Dominate Me (I love directed masturbation) 4

I am so horny all the time lately, I love to get completely naked and lie on top of the sheets (so I feel like someone is secretly watching me) I start by reading some of your hot stories on here and letting myself get really wet (I try to read as many stories as I can before I have no choice but to lightly touch my clit) I touch my clit as lightly for as long as I can until I cant take it anymore then I stop contact with my clit all together and start to finger my drenched pussyhole until I’m about ready to cum then I quickly grab my hair brush handle that I use as a dildo and fuck myself with it while rubbing my clit as hard and fast as I can until I cant hold it any longer and cum as I shake with my orgasm…

I’m 18 and a complete virgin – never been touched(except by myself), never been licked, never been fingered (except by myself), never been kissed!!! I have never done anything sexual with anyone guy or girl!!! I’m completely innocent ? I haven’t touched my throbbing swollen clit!! I need someone to give me permission!! Who is gonna be my master/mistress!!! And have their way with this naked soaking wet cunt!!! Oooooh….

A virgin cunt waiting for its owner!!! Tell me what to do, what you’d do or what you’d let me do…This is your cunt now ?

Anyone want to tell this naughty virgin how to pleasure herself into oblivion?!?! 😉 oh I’m so fucking horny and wet!!!

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4 thoughts on “Dominate Me (I love directed masturbation)

  1. Reply thebigone Feb 8,2016 8:22 pm

    Hey sexy girl, you sound so fucking hot. I will be your master. Unleashing so much pleasure onto you but only when I say so 😉 drop a kik so we can talk

  2. Reply canalzone72 Dec 11,2015 7:26 am

    You are a wonderful fantasy for everyone! I imagine you on your bed. Bet your pussy is so wet. I’m very new at this but have fantasize do r so many years. I think I can give you what your want. My fantasy is touching and licking and sucking a woman so she cums over and over. I just want you to be so wet. Want to talk.

  3. Reply ThePleasurer Dec 11,2015 6:49 am

    Hey girl you need to make a kik account so I can message you on there. I would love tie you up and slurp the juices out of your pussy.

  4. Reply Barry Dec 11,2015 3:06 am

    Try doing it over your panties. It will take longer to orgasm. But oh my it. Will be amazing , enjoy

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