long time ago but i guess nervousness got the better of her mind you she was young then still has a fit body on her and not old ok.

    I have a girlfriend who, keeps fantasizing about a girl licking and sucking on her pussy and me together, she also fantasizes about me then licking this other girl out, and then also fucking her while she gets her lush wet pussy licked and sucked and push the girl head down onto her pussy, she get really wet while she explains this to me, they then both together suck on me, and then she goes on all fours, and tells the girl to lick her pussy and ass hole and tongue and finger fuck her both holes while i am still fucking or licking this girl out.

    This then they get into a 69 as they both lick and suck each other pussy while standing behind the girl she take my now really throbbing wet cock and put it into this girls pussy, and even wanks me off while the tip of my cock is in this girls pussy, she my girl loves watching this as i slip my cock in n out, she said makes her really horny and wet as she get her pussy licked and sucked by this girl at the same time, and she can feel every stroke of her tongue and lips on her pussy and her fingers and the dildo in her ass.

    i slowly deep fuck this girl and make her suck on my baby very wet pussy she copies everything i do to her on to my girl pussy, and ass and this girl now get hold of a dildo and copies what i am doing to her with my cock in her ass, she slowly slips it into my girl wet pussy in and out. then my girlfriend take my cock out of this girl pussy get it really wet and then rubs my cock all over her bum hole and then put it her her bum hole and i slowly slip in it and then out and back in going deeper each time with each stroke, and slowly fucks this girls ass, while still licking and sucking on my girls pussy and my girl goes back to licking this girl pussy and also lick my shaft as it slides in and out of this girl.

    As i start to go deeper into this girl ass, and my girlfriend take it out and sucks on my cock, and then puts it back in. Then my girl now wants me to fuck her in both pussy and ass, so she kneels over the girl, and then the girl sucks my cock getting it really wet again, and that finger my girl pussy and ass with the other hand, while by girl is licking and sucking on this girl pussy. And then this girl slowly pushes my cock into my girl wet pussy and goes back to licking her pussy and we three are enjoining each-other bodies.

    The girl now takes my cock out of my girls pussy covered in her lush sweet juices and suck my cock tasting her and my juices and then gets it really wet and pushes it into my girl ass, as it slowly goes in, she goes back to licking and sucking on my girls pussy.

  4. Reply Ilovelez Dec 19,2015 5:40 pm

    , I have this fantasy that a dom uses me and my body for her pleasure.
    I’m laying on a table facing up, lightly bound; Only my wrists are bound together. She comes into the room, slapping my clothed pussy a few times before she walks around to where my head is. She bends over the table, her arms supporting her, as her big beautiful breasts hang in my face. I immediately begin sucking on her hard pink nipples.
    “That’s right. Suck on Mommy’s utters” She coos. She forces herself down a little. her boob covering my face, so I can’t breath for a moment before she lift it up. It pops out of my mouth, but I still want to suck on it. She places her breasts on each side of my head, lightly slapping my face with them. She watches me as my face is smacked with her boobs, and she chuckles.
    Still smacking her boobs on my face, she take a hand and flicks my nipple, causing me to stifle a moan.Soon enough she forces both boobs to rest on my face, so I can’t breath again.
    “You like it when Mommy’s huge boobs don’t let you breath, huh?” I nod under her tits. She lets up when I start kicking, letting me take a breath, but not before going back down. This time she slid off her frilly thong, and this time when she lifts her boob off my face, she puts the panties on my head, so I have an underwear mask . I can feel them slightly soaked. She climbs on the table and sits on my face.

    “Lick” She commands as she wiggles on my face a bit. I force my tongue, sliding the underwear to the side a bit,to find her clit right above my lips. I lick and suck, on it until she comes. She gets off of me, and helps me off the table. She makes me kneel as her back faces me and she bends over.
    “Kiss my ass, Baby.” I can see through the underwear that she’s looking back at me as I repeatedly kiss her ass cheeks. I love to worship her, especially her ass. Eventually she spreads her ass cheeks apart. “Kiss it.” She commands, I hastily do as I am told. “Good girl.” She turns around, now I am facing her pussy. She starts rubbing her clit with her delicate fingers. She knows I want to play with it, but I won’t until she tells me I can. “Suck your own tit but keep eye contact on my cunt.” I find my nipple and put it up to my mouth where I begin to suck on it, my eyes never leaving her pussy.

