Longing For Another Woman 12

I would love for an older woman to take control of me. I’m 20 and am horny for a woman to show me the ropes. All of my roommates are gone and I meet a woman who is very interested to show me how to get started. She comes over and I’m super nervous as first. She reassures me that there’s nothing to be worried or ashamed of as she’s done this before. Before I know it this beautiful woman has all my clothes off, I’m left in my black lace panties and bra. I’m lying on my bed, legs spread and ready for this woman to take control. She slips off my bra and starts sucking on my nipples. Next she slips off my panties. I’m very horny and wish that someone was in bed next to me. What would you do next?

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12 thoughts on “Longing For Another Woman

  1. Reply Pink96 Jan 18,2017 12:03 am

    Oh rebo that sounds so fucking sexy. I love when you play with my asshole. You make me so wet. I need to play with myself immediately. I’ll be thinking about what you just described and wishing you were here. I’d love to kiss you deeply and make my way down to your soaking pussy. I’d love to tease you with my fingers. Let me get a blindfold so you don’t know what’s coming. I’m teasing your ass with the slightest of touches. Dont you like that? Your pussy is dripping and begging for my mouth to be on it. After a little fingering, I finally put my mouth on your beautiful pussy. You shriek in pleasure because you are not expecting to be so satisfied. Seeing you turned on gets me turned on and I’m getting wet again. I stop sucking your pussy and give your boobs some much need love. As I’m sucking on your nipples, I’m playing with your pussy and have three fingers inside and the moans you make are so sexy. I go back to eating you out and making you have the best orgasm of your life. Having sex with you is a dream. What do you wanna do next?

  2. Reply cassandra Jan 7,2017 11:26 pm

    wow that ia gooddddd I wanna lick ur nipples and pul your,hair as,i spank u and I grind my clit on a balled up blanket and u suck my pussy juice,from blanket and u start to rub my booty and I start shakin my cheeks into ur face and u slowly lick my asscrack and I suck a yummy fart from ur asshole and then cum.is running dosn my legs…….

    • Reply prsnalty/rebo Jan 12,2017 12:20 pm

      As you lay there on your back, open your legs wide now wider let me lay face down between them…I am now putting my face on your vagina licking it in a circle tasting your sweet body as I slowly lick only the outside of your vagina, up one side and down the other….licking the inside of your crotch up your thighs to the top of your pussy. I can smell your cum as it starts to ooze from your vagina slowly it is coming out running down the crack….I continue to lick as I move my hands to your breasts and gently, slowly methodically rub your breasts and now your nipples between my fingers. Your nipples are now so hard I slowly now just rub around them not touching them, are you feeling the sensations as much as I am? I slo9wly move my hands down to your vagina and part your pussy, your cum had started to flow even more now I slowly move my tongue into your pussy, which is wide open allowing me full access to your clit. Is is so soft as I lick it it starts to quiver, your body is responding to my tongue licking you and you cum more as you raise your hips off the bed trying to get more of my tongue into you….you are so hot right now aren’t you, can you feel me, I hope so because I can feel you as I fantasize this actually happening….you are cumming now stronger than before, more cum as it drips out and down between your pussy, my face I cannot lick fast or hard enough to satisfy you…you want more…I will give it to you slowly very slowly as you are beginning to climax more and more you have not stopped cumming as I lick and suck your juices from your body….I am so wet right now I am playing with myself cumming as you cum….don’t stop…I will continue this if you want…let me know…I can’t wait to hear I need more….and so do you…:)

  3. Reply Audrey Dec 29,2016 6:02 pm

    Cassandra, I’m a 30 year old straight woman too and I think of eating and sucking on a pussy when I play with myself. You sound yummy. I read your comment and got so horny 💦

  4. Reply cassandra Dec 12,2016 6:53 am

    I wanna be there Rebo.im rubbing my clit right now reading it over and over thats so hot im a thirty yr old straight girl but always fantasize playing with a girl like u just described .

    • Reply prsnalty/rebo Dec 16,2016 11:18 pm

      I’m glad that I could make you feel that way Fantasies are the best things in life, with them everything is possible, believe me, I love to fantasize….let me know your fantasies….I will try to make them come true

    • Reply Rebo Dec 18,2016 1:11 am

      No problem being straight doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy the fantasies or even the real thing…It open up the door for many other avenues of sexual experiences, you never know what you are missing until you try it, and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t still straight…many a straight person has tried the same sex and loved it …I know I did and have NO regrets to this day….I and my partner are still glad we did…it was a welcome experience and opened our eyes to a whole different world of sexual pleasure. Being satisfied by the same sex is amazing….

  5. Reply sexy_girl Dec 9,2016 8:04 am

    Mmmm so hott

  6. Reply sexy_girl Dec 8,2016 6:11 am

    So hottt?

  7. Reply shewolf Dec 7,2016 2:22 am

    One of the moderators edited and posted my story WITHOUT my consent. Recently a post was added under my screen name that also had modifications to the text! This is UNACCEPTABLE.

    • Reply jenne Dec 9,2016 8:20 pm

      If you post or its content are against the rules of posting here the moderators (which are me) are within our rights to remove any text that breaks those rules. There are posts that never make it as far as the screen because they break the rules. Please check the rules before posting, they are simple enough and in place for everyone’s protection. Jenne

  8. Reply prsnaltyrebo Dec 4,2016 9:11 pm

    slowly start to play with your pussy only on the outside to make you wet and hot slowly moving my fingers around the outside of your pussy then moving inside playing with your clit from the top flicking it moving my finger on a circling motion around the outside of your pussy all the while I am sucking on your hard nipples moving fro the right tot he left playing with the other with my other hand..I would then start to insert my finger in your pussy then I would slowly start to move down your body kissing you all over till I made it down to your now wide open legs. I would position my head and shoulders in a way so that I could place your feet on my shoulders to maximize the opening and start to eat and lick you pushing my tongue inside your wet hot pussy licking your labia and clit and while it do this I would have at least two fingers in side you feeling the hot juices from your body as they flow out of you. I would then take my fingers and put them in your mouth so that you could taste your self taste the cum as it comes out of you. Then I would take my thumb push it in your pussy make it wet with pussy juice remove it and slowly and methodically find your ass hole. I would push my thumb in slow so as not tu hurt you and as I do this I would be licking you all over and then stick two of my fingers back into your pussy to make you cum more and more. By this time you would hopefully be having orgasm number five. Then as You scream for more I would let you suck on me and make me cum now we are both wet wet enough that it is running down our legs as we sit Indian style and start to put our pussy’s together and start to fuck each other, oh the feelings we are having as we cum again and again…you are so fucking hot….don’t stop.

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