I’m A Screamer 3

Its so fuckstrating. I dripping wet… but I’m so sensitive anytime I touch myself I start screaming in pleasure. Help I’m throbbing with want but I can’t seem to hush myself. Mmmm..fuck

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3 thoughts on “I’m A Screamer

  1. Reply Ron Robb Jul 31,2014 2:46 pm

    Scream as loud and often as long as you are in pleasaure, I will help you.>>>>>>

    • Reply frankie367 Jul 31,2014 3:08 pm

      I would love to be somebodies sex slave and whore and
      i’m willing to be subservient and I will obey to commands
      and I will wear sexy gowns and I will suck cocks and pussies
      and I will be called an whore and I will receive the joy and pain
      that you will afflict on me shove your cock up my fucking arse
      and I will enjoy it make me scream and moan in pain and thow
      me in a room in a mass orgies of erotic pain and desires my cock is
      getting harder as I right this now and you will make me have wild sex with others
      and I will enjoy the pain and i’m your whore in fantasy and lust .

      Frankie love rock smales

      subservient whore

  2. Reply frankie367 Jul 31,2014 2:10 pm

    I also scream when I masturbate with no sense
    of control of my urges as I moan and scream
    as I fuck my cock very hard till it gets harder and
    harder and as it gets harder I feel the sensation
    and pain of it and makes my arse gets swollen
    and swollen that turns red and red till it seeps out wet
    and wet and oozes juices out of my cock and I eat and
    rub my juices all over my naked body and I dance and
    dance provocative and fall on all fours and fuck myself
    harder and harder until I scream and moan and I dance
    and dance provocative even more to entrancing music
    sometimes feel it in my head and others on tv
    and I love being and bitch and whore I wish I
    can joy and share your pain together and we
    will enjoy it.

    Frankie love rock smales

    subservient masturbation slave.

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