    She comes; her sweet liquid flowing down her legs. “Clean it up.” She barks, to which I drop my tit and lick up her legs, picking up the liquid along the way.
    She grabs a handful of my hair helping me up. She makes me stand with my legs apart. She inspects my underwear. “Hmm… You’re soaked. Does pleasuring me turn you on so much?”
    “Yes, Mommy.” I respond. I gasp when she pull up on my underwear, making the cloth go in between my pussy lips. The motion of the fabric hits my clit and sends shock through my body. She continuously tugs up on my underwear, hitting my clit each time. I’m close to climax when she tugs up once more and stops.
    “You thought~” She teased, as her other hand touched my pussy. I felt the touch leave me and come back quickly and harshly. She had spanked my pussy again.
    “I’m not done yet~” She cooed. She let my underwear go, it was still wedged in between my pussy lips. She turned and walked away from me, her ass jiggling slightly with each step. She sat in a chair and pat on her knee. I walked over to her. “Sit on my lap., and spread ’em.” I did as I was told. I sat on her lap, my legs wide open. She bucks her hips, obviously, wanting my bound hands to rub her. I happily used my fingers to play with her. Her hands travel up my side and on my tits, where she squeezes them. She then pulls her hands way to harshly smack them, causing me to moan. One of her hands travels down to my pussy, where she rubs and spanks it. The other squeezes my tits, and flicks my nipple.
    I came in my underwear, she soon after came in my hands.
    “Bad girl! You need to ask to come!” She spanked my pussy hard this time. and stopped playing with me. She forced my bottom up and made me lay on her lap. She pulled my soiled underwear off, and forced it under the underwear on my face, right under my nose. I could feel the wetness.
    She brought her hand down quickly on my ass, a loud smack and a whimper was all that filled the room.

    How would you continue this…?

  5. Reply CompleteVirgin18 Nov 29,2015 9:47 pm

    I’m 18 and female!! I’m a complete virgin, I’ve never been touched, licked, fingered, fucked or even kissed by anyone (guy or girl) I would say I’m straight but very curious… I desperately need a male or female teacher to teach me everything – I want to learn how to pleasure someone (man or woman) I am completely innocent 😉 and don’t know how to anything… the only sexual experience I have is masturbation!!! So does anyone want to be my sex ed teacher 😉

  6. Reply Tinkerbelle Jun 22,2014 3:58 pm

    I am a happily married women but would love to have a women suck, lick all my pussy juices while my husband watches and masturbates. Then I would lick all her pussy juices then go kiss my husband and spread her sweet cunt juice all over his lips, then I would want him to fuck me while I eat her some more, then we would share the duties to suck his cock, then I would want to suck her nice hard nipples while he is titty fucking her…..

  7. Reply Mmm.juicypussy Feb 16,2013 4:07 pm

    Im so wet oooo yesss

  8. Reply jane Feb 13,2013 7:38 pm

    will you let me suck on your nipples? i want to grind all over your perfect tits

  9. Reply soooowet Feb 13,2013 5:27 pm

    i want someone very horny to get me on..jst can’t wait anyone… Getting really wet by fingering my pussy.. Need my perfrct tits to be sucked and nibbled… Help me… Want to talk to someone….mmmmmm… Ahhh

  10. Reply soooowet Feb 13,2013 10:13 am

    how wil u start on.. Licking my pinky or sucking and bitting boobs….

  11. Reply soooowet Feb 13,2013 10:10 am

    i want sum one to lick mee really hard….jst gettn so wet

  12. Reply daddy Feb 4,2013 7:12 am

    Any horny ladies feel like having hot sexy chat?

  13. Reply daddy Feb 4,2013 7:10 am

    Reading all these comments is making me so horny I would luv for a sexy wet horny lady sit on my face so I can stick my toung deep in to her juicy cunt and make her cum n my mouth!!!mmmmm

  14. Reply georgia Feb 2,2013 11:06 pm

    I’m on here every night, imagining all of you actually doing these things too me.
    I find it so fucking hot! My pussy is so swollen after reading your posts n my nipples are literally like bullets.
    I love sucking n licking them, but can’t reach my sweet pink cunt. Anyone want to do the honours?;)

  15. Reply SilverEffect Jan 30,2013 12:41 am

    I am not in any means trying to jump in on the women here. BUT, I have to say my Cock/Dick/Penis/ Male love is dripping right now just reading all of your post. I so wish my Girlfriend was as open and horny as you ladies are. I am such a giver and only wish she loved to receive… LOVE WOMEN THAT KNOW THEMSELVES!!!!


