Bend Me Over 3

I want a sexy, dominant boss to be me over her desk and fuck me. She’d flip me skirt up and smack my ass til it is red. I beg her to fuck me hard. She yanks my head back by my hair and kisses me hard. She then thrusts two fingers into my hot, wet pussy without any warning and I can’t help but moan loud.

She then flips me over onto my back and yanks my shirt open and tears my bra off so that my 36D tits spill out. When her shirt and bra are off she grips the back of my head and forces me to suck her big tits while she pinches my nipples with her other hand. I’m so turned on and decide to tease her.  I start to just lightly lick her nipples never giving her what she wants and I tease her clit. She’s quickly takes back control and ties my hands with her belt above my head. She forces me on her back and smacks my tits and pinching my nipples while ignoring my cunt.

Making me pay for teasing her she sits on my face and tells me to lick her pussy until she cums.  She says if I make her cum with just my mouth that she’ll reward me. I fuck her with my tongue and suck on her clit until she cums all over my face. After she climbs off of me I catch my breath.

So what’s my reward?

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3 thoughts on “Bend Me Over

  1. Reply lala2120 Mar 26,2016 4:06 am

    Oh fuck my pussy is soo wet after reading this!

  2. Reply Sharn Mar 2,2016 9:34 am

    This has made me so wet

  3. Reply DollFace Mar 2,2016 12:24 am

    Mmmm fuck. Ive always wantes my own personal office slut and i think youre the perfect candidate. You did such a good job at making me cum with just your mouth that now its your turn. Ill gently lick your already wet pussy through your panties while my hands are pinching and twisting your perky nipples. You moab and beg me to make you cum but i need to remind you that im still in control, so i want you to suffer just a little bit longer. I pull your panties off and softly trace my fingertips on your clit. I look up at you and smile, then i penetrate you with with my tongue first, then 2 fingers, feeling your wetness drip down my hand. I make sure i dont waste a single drop. You taste so good i want more. You buck your hips back and forth against my head, moaning louder and louder. I come up and stradle your lap, grinding our wet pussies together until you cum all over me.

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