I dreamed a dream 11

I woke up today completely soaked. I had the best dream ever. It went a little like this:

I enjoy camping, and I go frequently but this time it was different. I woke up one night tied to a tree. Horror struck over me until I saw this sexy women standing in front me. She didn’t say anything just winked and spread my legs wide open. I would’ve screamed, but there was a gag ball in my mouth. I soon found that I enjoyed it. She started blowing on me, make me all sensitive and dying for her touch. She then barely touched my clit and almost made me explode just then. Her cold fingers caressed me, making me unbelievably wet. That’s when out of no where she shoved a huge dildo up my pussy. The gag muffled my scream to only she could hear it. She laughed and sucked my whole clit in her mouth. I was dying from ecstasy, having already cummed once. She then took out the dildo, and shoved it in my ass. I screamed out, as she began to tongue fuck me. Her tongue was so long and hit every spot so right. I must’ve chummed at least 5 times now. I was bucking in the air when she sat on me, aligned our pussies, and tribbed them together until I almost passed out. She then took out the huge dildo still in my ass, took out my gag, untied me, and walked away.
What do you say? Want to make that come true?

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11 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream

  1. Reply PleaseFuckMe Jul 1,2013 11:05 pm

    I have never been with a women befor but have always wanted to. Reading this makes me so wet, i wish i knew a lady to do this to me….so bad.

  2. Reply mick11 May 19,2013 4:17 am

    mmm the harder you thrust the harder i’ll fuck baby, i want you so badly we would have a great time together fucking each other all night long

  3. Reply Spicy May 17,2013 4:19 am

    you got me so fucking horny mick.. tongue fuck me .. pinch my rock hard nipples . til I am screaming as my cunt juices pour inot your mouth.. lick me hungrily as I thrust my cunt on your mouth…

  4. Reply mick11 May 17,2013 2:02 am

    oh god i want those rock hard nipples in my mouth while our soaking wet pussies slap against each other i can hear you first moaning my name then screaming as i begin to fuck you harder and harder now biting those perfect nipples. before you cum i’ll burry my face in your cunt and suck that swollen clit and tongue fuck you until you’re screaming out in pleasure

  5. Reply Spicy May 16,2013 4:34 am

    mmm, thinkign of your aching pussy, dripping wet drives me crazy. Want to flick my tongue over your clit, sucking it in and out til you are rock hard and throbbing. Fucking you with my fingers fast and hard, feeling you swell under my fingers, I want to fuck your swollen wet cunt harder and harder and tell you to cum hard for me… wanting you to shove your fingers deep into my own soaking cunt, moving hard and fast against your deep plunges.. my nipples are swollen and aching, oohhh pinch and tug at them … I would move over on you, pen your legs wide to see your gaping wet cunt and rub our soaking wet pussies together.. rubbing our clits hard against one another, pinching your puffy nipples til we are both screaming with pleasure.. fuck me with your pussy…

  6. Reply mick11 May 15,2013 1:54 am

    oh god that sounds so fucking hot spicy, my pussy is aching for you right now as i picture me shoving my fingers in your soaking wet cunt fucking you hard and sucking on your juicy tits until you come all over my hand and then lick it clean!

  7. Reply Spicy May 14,2013 6:41 am

    yes mick rubbing our hot wet jusicy pussies against one another..so horny for you.. wanting to grind my cunt hard against yours, moving faster and faster.. our cunts slapping hard against one another, juicy and soaking… biting your nipples pulling your ass toward me…fucking your cunt …mmm going to shove my fingers in my cunt thinking of you…

  8. Reply mick11 May 14,2013 2:01 am

    i would love to trim with another girl. tonight I’m going to cum again and again while i imagine I’m tribbing with one of you hot ladies rubbing our wet swollen pussies together

  9. Reply Pussymad May 13,2013 10:10 am

    This has made me so wet! I’d love to be the woman doing that to you I’d also make you watch as I boned myself with that huge dildo after it had been inside you of course

  10. Reply kittenkelly90 May 13,2013 4:06 am

    Im with tingleyclit on this one. Tribbing is the ultimate fantasy. I would love to make your dream a reality. I fantasize all the time about tribbing another woman while we share a double dildo in our asses or pussies.

  11. Reply Tingleyclit May 12,2013 7:10 am

    Oh that sounds amazing. Tribbing is my ultimate fantasy. The thought of rubbing my throbbing pussy with someone else’s makes my pussy dripping wet. I’m going to think about your dream while I shove some fingers in my pussy and play with my g spot. Mmm my pussy juice is so tasty, I’d love you to tongue fuck me while I play with your nipples.

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