  16. Reply Naughty Nat Jan 28,2013 8:59 pm

    Im laid in bed just watched some pirn really wet rubbing my clit someone help me 😛 xxx

  17. Reply Anonymous Jan 24,2013 3:03 am

    Mmmm I’m so wet rite now and I’ve got a bf and I plan on inviting my friend over she’s also got a bf and ill invite them both over while my bf and her bf are somewhere else well start fuckn each other and our Bfs will find us and have for way but ill b on my gf and my bf will try to pull her away to get to me but me and my gf will stay together and every time I think about this plan I remember I was at a girl stripper club and one came up to me and pulled me into a private room u no wat happns from then on

  18. Reply alwayswet Jan 23,2013 6:41 pm

    I would love to sit on your face and have you eat my wet wet cunt making me cum in your mouth, flooding it with my juices….. would love for you to finger my ass really good making me cum again, then we could 69 and eat each others pussies and finger one anthers assholes till we cum together

  19. Reply hannah june Jan 22,2013 8:33 pm

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  20. Reply DD Jan 19,2013 4:20 pm

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  21. Reply kinkyangel Jan 16,2013 9:34 pm

    Got me so hot and my wet pussy is swollen in pure need of one of you sexy sluts. I need you to lick me..kiss me..finger me and many other very dirty things.
    Mmm my sexy angels, what would you do to me?

  22. Reply Susie Jan 12,2013 8:02 pm

    My pussy is so cremy wet from reading all the comments. Anyone like to eat my creamy pussy?

  23. Reply Olivia Jan 6,2013 2:54 pm

    This has made me so freaking wet and horny .. Would love to try some girl-on-girl action ..hotttt

  24. Reply SexyCumDoll Jan 6,2013 1:00 pm

    I’ve neva been with a woman but the idea of another woman lickin my cum soaked pussy sounds so fukn hot. I’d really love to suck on some big tits while I finger her juicy pussy. This is getting me so wet, my panties r soaked. Any1 wants to join me?

  25. Reply Genna Jan 1,2013 8:34 pm

    I’m so wet, it’s running down my thighs. I’m gently rubing my clit, massaging my C’s . Sliding them in deeper! Oh oh oh! I’m moaning so loud! Uh talk dirty to me!

  26. Reply SweetJuicyPussy Dec 28,2012 2:02 pm

    Laying on the couch legs spread home alone.. I give you a phone call.. And simply say my pussy is throbbing for you. Within 2 minutes.. Your there. Your wearing nothing but a laced see through DD bra, and a thong that is filled with juices. You walk over to the couch and tease my sweet tight pussy I arch my back and moan in pleasure.. I then slowly kiss your neck moving around to the back, taking off your bra. Circling your tits biting your hard big nice nipples waiting to be played with. I then ease down your thin stomach pulling off the wet thong.. I pick you up off the couch and I lock us in the bedroom.. Your pussy juices are all over me. I ground your pussy against my face.. Sucking on your swollen clit.. And sticking 2 fingers in your throbbing pussy. I stop just when your about to cum. Tell me, what would you do to me?

  27. Reply Busty Betty Boop Dec 24,2012 4:22 pm

    Oh gawd…. I… I came reading these… I love rubbing my sweet flower’s button while reading fantasies–I don’t like pornography, and am getting out of it <3 my 34D nipples are so hard but soft, and feel amazing when I rub a finger on then, and my panties are so wet, no matter how I try, it always soaks my clit..: I would love to be eaten out, to feel stimulation like that <3
    I'm a Virgin, but everyone fantasizes!!! Mmmmmm <3

  28. Reply BabyGurl Dec 22,2012 1:59 am

    Please help im so horny. Ive always wanted to lick anothe women clit but ive never had the chance. Im married but he doesnt satisfy me!

  29. Reply BabyGurl Dec 22,2012 1:47 am

    Look for a fine ass girl with big tits(;

  30. Reply Barbie01 Dec 17,2012 11:28 pm

    My pussy is so wet right now, my hot milky cum is dripping down my thighs. I feel so sluty right now. I wanna feel a beautiful woman licking my clit while a nice thick, hard cock pumps my tight, wet pussy. Mmm I wouldn’t mind eating out a cream pied pussy while I finger fuck myself.

  31. Reply DrippingForYouXX Dec 13,2012 1:45 pm

    I fucked myself so much reading all these sexy comments, wish I could find a girl I could fuck for real.

  32. Reply kinkykitty Dec 9,2012 2:36 am

    My pussy is dripping wet right now, I love the thought of a woman masturbating to me, it’s so hot. For any woman wanting desperately to cum right now, imagine a blonde woman bound and blindfolded in your bed, legs spread and pussy dripping wet, ready for you to take complete control of her. I want to hear all the naughty things you would do, don’t keep me waiting. 😉

  33. Reply xylowoman Dec 8,2012 11:10 pm

    I’m a horny widow in desperate need of sex. my pussy is so wet. it is dripping. my nipples are hard as bricks. I masturbate often. I need someone to lick my pussy until they both are dry. I’m desperate. can anybody help me?

