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Hello ladies,

Has anyone here ever orgasmed purely from thought? I was able to do it years ago. I used to create stories in my mind. They weren’t explicitly erotic, but they aroused me to the point where I would feel an intense energy flow in my vagina.  But this was before I knew how to touch myself and apparently I have lost the ability. I am trying to relearn how to mind orgasm, but it is difficult to do something as an adult that used to come rather easily as a kid. I get distracted too often. I’ve read some internet articles about the subject, but there is no substitute for practice. Has anybody else experienced a mind orgasm? Any response to this post would be appreciated. Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “It’s All in the Mind

  1. Reply Wet365 Nov 12,2015 1:42 am

    Hey girls! Thanks for the inspiration… I feel like I’ve been close because the thought of sucking another girls nipples, playing with her pussy, tasting her sweet pussy, grinding our hot wet pussy’s together, & her nibbling on my ass literally drenches my panties to the point that you can hear me walking lol… also when I’m sucking my bfs dick & grabbing his balls I get so turned on from watching him get turned on & harder in my mouth….. ?but I’m very impatient & I want to be fucked at that point whether by him or my little fingers… However after reading your awesome posts I feel inspired to climb in my jacuzzi tonight & drive myself crazy… then, once I cum I’m going to fuck my fingers until I cum all over again?Thanks again… Happy cumming ladies ??

  2. Reply Little Sex Girl Nov 1,2015 9:55 pm

    Lucky! At least u got to masturbate! My sister caught me and now I am not aloud cuz she likes to check on me 24/7! Now I am counting the years until I move out!

  3. Reply WETnREADY Oct 28,2015 9:37 pm

    I have always been able to orgasm from just pure thought. I think that’s one of the reasons that I can cum and have many orgasms when having sex with a man.

  4. Reply Blossom Oct 24,2015 8:38 am

    YES! I have !! And it was amazing
    I’ve never been that wet again either. The best experience before you learn to masturbate or have sex and yeah if I try to do it now I get distracted and doesn’t work. What were the articles ?

  5. Reply spiceoflife Oct 23,2015 9:20 pm

    That sounds wonderful. The effortlessness must feel great.

  6. Reply jessica the horny bi slut Oct 23,2015 9:33 am

    Im the same as karley, my bf can make me orgasm and squirt just by words….now imagine what touch can do 😉

  7. Reply Karley Oct 8,2015 2:49 am

    My husband can make me have a squirting orgasm just by talking to me. As I suck on his cock he will talk to me about some nasty fantasy that we would both be in and on numerous occasions I have squirted with out him even touching me. It’s so crazy!

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