  34. Reply Frenchie Dec 8,2012 3:27 pm

    My fantasy:

    I walk in to the room, you are just watching porn on TV (settling your needs *wink*). As I enter you are already wet.

    “Oh, your back early!” you say, innocent like. You know what you want, I have no idea.

    “Yeah… Nothing interested me.”

    You smile, you slip out of your shirt and jeans. I wonder what is up, you pull me to the bed. You start stripping me, first my top then my trousers then you start tying me to the bed. I struggle but you shut me up by starting to undo my bra, you undo yours and start playing with your tits. You feel them harden and you start playing with mine. I arch my back with pleasure and moan
    happily. You grin, you start sucking my tits and curling my hair round your finger. You put your
    boobs to my mouth, I nibble and suck playfully. You start sighing with pleasure, but you want
    MORE. You start pulling my panties down, kissing my inner thighs while doing so. I lean
    up, managing to see what you were doing and kissing your back aswell.

    You have the softest skin I have ever tasted.
    But you want your own way! You push me back, just enough to just let me see what you
    are doing. You start kissing my shaven pussy, I arch my back with pleasure, moaning your
    name. You smile. You know you’ve got me where you want me. You take your two fingers and start fuckinge hard and fast! I scream with pleasure, I struggle but you hold me down still fucking me but moved to three fingers, fucking me harder and faster than before.

    You feel the walls of my vagina tighten around your fingers! While I scream, you feel that o can close to orgasm. I explode with goo, you laugh. Tasting me as you start moving toward my face.

    I know exactly what to do. Your pussy is so soft and gleaming. You move on to my face, remove your knickers! I start tounge-fucking you, you arch your back and scream my name. You taste sweet and thick, when you reached orgasm you pleaded me to continue. And I did. I fucked you harder with every breath, faster with every movement.

    You stop moving, you get off my face, wipe my body and untie me from the bed.

    “Thankyou.” and you walked away…

  35. Reply CuriousP Dec 7,2012 9:00 pm

    I am so horny to try another woman – my pussy is soaking wet I want an experienced woman ad another curious one 3 of us together. I want a pussy frenzy.I want a finger up my arse teasing me, and tongue on my clit/ pusssy I can imagine the feeling, at the same time I want my nipples sucked,licked,softy bitten. I wanna cum cum cum.

  36. Reply LetMeSmellYourPuss Dec 7,2012 5:51 pm

    mmmmm that was so sexy. My cunt is throbbing. I keep slowly fingering myself teasing my pussy and reading these posts. I wish one of you would come tease me and little clit and pussyhole more. I have 34B breasts and I love having them pinched and sucked. And I love being fingered in public, at the pool, at parties wherever someone tell me what they’d do if they here with me as I lie here with 2 fingers in my dripping cunt

  37. Reply curvy-kitty Dec 6,2012 5:34 pm

    @ mmmmm- Fuck Baby that is SO HOT… You have me so turned on right now I’m about out of my mind! What a sexy story…I’ve always wanted to be with a woman and always fantasize about it. I am like you wanting a soft, slow and sensual experience-especially for my first time (I’m a girl virgin lol)…I am a romantic and love the thought of making slow sweet love to a woman. Flowers, candlelight, wine, slow music…I’m a sucker for romance. 😉

  38. Reply Kitty Dec 6,2012 10:00 am

    I’m so wet reading these. My pussy wants more

  39. Reply mmmmm Dec 6,2012 9:29 am

    Something I always think about when I play with my pussy is the time I went to a strip club- a beautiful girl came up to me and ask me if I wanted a private dance. I eagerly said yes as a closet bisexual I wanted to see a naked girl right up in front of me. We got into the private booth and she was brushing her big juicy nipples on my face and I remember her gently blowing on my skin. I was tingling and my pussy was aching and damp. She then took her knickers off and was fringing so sexy, she then put a leg on each arm of the chair and used her fingers to open her pussy lips wide- she said dont be shy and made me have a good look. This beautiful perfect pussy was no less than an inch from my face I could see the whole vulva, labia and even her cute little pee hole, she said do you like my butterfly and I eagerly said mmmm yes it’s beautiful- she was that close I know she could feel my heavy breath on her pussy. Her clit was turned on she was wet too. I just wanted to lean forward an inch and put my warm hot mouth against it so badly. The dance finished and I quickly went to the toilet to finish myself off but secretly hoped she would follow me to the toilets so we could continue and I could return the favour and show her my butterfly and then we could lick eachother nice and gently till we both came. When I comes to girls I don’t want it nasty, I want it soft slow and sensual. I want a nice relaxing pulsating orgasm where I feel every drip of my pussy juice pump out. I want a soft relaxed girly tongue and soft lips to tease my hard clit. Mmmm I’m so wet everytime I come on this site

  40. Reply Dirty Kitten Dec 6,2012 6:55 am

    I want one of you sexy ladies to come and lick my aching clit. I am laying here in bed, fantasizing about someone coming over and tying me up and licking my pussy. Somebody come over here and fuck me. Tell me all of the filthy things you want to do to me…

  41. Reply Tamora Dec 6,2012 5:27 am

    Oh my god, i need one of you filthy little whores right now. I would bend you over my bed and smack your ass, then rub my fingers across your hard, tight little clit. I would make you moan for it, before shoving a dildo into your tight little hole. I would wriggle my finger into your ass and slide it in and out. Then when you were begging to cum I would spread my legs and make you lick all around my clit and into my ass until I ground your face into my pussy and came. Then I would slide my fingers deep into you wet little cunt and fuck you hard, slapping your pussy. I would have you on your hand and knees begging to come and I would lick your from behind, fucking you and slapping your pussy until I decided to finally let you come.

  42. Reply Sophia Dec 6,2012 4:39 am

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  43. Reply curvy-kitty Dec 3,2012 3:53 pm

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  44. Reply leena Dec 2,2012 2:19 am

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  45. Reply lick me lightly Nov 30,2012 9:46 am

    Hmmm…iam so fucking hot right now reading these! Oh yea baby,i’d love a big girl with big natural tities & a chubby pussy.I’d love to sneak away somewhere & start out in the car,I get the nerve up & reach over & feel her beautiful pussy lips through her jeans & its warm & her lips are puggy & soft with just a hint of her swollen soft clit poking out.She likes it & opens her thick legs & unzips her pants & unbuttons her blouse & her huge DD tits fall out & her nipples were perfect! I ready to get all up in her & taste her juicy pussy & suck her big tites & stick my tounge up inside her hole & smell her hot warm snatch then tickle that beautiful clit & spread her puss wide so I can run my tounge up all inside & out enjoying every fucking second! Im fucking needing to bump my pussy on hers & frenching passionately & our nipples kissing & juices mixing.We move out of the car & go in this little garage & she eats my pussy good! Im wanting to stick my dildo in her hot wet cunt & pump it in & out fucking good & deep while she pussy farts & I feel the vibration & it makes it all the more fucking hot!I feel her pussy tighten up & it feels so goddamn good to pump it in & out watching those big beautiful tits bouncing & making love to her is so fucking good I cant get enough!oohhh fuck! I need to get pussy NOW!!!

  46. Reply curvy-kitty Nov 27,2012 6:07 pm

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  47. Reply Ruby Nov 27,2012 3:24 am

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  50. Reply annette Nov 23,2012 12:09 pm

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  54. Reply DoesItMatter Oct 28,2012 7:17 am

    So many horny girls damn,I got a instant hard on from the 1st comment. wow hav multiple orgams before I get to the bottom

  55. Reply Jessica Oct 17,2012 3:02 am

    I’m getting wet right know I want some one to come over take of my cloths off and lick my pussy out I taste sweet and I would squirt in your mouth my boobs will give you a suprise if you drink my milk I would give you a suprise I would do anything but just come over and lick me out I will moan your name I will cum for u when you lick my pussy when you lick me back and forth and suck on it and slowly go down kiss it then suck on my boobs then u come over and kiss me touch me soft and go all around my body it will be a dream come true 😉 ohhh yeah

  56. Reply hornybitch123 Sep 23,2012 4:58 pm

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  59. Reply Julie Sep 8,2012 3:14 am

    Oh pussyhungryWife,
    I’m another straight married women with secret lesbian fantasies.I’m sure that there of lots of other married women out there who have nasty,naughty lesbian lust secrets.When they have the house all to themselves,playing with our pussies while reading lesbian erotica.Pulling our nice hard nipples and rubbing our wet cunts,wishing we could lick another women’s pussy and suck her tits.Watching lesbian porn and finger fucking ourselves to orgasm.I so love my alone playtime !!

  60. Reply Wettp Sep 5,2012 4:34 pm

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    I already tried the shower head/circle motion on clit. Are there other techniques? How do you do them? Also, i want to try dry humping objects, but how do i keep it from getting dirty when i do? Please help! Virgin in distress!! I love all your posts they get me so horny and wet! Omg <3

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